Upside down

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Damon sits in the kitchen at the table, slurping from his coffee while his father is making breakfast. He gets a glare from his father, “manners,” he mutters and shakes his head at Damon.

The door quietly opens and a sleepy Elianne walks in. “Good morning, little troublemaker.” Damon greets her, “did you sleep well?”

His father takes Damon’s empty cup and takes a clean one to fill them both.

“Morning. Not really.” She slumps down on the chair across Damon.

“Have you been thinking too much about what happened yesterday?” Damon looks at the dark circles under her eyes and is concerned about her.

Elianne nods, taking the cup of coffee his father hands her. “Thanks.”

“Do you happen to know who that black wolf was?” Damon takes the cup of coffee his dad now hands back to him.

Elianne nods. “That was my mate, Leo.”

Damon nods. “That was him. And do you happen to know what he was doing here?” He takes a sip from his hot coffee.

Elianne shakes her head. “I don’t. I tried to mindlink him earlier, but he didn’t respond. I don’t know why not.”

Damon sighs. “After you left, your mate fled away. He was too quick and we couldn’t catch him. Brandon told me he had come across him earlier, but that he ran away. Then when he was-,” Damon carefully looks for words, “talking to you, the Captain attacked him and that’s where I came in. Is that about right?”

Elianne shrugs. “I guess so, yes.”

Damon leans forward and places his elbows on the table, holding his coffee with both hands, looking at her inquisitively. “Is there something we should know?” He feels like there’s something she’s not telling them, something is not right.

Elianne looks into her cup. “I- I don’t want to cause any trouble.” Jup, he was right.

“If there’s anything we should know, now is the time to tell us, Elianne.”

“I think Brandon has feelings for me.” She says, averting her gaze. “I don’t know what to do about it.”

Really? Damon thought he was still grieving about the death of his mate. “What do you feel for him? Be honest with yourself. Take your time and think about it.”

Elianne shakes her head. “I don’t have to think about it. When he touched me yesterday, it felt wrong. I wanted to run from him. So no, I don’t need to think about it.”

Damon smiles relieved. Elianne won’t be able to handle a guy with so much emotional baggage as Brandon. Besides, what with Leonard? It explains why Leonard attacked Brandon yesterday. Brandon touched his mate and Leonard’s wolf got possessive. “Good. I’ll talk to him then. He won’t bother you again. And if he does, you come to me or Richard, okay?”

Elianne nods and sighs. His father places a hand on her shoulder. “We’re here for you, sweetheart. You know you’re like a daughter to me, we’ll have your back, always.”

Damon notices that his father is mindlinking. “I just received the confirmation from Alpha Christopher that the Captain arrived home safely this morning.”

“Just now?” Damon is surprised. “He’s been travelling for a long time then.”

“Apparently the guy has rabies and his wolf has taken over. Explains the reason why he came here without communicating anything and why he ignored Eliannes attempts to link him. I’ve dealt with Leo before, and he doesn’t seem to be the guy to just barge in like he did yesterday. It was really out of character, he normally is a strict, quiet guy. Not someone to break the rules just like that.”

Damon nods, that’s right, even though he doesn’t know Leonard that well. “Hmm, they should be careful then, someone else could get infected too.”

“Danny has got it too. He got it before the Captain got it.”

“What?” Damon and Elianne both look up shocked. How? Why?

“No way! That can’t be happening! Danny’s one of the strongest Beta’s I know!” Damon looks down, feeling lost.

“I know, but rabies doesn’t look at status or rank.” Richard places two plates on the table, returns to the kitchen counter to take a third and sets himself at the table next to Elianne.

“What are they going to do now? As far as I know, rabies has no cure.”

Richard shakes his head. “There’s no cure. The only thing they can do is use Alpha blood and hope for the best.”

“Damn it.” Damon sighs. “I’ll contact them. See if they need any help. With both their Beta and their headwarrior out of the game, they could be drowning in the work. Besides, I’ve got Alphablood too, if they use my blood for one of them, Alpha Christopher can safely give his blood to the other one. Then he won’t be weakened too much.” It’s the least he can do for his uncle and his family.

Richard nods. “That’s a good idea. You should do that.”

“Elianne, are you alright?” When he looks at her, he notices how all colour is drained from her face, the dark circles under her eyes even more visible. “You look pale. Does the news of your brother and your mate concern you that much?”

She nods, a tear falls on her plate and then another one. His fathers pulls her to him and hugs her. “Come here, little one. It’s okay.”

“We’ll keep you updated, as soon as we get any news from them, you’ll be the first to know, alright?” Damon smiles reassuringly.

Damon puts his phone down and stares into oblivion. He just had a conversation with Alpha Christopher from the Grey Mountain’s pack, Elianne’s pack. He had the bad news that Leo, the Captain, collapsed and fell over the railing. His condition is very serious as he is not waking up. He could be paralyzed due to a serious back injury.

Damon sighs, now he has to bring this bad news to his niece. He feels like she really likes him, maybe even loves him, although that could be a bit early.

How are you going to tell someone that the one they love, may never wake up again? And if he does, he may never walk again, something that is obviously so very important to him. Damon rubs his face and sighs.

He promised Alpha Christopher to go there tomorrow. He’ll be helping out while Alpha Christopher will be giving Leo his blood. Hopefully it works, hopefully it’ll heal him, it has to work. He will ask Elianne if she wants to go back with him, so she can be with her mate. Maybe that will give her some kind of comfort, to be able to be close to him.

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