It Started With Tears

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This is a story about a young boy called September Mellow, and William Oscar, September lost his sister may to unknown causes and found himself in the comfort of a strangers arms, Williams arms.

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1. His eyes

I looked in his eyes, I could see his pain and numbness in them, the tears in his eyes almost falling, bright blue, mixed with green and hints of grey, he couldn't keep eye contact with anyone..
His eyes, bloodshot and shining in the moonlight, with the news that his sister had just passed, he was emotionless, but tears still fell from his eyes, him, I pulled him into my chest, a stranger... His sister was his best friend, the family he had left, his parents left him at such a young age with just his sister, being 2 years older than him, she was a bit smarter, I could never have imagined that she would've passed, nobody knows why, it was so sudden and unnatural.
I didn't know this boy, a complete stranger, I only knew his sister slightly, were were on some of the same classes, I was 19 and she was 18, so therefore this boy, who I still didn't know the name of was around 16 or 17 maybe? I looked at him "Hey, I was one of mays friends? I had some classes with her, I am so sorry for your loss.. Y-you don't have to take my offer but if you need a place to stay, or anything just ask, if you want me to stay at yours.. I'll pay for rent if you want"
He shook his head but looked up at me "T..That would be nice.. c-could I stay over tonight, my minds a minefield and one wrong thought and there could be no more Mellows.. I'm not thinking straight and I just need someone to stay with right now" -he pressed his head against my chest and continued to sob, we stood there for a couple moments, until I felt his snoring, he'd fallen asleep standing up. I lead us to my car and drove home, I think he'd walked there because there was no sign of transport, i got to my house and I got out and bridal carried him to my bed, I tucked him in and smiled, I was about to walk out until I felt a tug at my hand.
"A-stay please.. I don't know who you are, but.. I feel comfort in your company, I..I'm Seth.. I mean.. My mother loved naming me and my sister after months so my full name is September Mellow, stupid.. so call me Seth."
I smiled, "well, hello September, I'm William Oscars, but most call me will.. basic" I lifted the duvet and get comfy, I took my shirt off and Seth turned over and rested his hands on my chest and went to sleep, his eyes red, but quiet, sad, but happy. This is where my life begins.
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