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Chapter 6

Azrael had watched Lila vanish before his eyes only to then feel her essence appear in his ballroom. He never used the damn room anymore but somehow; she had dropped herself there when he wanted to know if she really didn’t want him to help.

He had been offended.

He admitted that.

No one had ever turned down his help and it was really strange for someone to do so.

Immediately, he had raced after her, throwing the door of the ballroom open with a gush of energy and finding her in the center of the room looking like a caged animal.

Her face was very pale, and tears welled in her grey eyes. The poor woman’s body shook violently, and she was so withdrawn within herself she didn’t notice.

Lila had a tortured soul and it was purging all the negative emotions in order to heal itself, which she had always held within. She had had a terrible short life and all of those emotions from over the years has gathered and pooled into the deep recesses of her soul.

He had known she was lying when she had talked about her parents. Just by looking into her soul when he came to her, he had found she was an orphan and had a rough life. Lila suffered from depression, body image issues, self-esteem, and having to deal with such dark memories. She clearly hadn’t been ready to die, yet, either. This poor woman had such high hopes and dreams, only to have them dashed away in a heartbeat.

Azrael followed her into the storage room where he kept old junk. Lila, at that moment, had fallen to her knees and the emotions rushed out in a great wave. He had been amazed that she had been able to run and knew that she probably broke something, but her soul filled the room with bright colors.

A rainbow of brilliant glittering light erupted from her back, spilling all of the dark emotions inside her.

She was healing and didn’t know it.

She rocked back and forth, shaking violently and crying uncontrollably. Her arms were wrapped around her slim body, trying to control herself but it was to no avail.

He felt sorry for her but relieved that she would start to heal after this. Healing was what she needed, and he would help her even though she claimed she didn’t need it.

Azrael was no fool and knew damn well she needed his help. The poor woman was all alone and he was the only person around who could give her what she needed. Never before had he done this. Normally, his jobs were done and over with, but this was totally out of the norm, but he felt refreshed.

Without worrying what Lila’s reaction would be, he came up behind her, kneeling behind her, pulling her into his lap and encasing her in his embrace. Instantly, she buried her face in his chest and curled into a ball on his lap, crying harder.

She was smaller than he thought and had the softest skin he had ever touched. Lila was incredibly beautiful, even though she had no clue. He savored holding her and tried to comfort her as best as he could.

Compared to her, he was like a big teddy bear and she was but a doll. He helped sooth her by gently wrapping energy around her inner core, the pale tendrils of light easing the tension and drawing it outwards. Slowly, but surely, Lila’s core was completely cleansed, and she started to calm down, easing into a quiet state. Her core softened and entwined with his energy, caressing it.

It unnerved him.

Her soul entwined with his energy and latched on, just like she was doing now, gathering tiny fistfuls of his shirt as she sat on his lap sniffling.

Lila’s soul enveloped his energy, caressing the tendrils of the darkness that lie within him, darkness that had lain suppressed for over a thousand years, darkness that had once nearly wiped out the entire population of Earth with the casual flick of a hand and his rage had caused it all.

In modern times, they called it The Bubonic Plague.

He was capable of great evil and that had been his mark on humanity. Something within him had snapped, unleashing the near extinction upon the human race.

Azrael’s powers derived from the darkness of the cosmos, which dominated most of it. Every tendril of his energy was dark throughout with no light, but Lila gave light to his dark soul. She wound her way through the cracks, caressing the jagged edges of his inner being.

Her core unwound itself as she spoke softly, “Fine. You can help.”

Lila lifted her head to gaze to him with shining eyes, still wet from crying.

Those lovely grey eyes softened as she gazed at him, her lips slightly swollen from crying.

Something within him snapped.

The look on her face spoke so much.

She was scared, lost, and looking to him for answers.

Answers only he could give.

Gently, he swept his thumb across her bottom lip, Lila’s breath hitching at his touch.

She was so soft and warm. His heart raced as he drew her closer, his hands skating down her arms to take hold of her hips.

He took hold of her mouth with his, exploring her intimately. The wild kisses her gave her were not unwelcomed but set Lila off. Returning his ferocity, she took his pleasure and gave hers. Her hands knotted in his hair as he lifted her onto his lap, both of them kissing like wild animals without inner inhibitions to hold them.

Azrael popped them into his bedroom on the massive bed and he rolled over to where he was above Lila and trailed kisses down her neck. She was very responsive and softly mewled like a kitten, writhing as he left a blazing trail from his touch.

Using his powers, he removed Lila’s shorts and underwear, making them disappear. His eyes darkened as he ripped her shirt off, tearing it in the process.

It had been years, no one thousand years, since he had touched a woman, much less touched one so intimately.

He always hugged Artemis when he spoke with her, since she looked up to him so much, but this was on a completely different level.

Goddesses were frightened of him, fearing his powers.

Everyone did, actually.

Many gods preferred to stay out of his sight after he had unleashed the darkness within during the Middle Ages.

Before that time, when the Vikings sailed to Iceland, he had paid a prostitute in Wales. In that time, he was always paying mortal women for sex since no goddesses had shown any interest. He wasn’t interested in them, either.

He hadn’t been really interested in a person until he met Lila yesterday.

They knew virtually nothing about each other. Azrael only knew what she had told him and what he had seen when he touched her. The moment their hands touched, there had been a spark and he had seen her entire life in a flash. It was what he used to help people pass on but touching her hand had drawn his interest.

Her skin was so soft. She also was extremely beautiful. She topped the Greek goddess Aphrodite in looks.

Lila had that type of beauty that caught your eye and made you want more.

His nerves were alive as he took in her naked body beneath him. He felt like he had won the lottery. Getting to touch her like this riveting and he was stunned she wanted him so bad.

When she had first looked at him, her eyes widened in lust and he could sense her body heat rising in a certain area. He had taken her in, too, but he knew how to control himself very well. So well, that it was to the point that he could give her a blank look while being super fucking annoyed. It was humorous when he did to her because she was on edge not knowing his thoughts. Unlike him, her face was a book. She was a very outward person with her emotions and feelings.

But, gods, this beautiful creature was attracted to him, and he was excited. It was like his birthday and Christmas all wrapped in one package. He had never experienced anything like this.

He felt it was his duty to show his sexual prowess.

Being the ultimate bad boy in the cosmos, as well as the scariest, he had worked on his sexual prowess over the years. He found women were attracted to bad boys and he used it to his advantage.

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