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The Actual Beginning

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"Tell me, what promise did we make to each other?" "We promised to never break each other's hearts, or to at least remain as friends if something happens between us." "Then you know, my angel, that I will never leave you." Despite being alone and finding solace in solitude, there was one thing that I believed in. Love. But I never knew that I would find the perfect man, the one I had always dreamed about, to walk into my life on what seemed like a normal day, but that day was destined to change the path of my life. And now, I am his flower and he is my angel. The guardian angel.

Romance / Drama
Ana Starr
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Aldina Alvarez

They say a new day is a new beginning, make the most of your day, live in the present etcetera. I am not a person of that sort. I tried living in the moment and failed miserably.

I live most of my life in my own world, which is mostly daydreaming. I daydream a lot and as a result, I tend to seek solitude. People think I am crazy because I don’t hang out with friends or anything. I want to be alone and keep daydreaming.

But little did I know that daydreams were just an illusion.

Now, people tend to think that I am something different, given that I don’t hang out with friends, or rather, don’t have any friends of that sort. Sometimes giving company to yourself is better than being with people who are nothing like you.

As a teenager, I always wanted to escape my reality. I didn’t want to be where I was. Didn’t want to do what I was doing. I waited for that day when I could get my own apartment and live alone and not have my parents breathe down my neck. It’s not like I don’t love them or anything but I really hated living with family.

I cannot get my mind around the concept of living in a joint family. How do people find pleasure in that? I would go crazy. My family was small consisting of four members; my parents, my brother, and myself. But three was more than enough for me. Mostly because I was nothing like them. I had way different interests, views on the world, etc.

I wanted to become a doctor for years. But as I understood the hard work, determination and commitment put into becoming one, I slowly withdrew from my dream. So after graduating high school as a science major I had no clue what to do. Then it hit me that I could go for literature. It wasn’t a decision fully supported by my parents but after loads of persuasion, they finally gave in.

Although English was not my first language, I knew it more, spoke it more, heard it more, and as a result, it was more of my first language than Spanish. And now, in the end, it brought me to a position that I have yearned for my whole life.

That brings me to London, the place that I am residing in currently. But only the Lord knows what is waiting for me in here.

I am Aldina Alvarez and this is my story!

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