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Chapter 10

Lila toweled herself dry in the bathroom once she finished taking a shower. The bathroom was huge and high end. She could just hang out in here and simply stare at the fanciness of it all for hours.

Now that she was clean, she felt more comfortable and at ease. She felt cleansed of the blood and bad things that had happened to her.

For the first time since she died, she could be at peace.

Being clean would give her the confidence to face Azrael.

Dressed in a white t-shirt and blue yoga pants, she made her way to the kitchen where a delicious smell wafted from.

Her nose led her to see Azrael setting a big plate of juicy steaks, small roasted potatoes, and asparagus in the center of a fancily set dining table.

Everything looked extremely good and made her mouth water.

A bottle of wine appeared in the ice bucket as Azrael turned towards her with a small smile.

“I made dinner for us. I don’t know about you, but I am starving.” He pulled out a chair for her as she made her way to the table to sit down.

“Wow. After seeing all of this, I’m practically starving. It looks delicious.” Azrael pushed her chair in and sat across from her.

Lila’s stomach snarled menacingly as she dug into the food like a starving child in an third-world village.

When she took the first bite her taste buds imploded.

It was like sex in her mouth.

It was freaking good and she dug further in.

From under her lashes she saw a small triumphant smile on Azrael’s face as he dug into his own plate with similar fervor.

She had never tasted anything so delicious before.

This man could cook.

And cook well.

They finished quickly and using his powers, he instantly had everything cleaned up.

“Come, let’s start you first lesson.” He led her outside the door and onto the dark beach where the moon acted as a giant lamp, adding a soft white glow to everything its light touched.

It was breathtaking and Lila was entranced. She walked past Azrael and walked into the water and let the cool water wash over her feet. A slight breeze blew her hair from her face and making her skin tingle slightly.

Lila had never been to the beach. She was stunned.

Going to the beach was crossed off the list years ago due to the many possibilities of breaking something with the easily shifting sands of the shore. Beaches were full of possibilities that wouldn’t go in her favor, but here she was, standing on a beach.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I never get tired of this view.” Azrael whispered next to her.

Lila looked to her right to see him standing in the shallow surf with her, gazing at the moon, his face lit by the moonlight. His brooding features cast dark shadows across his face, making him even more attractive.

Looking at her from the corners of his eyes, he lifted his hand and a bright blue ball of light appeared above his hand. He focused at the blazing blue light and swirled his hand around in the air.

Effortlessly, Azrael gracefully swirled his hand with the grace of a ballerina, keeping the ball of light aflame.

“This will be your first lesson. You have to be able to harness energy in the palm of your hand. Energy drives everything around us; it moves the cosmos and the beings within it. Energy is simple but complex. Take the surf at our feet, for example, energy pushes and pulls it to and fro, coming together to create what we see before us. Scientifically speaking, the moon is the energy that moves the ocean and sea. That energy keeps the world moving. Without it, Earth would have stagnant waters and life would have never come to be as we know it.” He held his palm up for her to see the ball of blue light as he spoke, casually sweeping his hand out toward the ocean to make his point.

“So, this is the base of powers, too? Without energy, you wouldn’t be able to do that?” She gazed at the flaming blue orb, its bright blue colors casting onto Azrael and her.

He nodded, “Correct. Now, imagine energy compacting into a ball in the palm of your hand, calming your senses to feel the energy around you and you will have mastered this skill.”

Azrael brought her hand close to his with her palm facing skywards. He gazed at her as she focused on her palm, digging deep within to find the energy. She could feel the wispy tendrils caress her palm and she made them come together to form a white flaming orb of her own.

She smiled at Azrael before studying the orb. It felt cool against her skin and cast a brilliant white light, melding with the edges of Azrael’s glowing orb.

She gasped as it caressed the edges of his, the action causing a chill to race through her veins.

A scene appeared before her eyes, obscuring her vision, and drawing her into it.

She watched from a few feet as Azrael razed an entire medieval village to the ground with no mercy.

Children and women ran around, covered with large black festering wounds, some screaming and others crying in agony.

People all around her were dying and the roaring flames from several of the little huts on fire cast an orange glow on everything in the cool autumn night.

Azrael had a man levitating before him, torturing him.

The man screamed in agony, his eyes and mouth gushing blood. Large long slices on his clothes and face showed he had been attacked and Azrael’s scythe was bathed in blood. His victim’s head snapped back, and he dropped him to the ground in a heap.

She turned around, gazing at the massacre and horror that lay before her.

It was a scene straight out of a horror movie, and it made her insides twist.

Azrael turned around to focus his attention on a woman trying to protect her young crying child.

His face was not one she recognized.

No longer human, he was something sinister and evil looking.

His eyes blazed yellow, his skin was black like a Crayola crayon, and his nails were long and sharp like an animal’s. The robe he wore was drenched in fresh blood and ragged like it had been worn for years and put through a lot of abuse.

Rather than the usual poker face he wore, his face was twisted in rage and something deadly. Deadly, like a predator stalking his helpless prey, a prey who was terrified.

None of it made sense to her and just as she was starting to analyze all of the details, it disappeared, and she was standing before Azrael again.

He was back to normal and he was smiling gently at her, congratulating her.

The terrifying evil monster she had seen was not here and the village was gone as well as the horrific scene concerning it.

Somehow she had seen something that had happened a long time ago. Something that left her wondering who Azrael was and what she had seen.

She stepped away and let the energy dissipate into nothing and gazed at Azrael.

Nothing in his expression gave away any indication that he had seen what she had seen.

Shoving the doubts aside, she smiled back at him, “That was cool.”

“You did well. Now let’s try to put that energy to use.” He twisted his hand around and pressed it against her chest, sending a blast of cold air through her veins that gave her the chills.

Instinctively, she took a step back gasping, “What. . . was what?”

“I spread the energy throughout your body. You can use the energy to either heal or cause damage to a person in this way. When used correctly, it can be especially useful.”

Images of the burning village flashed through her mind as she watched him play with the ball of light in this hand.

Later that night, she lay in bed curled beneath the sheets, thinking about Azrael’s past.

It was none of her business but still, it was good to know the person who was offering his help along with free room and board.

He was a walking chick magnet.

Everything the man did, whether it be walking, talking, or using his powers, there was something that drew her to him.

Every time she was around him, her body would react sexually.

She barely knew him and was already having a dirty mind about him.

He wasn’t interested in someone like her. She was just another person to teach and let loose on the world.

Once this was all over, he would be done with her, most likely.

The thought wasn’t welcome to her.

It made her sad.

Snuggling into the sheets, she forced herself to go to sleep. She was over thinking pointless things and she was exhausted.

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