Dancing With Danger

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Six months until the end of Alieah’s senior year. University so close she could almost grasp the scholarships. Alieah’s father, well no one really knows for sure exactly what he does but they are well taken care of to say the least. Her mother, well she frowns herself in the bottom of a bottle to forget her husband’s ‘secret’ affairs. Everything was going according to plan. Great grades, good friends, senior class president, and a secret hobby. Alieah isn’t the only one hiding secrets from their family.

Romance / Humor
Abigail Hensley
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Picture it; you’re 17, impatiently waiting for your eighteenth birthday and exams to be done and over with. Every day you check the mail to see if you got an acceptance letter to a University you really want to go to. Your dad works, a lot. Yet you never hear him talk about what he does every day and night or why you barely see him. He doesn’t have time to watch every little thing his teenage daughter does. Nothing was more important than his job and making as much money as he could. Your mother on the other hand, she used to be involved and an active parent. Until the rumors started about your father and the late nights at work and business trips he was constantly taking. She started drinking and soon that became the only thing she really saw or cared about, that bottle.
You are a brilliant teenage girl with her whole life ahead of her and endless possibilities. Despite everything going on at home you manage to keep yourself in a good state of mind and oh so positive. But don’t forget, everyone has skeletons they don’t want to bust out of their closets.


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