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Her deepest secret

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A little secret fantasy that Bella had for ages would finally happen but would she handle what was truely coming her way?

Romance / Fantasy
Autumn Black
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Bella lived a life that could be considered normal. She had a successfull career, she was a devoted mother and wife. She was also a workaholic and struggled to find a healthy balance between family and work as she held a top position in an estute ad agency.

After a long week, Bella licked off her shoes and sunk deep into her comfy couch and craddled a glass of her favourite wine, carefully in her hands. As her exhausted body sunk into the couch, she released a loud sigh and brought her glass to her lips. Right before she sipped the dark liquid, she took a deep breath and inhaled the rich scent radiating out of her glass. It brought her great joy to enjoy a solitary glass of red at the end of a hectic week as it signalled the time for her mind and body to disconnect and relax.

This particular evening, her kid was at a sleep over and her husband was working late. She had no idea what time he would be getting home. "Sweet silence," she said as she reclined on the couch, taking in the realization of the only moment she'd had and been alone in a while. She was feeling nostalgic and opted for music that brought back pleasant memories, when her life was simpler and less demanding. Closing her eyes and breathing deeply, she hummed to the song playing over the speakers. This particular Ben Howard song brought back memories from varisty and the many nights she'd spent out with friends. One night in particular stuck out in her mind, and made her eyes close as she drew her lip into her mouth and pressed her forehead on the edge of her glass. She inhaled sharply and pressed her thighs together as she recalled delicious details of the night... of him. At least now, it was just the idea of him that caused her breath to hitch.

Letting out a stiffled giggle, she couldn't believe she'd still react to him like this. Now later on in life, she felt foolish because there was no need for such school girl fantasies anymore. She shook her head as if it would rid her mind of the memories of him as she pushed herself out of her comfy spot on the couch and heaved her exhausted body to her feet. Standing in her lounge, looking outside absent-mindedly. She almost felt a tad guilty for fantasizing about a man other than her husband. "Bella, don't be an idiot. It was years ago," she tutted herself out loud. Aking's safe as houses started playing and again she was taken back to another night from all those years ago. A smile tugged at the courners of her mouth at the memory dancing behind her eyes. She swayed her hips gently to the percussion of the song. Closing her eyes, her mind drifted back to all of those years ago and she couldn't help but wonder about what could have been... what if she hadn't met Cyrus and moved to a different part of the country?

Almost disappointed in her life choices for a split second, she wrapped her arm arond her torso and tucked her hand in under her other arm and sighed, cocking her albow on her hip and holding her glass thoughtfully. She took a small sip of her wine and held it in her mouth, savouring the rich delicious taste and how it made her tongue tingle slightly, all the while staring absent-mindedly out of the window. She'd always fantatized about Quin, even all of these year later. She could still remember how his athletic build used to strain under his shirts, how his chocolate brown hair used to dance in the wind and how he used to look at her if they were ever in the same room. It still sent shivers down her spine. But now things were different. She'd moved on since university and she had a really good life, all things considered.

Sure her life was incredibly busy and time was of the essence but she still had an incredible husband, child and life. She just never shook the idea of being with a man like Quin. Cyrus was amazing and even more impressive down below but he'd been the only one she'd ever been with and couldn't shake the feeling that she'd settled down too soon - and done just that - settled, never giving what could have been with Quin a fair chance or a chance at all. She shrugged her shoulders and walked over to the wine fridge to refill her glass. Standing leaning on the fridge, she downed her wine. Gulping down big sips before holding her glass to refill it again. "What's 3 glasses of wine on a Friday night?", she thought out loud as she crinkled her nose and shrugged her shoulders. She let out another sigh and decided to fantasize about Quin while she had the time right now to do so.

She turned and scanned the room for her phone that lay on the side of the couch. "Ah, there you are", she said musing over to it and picked it up before turning on her heel and walking upstairs to her office. She suddenly felt the effects of downing her previous glass of wine on an empty stomach as she turned quickly and closed the door behind her and locking it. She spun around quickly and leaned against the door looking over her comfy home offie for the perfect place for her imaginary randevou with Quin. "I always knew you liked leather, love", she mused as she made her way to the plush leather couch that sat in the far corner of her office. She placed her glass down on the small coffee table in front of her and leaned back. Her hand slipped between the couch cushions and she pulled out her small vibrator. Licking her lips, she eyed her vibrator before she turned it on.

Holding it in her hand she closed her eyes and drew her bottom lip into her mouth. "Mmm...", she moaned softly with anticipation. Leaning her head back on the couch, she imagined Quin in all of his splendor walking into her office. His large muscular frame ducking slightly as he entered the room and gazing around the room for his prize. Spotting her on the couch, he raked his eyes over her slender legs, toned abdomen, full breatsts. His gaze lingered over her chest and how it rose and fell before he continued to slowly lift his eyes to her full lips and lastly her eyes. His gaze was ablaze with desire and need.

She too took in the fantatized sight before her. How his muscles tensed and relaxed in his arms as he grabbed the door and pushed it closed, locking it, all while holding her gaze with a slightly lustful smirk on his face. His tanned skin glisening in the soft light, making her core warm. His intense golden gaze, brazenly looking over her body again making her press her thighs together. His defined jawline clenching just a little with anticipation. He took slow, almost preditory strides towards her which sent shivers down her spine. His dark curls tussled over his shoulders, gently bouncing with each stride he took. Standing right infornt of her, he knelt down and ran his calloused fingers softly over her exposed arm and over her belly towards her aching core. Taking a deep breath, she took note of the hint of sandlewood that surrounded her.

Bella held her eyes closed as she imagined his touch, his scent; it was so intimate that it could have been real. Her own hand slowly running down from her lips to her breasts, settling over the band in her pants. She quickly unbuttoned her jeans and slowly pulled the zipper down, causing little vibrations on her sweet spot and a soft moan to escape her lips before pulling them off completely and leaning back onto the couch. She sucked her lip into her mouth again, her hand traced the lace edge of her panties. She imagined Quin tracing his fingers along the same lace of her panties that she did just seconds ago. His thumb slowly rubbing her sex through the fabric. Her breathing quickened as she rubbed her lips through the thin material separating her fringers from making contact. She started rubbing circles over her tenders with her thumb, as she applied just a bit more pressure. Pulling her undies to the side, she imagined his fingers trailing though the moisture that had gathered as she lightly touched her folds with the tip of the vibrator. The contact made her breath catch in her throat and an audible gasp leave her lips and jokingly mumbling to herself, "Oh shit, its been a while hasn't it?"

Drawing herself back to her fantacy, his fingers worked their way back and forth from her clit to her entrance and back again. He brought his fingers to his lips as he licked her off of his fingers, "Mmm... Still the sweetest taste, Love." His raspy voice creating more heat between her legs and goosebumps to erupt on her skin.

Leaning down, she imagined she could feel his breath on her thighs as he began rubbing circles around her clit until she felt his tongue replace his fingers. She arched her back and thrusted her hips forward to try to increase the friction, "Just like that", she whispered out, pinching her eyes shut and turning her face skyward, rubbing her little toy around her clit. The pressure was begining to rise in her core as she imagined his tongue swirling over her folds. She grabbed into the end of the couch above her head as she sank deeper into the feeling building inside of her while breathing ragged breaths. His tongue circling her entrance and gently gaining entrance making her eyes shoot open and her hold to harden on the couch. "Yes please", was all she could manage as his tongue pushed further into her core and curling into her sweet spot again and again. Her own fingers on autopilot, finding just the spot to make her toes curl.

His tongue darting in and out of her while his other hand circling her clit with fervour, she was about to explode right there on the couch. It would take just a few more cicles. She imagined him looking at up her with his sensual gaze she was panting, rubbing herself just a bit harder and faster. A stifled moan escaped her lips as the precipice of her climax beckoned. Pushing her shoulders into the couch for leverage, her body stiffened into the climax as her core pulsed, releasing wave after wave of pleasure that coursed through her body. She kept her eyes closed as came down from her momentary euphoria, imagining him.

His lips kissed her core and sucked on her nub just one more time before looking up into her eyes as he smiled. Without another word, he wiped his mouth with his fingers and pushed them into his mouth as he stood up between her legs. "See you soon, Love", was all he said as he winked and strode over to the door, unlocking it and pulling it open. From her seat on the couch, her chest rising and falling rhythmically as she tried to regain some composure, looked up at him as he pulled open the door, turned to wink at her then closed the door.

"What the hell was that?", she whispered almost as if disappointed with how he had just left - it was a fantasy right? The whole fantacy just seemed so real.

In her other fantasies, he stayed just a little while before leaving. Still holding the vibrator in her hand, she looked down at it and pressed the button to switch it off. She wiped it down, pushed it back into it's hiding place and heaved her body up. She ran her fingers through her hair and released a sigh she didn't know that she was holding in. She looked down at the table and bent down to pick up her wine glass. "That was not at all how I thought that would happen", saying out loud as she turned to walk back to the wine fridge downstairs remembering to pull her jeans back on before padding over to her office door.

She couldn't help but feel like this encounter with Quin was different as she reached for the door handle and opening the door. Holding her glass in her hand, she thoughfully went over her time alone in her office while walking back downstairs and to the fridge. She pulled the little fridge door open and looked for her favourite bottle. Reaching for it and pulling out the cork, she smelled its sweet scent that lingered around her as she held the bottle poised to pour before her ears caught the ending melody of a song that brought her fantasies to an abrupt halt - her wedding song.

She poured another glass, put the cork back in the bottle. She pickedd up her full glass and grabbed the bottle off of the counter and made her way back to the lounge. "It's just you and me tonight" she waved the bottle out infront of her face as she sat back down into the large plush sofa, leaning forward and putting the bottle on the floor. She closed her eyes and listened to the song filling the air around her contributing to her still nostalgic mood. She downed the dark rich liquid and cradled her glass aginst her chest. Thinking about her life, she lay down and rested her head on the armrest, not quite sure on how she felt about her fantacy and the pending arrival of her husband. Somewhere in between thoughts, she drifted off to sleep.
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