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All of a sudden he takes her face in both his hands and kisses her. His lips devour her, heat rises from within her, the tingles become fireworks erupting everywhere the man touches her. Sasha closes her eyes and wraps her arms around him. She can’t fight the urge to have him, to feel him completely, to make him hers, right then, right there. None of Roy’s kisses can compare to this one. Sasha has never felt this way before. The Alpha backs away a little, and his chest heaves heavily. He looks her intently in the eyes for a second, before he dives into the crook of her neck. He starts a trail of kisses, starting just below her ear, to end up at her soft spot right above her collarbone. Sasha can’t help but let out a soft moan and she tilts her head to give him more access. The man growls lowly. “Mine,” he breathes in her ear. When the Pack of his niece needs help, Damon is ready to help them out. There he finds his mate, but starts his relationship with her off on the wrong foot. On top of that he suffers from a strangled relationship with his father. Find out how fate turns his world upside down. Book three of the Seeking happiness series. If you haven't read the first books, I'd advice you to read the book 'Seeking Happiness' and 'When she's ready' first. There's a total of five books in the series.

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It’s a hot day, sweat drips from his forehead down on his ripped shoulders and chest. Damon knows there are a lot of girls and women that are eyeing him right now. He knows he has the looks that make women drool over him, especially in this weather, but he doesn’t care. He has his shovel firmly in his hands, his t-shirt hangs on the fence a few yards away. He is helping his pack members by digging holes for some new apple trees.

He loves the labour, it allows him to skip a day at the gym, so this is a pleasant alternative.

When the hole is big enough, he helps his pack members lift a tree from the cargo bed of a truck and together they place it into the hole. He keeps it straight, while the others fill the hole with water and then with soil.

Damon wipes his forehead and smiles gratefully when a member hands him a bottle of cold water. With one hand he keeps the tree straight, with the other he gulps down the water. Some water trickles down his chin, on his chest and he hears some gasps a few yards away. Damon smirks and shakes his head, so predictable.

Damon never had any interest in any girl. His father, Alpha Richard almost doubted his sexual orientation. No, he is not gay, not that he has anything against someone who is gay, he is just not interested in girls that are not his mate. It’s that plain and simple.

Although he is not interested in girls and doesn’t even give them a tiny bit of attention, the girls keep gawking at him, whispering about him behind his back and keep flirting with him. Being an Alpha’s son doesn’t make it any better, it makes him even more wanted by the girls. Damon sighs, how will he ever get rid of those fangirls?

When he gets home, the first thing he wants to do is take a shower to rinse all of the dirt and sweat off his body. When he comes down to get a drink from the kitchen, his father just enters through the front door.

“Damon, there’s a letter for you from a law firm.” His dad hands him a letter with a frown. “Is there something I should know about?”

Damon shrugs. “Nothing that I know of.” He rips the letter open and starts to read. His eyes grow wider as he continues to read his face turns pale.

“What is it?” His father asks. Damon gets hold of the railing of the stairs and sets himself down on one of the steps. When he is done reading he hands the letter to his dad. “Here, read. It’s impossible, dad, I never-.” He shakes his head confused. “I don’t understand.”

“This lawyer is claiming that you’ve knocked up a girl and you should carry the consequences. They demand you marry her?”

Damon nods. “Dad you know how careful I am with these things. It’s Brady and the guys who are irresponsible. I’ve never shared my bed with a woman.”

“Never?” His father looks at him inquisitively and raises a brow.

Damon shakes his head, then freezes. “There was just this one time a little over a week ago that I drank too much. I don’t really remember what happened, only that I woke up with a girl in my bed. I sent her home immediately.”

“Tell me what you know.” His father starts to walk into the kitchen and Damon follows him. He takes a bottle of water from the fridge, gulps a bit down and then takes a seat on one of the chairs at the kitchen table.

He remembers only parts of that night and the next morning.


Damon sits at the bar, his friends right by his side. “Look over there,” Brady, one of his friends, points to a spot somewhere in the bar. “There’s a fine piece of woman looking your way, man. I think you’ve hit the jackpot tonight.” Brady pats Damon I his back. “Why don’t you hit it off with the girl. She’ll be willing to relieve you of some of your tension. You deserve it! Go, go ahead! Take this opportunity!”

Damon shakes his head, taking another sip of his whiskey. “I’m not interested, Brady. Let it go.”

“You’re always such a party pooper! Well if you don’t go, I’ll go. I’m not going to waste a chance to get laid tonight. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Damon nods. “See ya.” He takes another sip from his whiskey. When he feels a little light-headed, Damon frowns, how much glasses of whiskey did he actually have? He can’t remember, his friends kept buying him drinks. It feels like he may have had one or two too many though.

Not long after Brady has left his side, a girl takes the seat next to him. “Hi,” she smiles when she notices him.

He raises his glass as greeting and takes a sip, but doesn’t give her much attention.

“What’s your name, handsome?” She says seductively. She traces her finger from his neck down his bicep.

“Damon.” Damon grumbles annoyed. Can’t she read body language? Hasn’t she gotten the message that he isn’t interested in her?

“Hmm,” the girl keeps touching him. “That’s a great name for a big and strong looking guy like you. My name is Miranda.” She smiles at him flirtatiously. She annoys him to the core.

He grabs her hand in a sudden move and squeezes it firmly. “Don’t touch me.” He growls sternly, giving her a dark look.

“Or what, Alpha? Are you going to punish me?” The girl looks at him lustfully, her lips slightly part when she moistens them with her tongue.

He pulls her closer, his lips almost touching hers. “Maybe I will.” He pushes her back and gets up from his chair. He needs fresh air, before he does things he’ll regret later. His head starts to spin. He tries to grab the top of the bar, but is too late. He tumbles on the floor.

When he wakes up, Damon groans and puts his head in his hands. His head pounds hard and his throat is dry. He tries to remember what happened yesterday, but his memory is blank. He never had a hangover as bad as now.

“Goodmorning, handsome.” A seductive voice next to him purrs.

Damon is awake in an instant and jolts up. “What the-” He groans again as his head starts to pound harder.

“What are you doing in my bed?” He asks the girl harshly. His eyes scan her body, he gets a bad taste in his mouth.

The girl looks surprised, but also hurt. “I- we-.”

“Get out!” He yells. He turns and walks to his bathroom. Just before he enters, he turns and gazes over her. “When I come back out, I want you gone, you can’t be here.” Just before he looks forward again, he notices the satisfied smirk on her face. What was that about?


“You’re an idiot!” His father shakes his head. “And you’re supposed to become the Alpha of this pack? Give me a break!” His father puts his hand in one of his pockets and takes out his smartphone. “You’re sure you’re not the father?” Damon nods. “Then we won’t let this get to us. We’ll speak with our lawyer first and demand a DNA test.”

Damon nods and gets up. “Thanks dad.”

His father raises his finger at him and looks at him sternly. “You’re not off the hook yet. First I need proof that you truly aren’t the father, then we’ll talk later.”

Damon nods and stares at his bottle of water with a frown. He truly hopes that this girl is not pregnant with his child. What would his mate say when he finds her?

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