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Chapter 9

No one had cleaned her house out yet.

Thankfully, it’d only been two days since she was reborn.

Her living room was simple, decorated in whites and greys, very drab for such a colorful woman who held color within her.

With a nudge of energy to Lila’s brain, he woke her up. She sighed softly before her eyes fluttered open to gaze up at him.

“Azrael, where are we?” her grey eyes moved around, taking in her surroundings.

“We’re at my house. Why are we here?” she answered as he set her on her feet.

A small smile appeared on her face as she walked around some before going toward her bedroom down the hall.

He followed her, finding her stuffing a big black duffle bag full of clothes. It sat on her bed as she moved from her closet toward the bag. She stuffed all five pairs of her shoes, her small amount of clothes, and put another smaller bag of beauty products in it as well.

“I see you figured out why I brought you back. You need something to ground you to normalcy while I help you out.” Still, he watched as she moved to dump a stack of folders into the duffle bag. She sat on the bag, trying to squish it all in, and zipped it closed.

Lila looked to him with a smile, setting his nerves alive.

“Thank you. You have no idea. I really owe you. I pretty much owe you a lot.”

The man looked delectable as he leaned against her door. His large size filled up her doorway, making her room look tiny with him in it.

He smiled back at her, “No. You don’t owe me anything.”

Shadows crossed his eyes as he watched her like a predator on the prowl. It slightly freaked her out and she went back to busying herself.

Eventually, she finished packing everything she needed, including her laptop.

Azrael went to the restroom while she walked through her house, stuffing anything of extreme importance into her bag. She put various small photos and trinkets she had collected.

Nothing was of real importance except for the items she collected.

Lila sat on the couch and felt a wave of emotions come across her.

So far, she had taken everything in okay, but being back home made it all real. This apartment had been her home for five years and now she had to find a new one.

She couldn’t take part in the real world anymore unless she were to disguise herself, which she thought would be weird.

Getting up, she wandered to the kitchen to find it had been straightened and cleaned. Nothing remained of the fight for her life.

The cops had come in, cleaned up, and took her body. Her attacker was gone, too.

Quickly she ran back to the living room, turning the tv on and switching it to the news channel.

It just happened to have something about her death being talked about.

Her attacker was Johnathan Walker and was currently awaiting trial for her murder. The neighbors had called the cops when they heard a fight going on. They also kept highlighting how she had a problem with her bones and to donate to an organization to bring awareness, which she thought was really nice.

Lila was so entranced by the program that she didn’t notice Azrael standing in the doorway of the room, his eyes switching between the tv and her.

She only looked up when he turned her tv off with his powers.

“Watching this will only make it worse. Your mortal life is over.” He crossed his arms as he walked towards her.

Shadows crossed Lila’s eyes as he sat on the coffee table, blocking the view of the tv with his body. Sadness radiated from Lila as she struggled internally.

He knew her emotions were racing around, trying to make some sense of her new life.

He had seen this from many people, and it wasn’t anything new to him. So, he sat there in silence until she was calm and stable.

A few minutes later Lila stood up, “I’m done here. Let’s go.” Her grey eyes bore into him as he followed suit.

As he walked towards her, they were instantly in a modern living room with sunlight streaming through the large glass doors that opened straight to a light grey wooden deck leading to a beach with the surf rolling in lazily, farther down. The room was decorated in pale blues, creams, and greys with modern white leather furniture. A large glass coffee table sat behind Azrael and Lila. Adjacent to the fireplace sat an 80” tv on a light grey entertainment stand.

“This is my place for most of the year. That other place I don’t really use much anymore. It’s too morbid. I figured this would make you more comfortable and it would be very secluded to help you with your new powers.”

He instantly flashed his clothes into a black t-shirt and shorts as he showed her towards the room she would be staying in.

While Lila had been collecting her stuff, he had decided that it would be easier to be here while he taught her. She deserved to be surrounded by light things rather than his old morbid mansion in England.

“Wow. This is amazing.” She said as she set her big duffel bag on the bed.

The room was painted a soft cream and decorated similarly to the living room. Large French doors opened to another deck where a hammock swung outside between two palm trees. Sunlight filled the room, bouncing off of Lila’s pale skin making her glow. The sunlight made her glow like a nymph of the light.

“I figured it would be more comfortable for you. Let me know if you need anything. I have to take care of a few things.” He left the room leaving her to unpack her bag.

Azrael manifested his laptop under his arm as he made his way to his office down the hall. His office was decorated like the rest of the house in beach tones. After setting up his laptop he quickly made work of his list for the next week.

He always wrote down a list of various people he would actually visit to gather souls from. Randomly Az would pick names from the long list and leaving the rest to automatically go to their designated places. Some would be reborn, some would go to the underworld, and some would go the Isle of Infinitum.

The Isle of Infinitum was where people would relax for eternity in peace. Very few people would be sent there.

In Lila’s case, she would have been sent there or reborn if not for the present circumstances. She was a special case and he was going to see it through, with his libido intact, that is.

He heard the shower start in the bathroom, just as he was finishing up his list.

Sending the list to his printer, he went through his schedule for the following week making sure it was all set.

Since it was Saturday, he would give himself the entire weekend off, like always.

Instead of working himself to the point of exhaustion he always took some time to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of no people around to bug him. Being alone had always worked for him and it didn’t bother him like it did other deities.

He enjoyed quietness and it helped him think.

Ever since he could remember, he had been a thinker. It gave him ground to stand upon, rather than just floating through time without any sense of control.

Leaving the fresh list for next week in the printer tray, he made his way to the kitchen where he cooked dinner for Lila and him.

He was sure she must be very hungry; he sure was.

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