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Lila dies from a fight with a burglar, only to have that journey to the Beyond disrupted when she’s given a second chance. Azrael, the god of Death, is intrigued by this woman and slowly falls in love with her. Little do either know that Azrael’s past will come back to haunt him and cause chaos.

Romance / Fantasy
Skadi Gemini
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Chapter 1

He appeared out of nowhere. He materialized from dark smoke that fell down showing his silhouette and becoming him, dressed in the ragged ancient robe and holding a wicked looking large scythe. Darkness shrouded his face, shrouding his identity. The scythe gave his identity away immediately.

Lila was staring Death in the face, but she wasn’t afraid.

Glancing down at her body lying on the floor in a puddle of blood, she realized she had died.

Her murderer lay unconscious a few feet away, slumped against a wall covered in cuts and new bruises, his black clothing ragged from the fight she had put up.

He was a stranger who had broken into her house to steal her television without realizing she was still home.

Lila had tried to fight him in response. In the end she was stabbed in the stomach and he was knocked unconscious by a vase colliding with his head.

The world grew colder as she lay on the floor bleeding to death and everything became brighter until she saw nothing but white. When she could see again, she was standing beside her dead body.

She reached out to touch the unconscious intruder, only to find him still alive but unconscious. He was a big man at three hundred pounds or so with tan skin, thick curly hair and dressed in all black from head to toe. His skull bandana hiding his mouth was partially hanging off, lying on the edge of the hood on his hoodie.

She had put up a good fight.

Death drew her from my thoughts when she saw his hand extend toward her, inviting her to take it.

She gasped softly.

Instead of a skeletal hand, a living human’s hand was extended.

She could tell he was a man by how big his hands were. His hand would cover half her face if he were to cover it. The hand was calloused and was used to heavy work.

He was Caucasian from the complexion with a little tan to his skin.

She looked upwards at him, albeit he was at least six foot eight in height, compared to her five foot six. Her hand was held curled against her chest, fisted loosely.

Lila was worried what would happen once she held that hand.

The thing was, though, she knew exactly what would happen.

Her life would be over.

This was it.

Death had come for her and he wasn’t leaving without her.

She could feel her lips trembling in anxiety and her heart wrung painfully.

As she looked at his hand before her, Lila made the decision that would change her afterlife, forever.

She gingerly took his hand in hers, feeling the sudden warmth she felt, causing her to instinctively squeeze his hand.

The world around them went dark and she squeezed her eyes shut as wind suddenly whipped her hair in her face. It grew in strength and violence.

Opening her eyes, Lila saw Death was at her side, with his head turned towards her in a sidelong stare.

All around them bright hues of colors raced around, zooming left, right, up, down, and all around them. The colors moved faster and faster around them, quickly becoming a rainbow blur.

At that moment, Lila felt suddenly dizzy and she gasped, clutching her chest.

Her chest felt like it was on fire and she dropped to her knees, still holding Death’s hand. She panted rapidly, trying to get rid of the burning sensation in her lungs and heart. She could feel the fire spreading through her body, burning her nerves, and setting her on edge.

This pain was worse than her first cramps and getting stabbed all together.

Just as Lila thought it was going to get worse, it all stopped, and she could breathe normally again.

The warm hand she held switched position as its owner knelt in front of her to look at her.

The rainbow lights instantly changed color and grew into a brilliant golden hue that could out beautify any gold known to existence. Her body glowed gold and she could feel warmth racing through her body, electrifying her senses.

She looked at Death with questions in her eyes. She was still reeling from dying and couldn’t find the words to ask the questions that ran through her mind.

He stood up and helped her stand as well, helping her get her balance.

The darkness melted until they were standing in a large dark room.

It was decorated like an old Victorian home, with expensive art hung on the walls and a massive wooden desk dominating the end of the room in front of a massive floor to ceiling window. Outside it was dark and rain fell against the window, lightning lighting up the room every few seconds or so. A giant chandelier hung in the center of the ceiling, with what should have been candles in the holders but were modern light bulbs. A lush dark rug that covered most of the floor was under their feet. The walls were covered in intricate Victorian wallpaper.

They stood in a luxurious antique-modern study that a man had decorated, given all the dark hues and wood texture everywhere.

Lila let go of Death’s hand as she dug her bare toes into the lush rug, her skin reveling in the softness.

Oh yeah, it was expensive.

She had died a violent death but now she was standing in some unknown study where it was stormy outside.

It was weird.

Lila had been expecting to just be dead but here she was, somewhat alive in a way.

Death left her side, setting his weapon haphazardly on a coffee table in front of a plush black leather sectional. He fished through a bunch of papers on the large desk.

The desk needed some serious organization. Whatever this person was clearly had no organizational skills.

She winced at the huge mess atop the desk as she padded around the room, looking at everything.

Luckily, she wore a loose t-shirt and sleep shorts, so she didn’t feel too exposed. Somehow, there was no blood on her clothes, either, which was welcoming.

Death shuffled through papers hurriedly as she stopped in front of a massive painting on the left wall, left of the desk.

He seemed to find what he was looking for and bent over it.

Lila ended her little tour of the room and gingerly sat on the couch and looked at him, finally gaining the strength to speak.

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