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Chapter 12

Four Months Later

Lila sat on the dimly lit beach staring into the horizon.

Stars were starting to show as the sun disappeared beneath the water in the distance. Dozens of soft colors painted the water for as long as she could see.

Here there was no light pollution, save for the music festival happening on the beach behind her.

Digging her toes into the warm sand gave her a little piece of mind.

She had thought she would have a good time at the festival to wind down and relax but the fun had stopped when a series of couple dances started to happen. Inside she felt heartsick and didn’t want to see others so happy with their partner.

Lila bore no ill will to those innocent people, but the sight made her stomach knot in an unpleasant way.

It made her miss Azrael.

A few months ago they parted ways and life had moved on.

She had settled down in the Bahamas on a nice island where mostly retirees lived, and party kids hung out in the summer. It was beautiful and serene; it was everything she had envisioned but something was missing.


The last interaction they had was him doing something she thought would never happen.

He cured her O.I., completely. Her body was like a normal person’s now, thanks to him. She had stood in shock before bursting into tears, falling to her knees, overcome with so many emotions. For the rest of her life she would owe him, for what he did.

It was simple.

Something that took no effort on his part, but she had fallen deeper in love with him then.

She had fallen so madly in love with him that it had been painful to watch him walk away into nothing, just like he had come.

There was nothing about him that she didn’t like.

Everything in a life partner was there, all in one. He was charming, could make her laugh and smile, ignite her insides, he was intelligent, and oh so kind. Beneath, danger lurked from the seemingly infinite power he had, which kept her on her toes, which she liked it.

Never before had she met someone she synced so well with.

Sighing to herself, she hugged her knees burying her face between her legs.

The cool breeze blowing in from the ocean raised goosebumps on her bare skin. She looked up right as someone sat next to her.

It was a middle-aged woman wearing khaki pants with a grey knit top. Her hair was brown but greying at the top and her face showed her years, wrinkles etched her face. The woman had an aura about her that was very peaceful.

“I’m sorry if I scared you, dear. Those college kids get rowdy every time there’s a party. You have to find somewhere quiet.” She gazed at the dying light in the distance after glancing at Lila briefly.

Lila hadn’t been scared since she had felt her presence, “You’re fine. The party was getting really rowdy.” She agreed.

“You’re not like the other kids around here, hun. What’s your story?” her hazel eyes gazed into Lila’s as she stretched her legs before her in the sand.

“I wanted to start new. Somewhere where it was peaceful. Most days are great but then sometimes the past comes up again.” The hurt burned deep within her chest as she spoke words that hadn’t been told to anyone but her diary.

“I see what you mean, hun. I’m obviously in my twilight years but I did the same thing. Much peaceful here than the States, I’ll say.” Looking into her past, Lila saw a lot of heartbreak and misfortune. The woman had been through a lot.

“Yeah, it is.” The hurt seeped through her voice as she watched the last light of the day disappear beneath the horizon and the sky started to glow with endless twinkles of light.

She had never seen anything like it before and it mesmerized her.

“You sound like you’ve had boy trouble, my dear.”

Lila turned to her, “I have. I miss him. I fell so hard in love with him and I don’t think he noticed. We had to split ways since our paths were going different ways.” A few tears streamed down her cheek as she spoke, trying to hold back the onslaught to follow.

Emotions that she had buried were coming out, in front of a stranger, which was embarrassing to her. Normally she didn’t do this with people she didn’t know but the woman felt familiar, like her adopted grandmother in foster care.

The woman put a hand on her shoulder gently, “It’s okay, hunny. I’ve gone through the same thing several times and you have to push the hurt aside. Think of the positive things in your life, try to remember the good things between you and him, cherish those memories. Eventually, perhaps sooner, you will move on to someone even better than you think. I know you probably won’t listen to this old coot but take my advice, dear.”

She gave the best smile she could through the tears, but it faltered.

“That’s going to be a little hard since I’m carrying his child.”

Lila had found out a few weeks after parting with Azrael. She was nearly five months pregnant now and still too early to tell the gender yet.

Their first encounter, something neither of them had talked about much, had been him deflowering her. She had wanted it and he had wanted it too, so she knew he had felt that attraction, too.

Azrael most likely had no clue. She didn’t know if he would know, either. He dealt with souls, sure, but she wasn’t aware of what he fully could do.

“Oh my.” The kind woman, Shirley, gave her a sympathetic look, concern etching her eyes.

Lila splayed her hand on her belly, which was just a little bump, further connecting herself to her fate.

Shirley said, “Hunny, you raise that child with all the love you can give and be strong. Single mothers always come out stronger, I was one to three beautiful children, who have all grown up. If you need anything, just come by, I’ll be glad to help you out. We women have to stick together.” She wrote her address on a piece of paper and handed it to Lila with a kind smile.

Lila took the piece of paper and put it in her pocket, “Thank you, ma’am. I may just need the help.”

Her tears were already starting to run out as the calm words seemed to have soothed her. She knew she would have someone to go to if she ever needed it and that gave her some relief.

“I’m Lila.” She shook hands with the woman as the two stood, dusting off their clothes.

“I’m Shirly, darling.” The woman smiled kindly and they both made their way back to the festival where they had a meal together before separating.

Lila returned to her little beach house later that night where she got comfy in her pajamas and curled into a ball on the couch. She turned the tv on but stared into space, not actually focusing on it.

When she had nearly fallen asleep something caused her to sit upright. It felt like there was someone there, watching her in the shadows.

In the darkness she stood up and felt around her with her senses. She found nothing but her intuition said different. Turning toward the darkest part of the room, she reached out, her fingers finding nothing but cold air.

Feeling a cold spot in a room caused her some alarm.

She had seen many of those ghost hunting tv shows and cold spots always meant there was something invisible to the eye, a spirit.

Very cautiously she backed away from the cold area, reaching to switch on a lamp. Even with the light on, whatever it was didn’t move.

It stayed where it was.

Defensively, she wrapped an arm across her belly as she harnessed a ball of energy in her free hand. She couldn’t see what was there, but she felt no evil in it and decided to leave it be.

Exhaustion was overwhelming her, and she needed to sleep.

Sleep wasn’t very easy lately and it had been affecting her mood.

Being pregnant was not sunshine and rainbows as everyone painted it to be.

Making her way back to the couch, she curled into a ball beneath the blanket and quickly succumbed to sleep.

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