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Chapter 4

Lila stretched her legs beneath the covers and curled in a smaller ball as she woke up. Bright sunlight shone through the windows, illuminating the elegant room she slept in.

Her mind was fuzzy, but she was fully aware of yesterday’s events. Somehow, she had come to terms with dying and then being put up for a while by an extremely attractive god, who was also the major god of the cosmos.

Azrael, the Balance, who she had an intense dream about, her skin still tingled from the phantom fingers, which had sent such pleasure through her body.

She didn’t know this man and was already was having wild dreams about him. Lila only knew his name and that he was incredibly old.

This man was a mystery that she wanted to solve. Azrael’s ocean-like eyes held many secrets in their pale waters.

Lila rolled over and sat up, stretching her arms upwards toward the ceiling. After rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she looked around the room absentmindedly.

She froze when she found Azrael leaning against the window with one hip on it, looking at her with a perfect poker face. The blank look was rather freaky and well crafted.

Lila's eyes were instantly draw to his hips where his grey jogging pants hung haphazardly, the left side sagging slightly showing the top band of his underwear. Calvin Klein popped out like a pink rubber duck amidst a sea of yellow rubber ducks. A hint of black pubic hair peeked out from the top of the band, showing the v of his hip muscles.

He wore a grey old Black Sabbath t-shirt that made his attire look lazy. The clothes he wore, though disheveled looking, amped the sexy factor of his whole look. His black hair was a wild mess atop his head and beneath his deep blue eyes were dark circles.

All she could do was stare, like a wide opened fish, and he stared back, his eyes seeming to turn a darker color, almost black. The temperature in the room seemed to rise in the five seconds she took looking him over from head to toe.

“H-how long have you been there?” Her self-consciousness took over as she covered herself with the duvet.

He crossed his arms, showing off some seriously sick tattoo sleeves on his arms, making him all that much sexier.

“I’ve been waiting for you to wake up. So, that’s about fifteen minutes.” His deep baritone voice rumbled in her chest, giving her goosebumps.

This guy was no god of the Balance but a sex good.

Yeppers. A sex god. He had to be. He couldn’t be anything else. He was the ultimate sexy bad boy.

“You do know it’s creepy to watch others to sleep, right?” she squeaked.

He chuckled, showing two rows of perfect white teeth, and saying, “I wasn’t born yesterday. I like to watch people sleep. Besides, I need to monitor your condition to make sure that what I found out is true and it is.”

Lila's eyes widened and she dropped the duvet and scooted to the edge of the bed, “What did you find out?”

His expression changed in a flash and back again. In a brief moment his eyes had been filled with lust, which made her cock her head to the side slightly.

She didn’t have time to think about it before he answered, “When you died your soul broke out of your body and enveloped you. When it did that, it forced its way back into your body, which caused the pain you experienced. You were reborn in that moment as a new goddess. I have no idea what you are capable of but, you are strong. Extraordinarily strong. I have to test the scope of your powers.”


She was a goddess. A real goddess. She would live forever while everyone she ever knew would grow old and die. It was unfair but she was glad she had another chance at life.

“How am I a goddess? Don’t you have to be some super worthy person to be picked or something? I’m just an ordinary plain Jane. Why me?” Lila looked down at her fingers as the questions spilled out of her faster than she could stop them.

She was showing vulnerabilities to a complete stranger and she hated it.

Why her? She thought she was a freak with bad bones. She was too skinny, and her metabolism was so good she hated it. She had small boobs, no ass, no hips, or anything that even remotely stood out.

Goddesses were supposed to be extremely beautiful and bring even women to their knees from their sheer beauty.

Here she was, an awkward mess of a woman compared to that insanely sexy god leaning against the window.

So many thoughts ran through her brain as she held her head in her hands, not noticing Azrael had sat on the bed in front of her.

“You are worthy. If you weren’t, you would be long gone, and your soul having been recycled into a new life with no memories of your previous life. I’ve helped new deities with their powers and new life.”

Lila gazed at him, smacking down her insecurities as she did.


He nodded, “Yes. I’ve helped thousands of deities and I will help you. Once you are accustomed then you may leave. As a deity, you will have unlimited access to money all over the world, so I suggest you buy a home to live in and keep yourself out of the spotlight.”

“Thank you but, you don’t have to. I . . . need to figure this out on my own.”

Lila looked down at her fingers and squeezed her eyes shut.

She had turned down a god who offered help. This could either go bad or really bad.

Thankfully, her hair covered her face so he couldn’t see her expression. She was always easy to read by her face.

The room was very silent and seemed to drag on forever. It was excruciating.

Suddenly, the bed shifted slightly, and she peeked a glance to look at Azrael.

He stared at Lila in shock, his mouth slightly open.

No one had probably turned him down at such an offer.

“You’re declining to have my help?” he folded his arms and the muscles within rippled.

She gulped, “Yes. I-I’m better at finding things myself and I hate being indebted to others, no matter the case. If you were to help, then I would owe you more than I already do.”

Lila had never liked people helping her. It was nice but she felt like she owed each person who helped her, and it was such a pain that she wanted to avoid it. Azrael had helped her enough by explaining a few things to her and lending a bed for the night.

Many people had thought of her as selfish but that’s how she always had been. By her very nature she was a quiet closed person who kept to herself.

Lila helped people whenever she could, but she didn’t want people to help her. It made her feel less of a person somehow.

Azrael’s eyes shifted towards the window as they narrowed, drawing his brows together. A muscle in his jaw twitched as he was lost in thought.

His eyes flicked back to her quickly, “No one has ever turned down my help.”

He moved so close to her that she could feel his breath in her hair, and she froze, her entire body tensing up. “Are you sure you want to turn down my help? This is a once in a lifetime offer that I will never again give.” His voice was dark and laced with an underlying threat.

Lila shivered involuntarily.

She want to be anywhere but here.

Anywhere but here.

She felt like a caged animal and she needed to escape.

It wasn’t like she could run. She could break something in the process.

The air became electric as her heart rate increased and she closed within herself.

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