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Chapter 7

Lila raked her nails down his back, and he hissed in pleasure. He made his shirt vanish but kept his pants on to keep that a surprise.

She looked at him like he was a present being unwrapped. Like a cat in heat, she rubbed her naked body against his chest and ground herself against his groin.

He growled, nudging her legs apart and sliding his index and middle finger inside of her.

Her grey eyes grew big as she gasped at the sensation. Hell, she was tight, and he worried if he would fit but he knew she stretched.

His fingers filled her completely as he slowly fingered her, feeling her juices collect on his fingers and her soft inner passage squeeze his thick fingers.

Lila moaned, arching her back, as he fingered her rougher and faster. Eventually, she screamed as she climaxed, and he pulled his fingers out.

Their lips met again as he made his boxers vanish, revealing his cock, which was so hard he hurt from the sensation.

He groaned as she took his cock in her small hand and slowly jacked him off.

It was totally unexpected and raw pleasure burned inside of him, spreading through his body, and causing him to lose control of his powers.

The air grew electric and the lights in the room sparked before returning to normal. Outside, thunder and rain appeared out of nowhere, like a monsoon.

Azrael moaned as Lila brought him to the edge.

“Stop.” He growled.

He took hold of her hands as she looked up at him in surprise with lust hooded eyes.

“Am I doing it wrong?” he gave her a smile.

“No, you’re doing great, actually. I want to come inside of you as I fuck your brains out.” He growled, Lila’s face growing red. She smiled shyly as he positioned himself at her entrance, ready to impale her.

Lila watched as his eyes changed color from blue to a gold color as he sank deep inside her, both of them gasping at the sensation.

He was huge and filled her completely.

Slowly, he let his weight sink on top of her so she could feel every inch of him and allow her body to get used to his body inside hers.

She panted from the sensation alone.

This guy was huge, and it felt amazing.

His golden eyes drank her in as he slowly started to rock his hips back and forth, making her whimper. Azrael ground his teeth as he drove the rhythm faster.

Bending slightly, he swirled his tongue around Lila’s pink nipples and nipping them playfully, feeling the little buds harden beneath his tongue. She cried out as he tugged on one of her nipples slightly.

Wrapping her arms around his slim waist, Lila met his thrusts with her best effort. The last time she had sex was when her last boyfriend dumped her because she didn’t want to marry him and have kids. She couldn’t remember his name, but it had taken her a while to get over him. It had scarred her that much; she was willing to purge it completely from it her memories.

But that guy had nothing on Azrael.

He was like an animal in heat and he made love to her with a startling passion. A raw hot passion that was all for her.

She could feel the lust rolling off of his body in waves as he made sure to pleasure her until she screamed.

When she climaxed, he came with her, both of them crying out in ecstasy.

Azrael pulled out of her and let his weight press against her again, nuzzling her chest. His chest hairs tickled her belly as he lay atop her, breathing hard.

They both were covered in sweat and panting from the explosion of lust.

She had sex with a god and the thought shocked Lila, but the best part was that Azrael had pounced on her like a cat in heat. He was very reserved until she had looked to him for comfort once she was out of tears.

The look he had given her was filled with raw lust and something she couldn’t pinpoint.

Next thing she knew, they were in his bed with him undressing them both in a flash and taking her quickly.

She was suffering whiplash.

Shit like this didn’t happen, and certainly not this fast, either.

Azrael wrapped his arms around her waist, drawing her out of her thoughts, and rolled over until they were lying side by side.

The storm outside grew calmer as he gained control of his powers.

His eyes were back to normal as she gazed at her, his eyes drinking her in.

She gazed right back at him, slightly curling in a ball as they studied each other. “I swear, I normally don’t do that, but there’s something about you. I can’t describe it but, I’ve never lusted for anyone like that.” Those lovely blue eyes of his softened, ever so slightly, as he gave her a shy smile.

“Really? You’re too hot. Someone like you should always be chasing after women. Much prettier women, too.” She picked at the sheets before meeting his gaze again.

He cracked that half smile that made her heart race, “I don’t have the interest or the time. I’m a very busy man with an ever-growing daily list of souls to pilfer through.”

Shadows crossed his eyes as he rolled onto his back.

“Speaking of souls, by the way, we have to speak with Anubis, a friend of mine. He can help to clarify some things for me. I’m unsure of where your power lies. It’s hard for me to know but he will know better.”

So even Azrael didn’t fully know about her newfound existence and that worried her, a lot.

She wanted to find out what kind of powers she had and was worried she just might be something lame with no good powers at all. Scenes of flowers blooming upon request haunted her.

The bed rose next to her as Azrael sat up with his back to her as he materialized his clothes and hers out of thin air.

For a flash, she had saw an intricate tattoo on his back of beautiful black wings, but they were covered up by the black leather trench coat that damn near came near his ankles. His shoulders seemed to stretch the material; he was so wide shouldered and big.

The man was built like a linebacker and that showed with the wide expanse of his back.

Buckles ran down the right side of the jacket, stopping a few inches above his hips, but he made no move to buckle it closed. He wore black leather pants with chains and bondage straps crisscrossing near his delectable ass.

As he rose to his full height, he looked even more imposing as the dark red combat boots he wore made him taller. His size cast a shadow onto her, and she slightly shrank away as she sat up, letting the comforter drop to her lap.

She ogled Azrael as he walked to a large black dresser by the window and opened it with his powers.

Lila got out of the bed to find herself in her pajamas; the same ones she died in.

Frowning, she looked up as she heard a whoosh across the room. Azrael had his scythe in his hand, having just finished spinning it, causing the wicked blade to make the sound as it sliced through the air. The very picture of him swinging that thing around caused her to get goose bumps.

It wasn’t your average farmer’s sickle.

He continued to inspect it before it shrank to become big enough to fit in his hand with a keychain attached to it. Shoving it in his pocket, he closed the dresser and loped toward her.

Gods, the guy was hot.

And she just had hot sex with him.

She had to be the luckiest person alive and she screamed with joy inside that she had knocked something off of her bucket list.

Have hot sex with a really hot guy.

“Come.” He took her by the hand, the leather glove he wore sending chills through her body as it skated across her skin. Her hand was so tiny compared to his bear paws.

She looked up to find he was looked down at her with that smile of his.

Secrets lay within his sea-like blue eyes.

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