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Chapter 13

Azrael stood in the darkness watching Lila sleep.

She had felt his presence but didn’t know it was him. Ever since he had left her be, he had watched her.

He found out she was pregnant a few weeks ago and had kept a close eye on her. Keeping her safe was a priority since she was carrying his unborn child.

Never before had he had to think about something like this.

A child of his would be powerful.

Lila had never seen what he really looked like and he worried how the child would turn out. He hoped the child was human in appearance like her.

Instead of hoping he would get over her, he couldn’t. When not working, he was thinking about her. Her future was totally changed now that she was pregnant. That one encounter they had after just meeting had consequences he didn’t even think about at the time. He worried if she was hurt that he hadn’t mentioned it even once.

She hadn’t mentioned it either.

From his experience, he figured she was embarrassed to confront him about it.

It wasn’t like he had forgotten; it was the fact that he had become so engrossed in making sure she learned everything she needed to while also working.

He tended to get caught up in things and set other things to the side; in this case being sex with Lila.

It wasn’t intentional, it just happened.

He made his way to Lila, taking in her features in the dim light of the room.

Nothing about her had changed.

She slept the same way, curled up beneath the sheets. Her long dark hair fanned around her face, some falling over the side of her face as she slept on her side.

Kneeling before her on the floor, he hovered his hand over her middle.

Goosebumps formed on his skin as he felt the spark of life within her, feeling the tiny tendrils of its soul.

Enormous power, greater than his and hers combined, radiated from within. Nothing but purity was inside. The soul felt warm to the touch, the tiny tendrils caressing his fingers gently.

He fought back an onslaught of emotions, many he hadn’t felt before, as he caressed their son’s soul. Within, he saw his son becoming a powerful being who went out of his way to do good for others, making the world a better place.

Together, Lila and he, would raise a well-loved child. Being in contact with his unborn son made it all more real.

This was happening and he and Lila had created something new and wonderful.

He would have to be reunited with her face to face.

Leaving her alone like this would only hurt them both and he wanted this child to have an extraordinarily happy life.

Nothing would keep him from the only family he had.

If it came to it, he’d kill for their safety.

Gently kissing Lila’s cheek, he stood up and left, fading into nothing.

Lila took the ice cream cone from the man she just bought it from with a smile and walked further down the pier.

The ocean was calm today and the weather right. A cool breeze tingled her skin, the sun warming her to the core.

Today was a day where she needn’t any sunscreen, a rare day.

Leaning against the end of the pier, Lila gazed into the ocean, licking at her ice cream, enjoying the beautiful day.

For the first time in a while she could smile and enjoy herself without this overwhelming sadness engulfing her.

The sun felt good against her skin.

It felt like a gentle kiss from a lover, melting the ice that had held her prisoner.

Everything felt better in the world, for a change. This had been the greatest idea to move out here where she could experience this every day and never have to leave, enjoying the escape from the rest of the world.

There wasn’t anything like this, nothing she had ever dreamed she would be seeing. If heaven were real, this would be it.

Heaven on earth.

She finished her ice cream and stood there, taking in the warm rays of the sun, warming her to the core.

Inside the sadness slowly melted away, leaving only happy feelings and tidbits of the goodtime she had had with the father of her unborn child. If today was absolutely perfect, then he would make it a point to face her.

The water lapped gently against the pier as the waves came in. Crystal blue water was all the eye could see for miles. It was what the postcards tried to capture; but a postcard couldn’t capture seeing it in person. In person, it was something entirely different.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Lila jumped at the sound of the familiar baritone male voice beside her.

Without looking she knew who it was.

The power radiating from within him was the indicator of who he was. The one person she had longed for the past few months, hoping to see him again.

Standing beside her, leaning against the pier was Azrael.

His sharp features gleamed in the sunlight and it was the first time she had seen him in something that wasn’t all black from head to toe. He wore a pair of khaki shorts, a white polo, and brown boat shoes while his dark hair was kept the way he always had it.

“Azrael. You’re. . . here.” She stared at him as he turned toward her, those eyes of his capturing her.

He smiled, “Yeah, I’m here.”

Not being able to think of what to do, she wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face in his shirt. She felt relief wash over. He was here, in the flesh, and as he wrapped his arms around her, reality hit.

“I missed you, so much more than I should. Don’t leave me again, please.” She whispered as she fought back tears.

“I’m right here, love. I’m not leaving, not again. I want to be with both of you, always.” He rested a cheek on the top of her head as he held her against his warm body.

Lila was so at home in his arms that it took her a few minutes to understand what he said.

“Both of whom?” she nuzzled his chest before looking up at him.

Those gorgeous blue eyes met hers, “You and . . . our son.”

She didn’t ask because she already knew how he knew that.

“Why do you say son? It could be a girl.” Biting her bottom lip, she gave him a shy smile.

He pressed his hand gently against her belly, causing her to jump a little as he caressed her little bump. “It’s definitely a boy, love. I can tell the gender of unborn people at the moment of conception. We will have a bouncing baby boy in a few months’ time.” He kissed her neck before they pulled apart at arm’s length to gaze at each other.

“I can’t wait. Where have you been?”

Gazing out at the ocean something dark crossed over his face, “I was taking care of some things. Usual business for me. I had to kill someone. An old ally.” The change in his face was quickly here and gone.

“Anubis?” she threw out a name since he was the only one she knew of.

He shook his head, “No. A much older ally who I had not heard from in a long time. His age was close to my own. I never saw it coming. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do.” Sadness came over his face.

She wanted to have him happy again, so she kissed him on the lips, catching him by surprise. Immediately, his lips met hers and kissed her feverishly, his mood changing in an instant.
“People are watching.” She breathed as they pulled apart.

Azrael smiled, his blue eyes lighting up, “They’re watching me officially claim you as mine. I wouldn’t kiss anyone else so publicly, my love.”
He held her hand in his as he led her down the pier toward the path that led back to town. They walked side by side all the way back to her house.
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