Upside down

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It’s late that night, Damon sits on the big leather chair, his feet resting on the big wooden desk, with only the light of the moon lighting the room. A cigar in his one hand, leaning on the desk, with the tip hovering above the ashtray, a thin string of blue smoke going up in the air. His other arm hangs over the armrest of his chair, a glass with golden liquid in his hand. Every once in a while, he takes a sip, or a deep inhale, closing his eyes as he does so, to place his head backwards again, letting it rest against the headrest of the chair when he exhales the smoke.

When he closes his eyes after a breath of smoke, he lets his thoughts roam free. This soon all will end, this luxury of whiskey and cigars. Damon sighs. He has thought a lot since he got the news about his fertility.

He is going to leave this Pack. He is not worthy to be an Alpha if he can’t have an heir. He is going to leave and never come back. He just has to help Alpha Christopher out, then he’ll leave from there. He can’t stay here and be miserable, being confronted about what he will never have all day long. He refuses, he won’t stay.

He takes a big sip of his whiskey. This will be the last time that he is here, he’ll drive away and never come back.

Damon frowns and perks his ears. There’s someone awake, probably using the bathroom or something. He puts the last bit of his cigar out and takes the last sip of his whiskey. Just as he gets up from his chair, he hears a thump. Then some other shifting, a door opens and then a muffled voice. Damon frowns again, what is going on in there?

He strides to the other end of the hallway and sees light coming from underneath Elianne’s bedroom. He knocks on her door. “Elianne? Is everything alright?” Carefully he opens the door and walks in. “I heard some noises coming from here.”

When he looks up, he sees Elianne sitting on her bed with clouded eyes, a hand is holding her head. Mike stands in front of her, bending down looking at her head with a worried frown on his face. “She was dizzy and nauseous and on her way back from the bathroom she fell and hit her head.” Mike tells him, stepping aside for Damon to look at her head.

Damon looks at Elianne’s head. There’s a wound just above her temple, but it’s not too deep and not very serious. “You’ll live,” Damon smiles slightly. “How’s the dizziness?”

Elianne shakes her head lightly. “It’s still there.”

Damon crouches in front of her. “Have you done something that could have caused your dizziness? Bumped your head before, ate too little,” Damon shrugs, “anything else?” He frowns concernedly.

“Haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.”

“Hmm, I don’t think you have a concussion. Just try to sleep for a bit then, maybe it’ll settle down. I’ll stay here to check on you every once in a while, is that okay?”

“Let me do that,” Mike interrupts and Damon looks at him. “You have to drive tomorrow, Damon, you need to rest.”

Mike is right, if he has to take Elianne with him, he should be well rested, especially when she has a wound on her head. They both look at Elianne and she nods while she carefully lays herself down on her bed.

“Alright. I’ll go to sleep now.” Damon gets up from his spot, “Mike, if anything changes, wake me up immediately.” He leaves the room and goes into his own to get some rest.

The next morning, Damon is up early, he needs to check the route he needs to drive, the condition of the roads, the weather and so on.

When he strolls into the kitchen, his father is not there yet. For a change, the man decides to sleep in. Damon takes some cups out of the cabinet and fills the machine with coffee and water to turn it on after doing so.

Just as the machine is done, his father walks into the kitchen. “Goodmorning,” his father smiles. “Ready for take off?” He asks.

“I am.” Damon pours two cups with coffee and slides one in the direction of his father. “I hope Elianne is too. She hit her head last night.”

“Hmm,” his father frowns but doesn’t really say anything. He starts to make preparations for breakfast and Damon sets himself at the table, looking into some emails on his phone.

The kitchen door opens, and Elianne reveals herself. “Good morning, sunshine.” Damon smiles at her when she walks into the kitchen. “Have you been able to sleep a little after your nightly adventure?”

Elianne nods, despite her little accident last night, she looks well rested. “Yes, thank you.” She sets herself at the table and gives her uncle a thankful smile when he places a plate in front of her.

“Ready to go home?” Richard asks.

“I can’t wait.” Elianne smiles. “I mean, I love it here, but I’m needed at home now, not here.”

“Good. We’ll leave as soon as you’re ready.”

Damon gets up from his chair and walks out, going to his room to get his suitcases and load them in his truck.

It’s in the afternoon when Elianne and Damon arrive at the packhouse of the Grey Mountains Pack. He drops Elianne off at the clinic, and drives further by himself to the Packhouse. When he parks his truck in front of the large wooden house, a man with dark hair and blue eyes walks over to his truck and waits until he gets out.

“Good afternoon, Alpha Damon, I presume?” The man reaches out his hand to shake his and Damon takes it with a smile. He looks at their hands and frowns confusedly when he feels a warmth coming from the other man’s hand.

“Good afternoon, I’m sorry, but I don’t know your name.” Damon smiles and doesn’t show his confusion.

“I’m Nicholas Anderson, I’m the Beta of the Foggy Forest Pack and brother of Alpha Christopher.” The man smiles widely. “I’m here to show you around, as Alpha Christopher is very busy at the moment.”

“So it’s also your brother that is sick, right?” Damon opens the valve on the back on his truck to take the luggage out.

Nicholas nods, “Yes, he’s my brother too. Sadly he is too stubborn to accept treatment to heal him.” He sighs and looks away for a second.

A woman comes up behind Nicholas. “Love? Can you help me with something? I was preparing the guest room for the Alpha, but I can’t reach something that lies on top of the big closet.”

“Alpha Damon, meet my mate, Alicia Krane.” Nicholas turns around and smiles, wrapping an arm around her waist.

The woman’s eyes widen in surprise, but she quickly recovers and reaches out her hand to shake his. “Oh, Alpha, you’re already here. I’m afraid your room is not completely ready yet, I’m sorry.”

“No problem,” Damon smiles and shakes her hand and he feels the same warmth that he felt with Nicholas’ handshake, only stronger. Damon frowns, what is it with these people? Then he realises he knows the name Krane from somewhere. “Are you related to Alpha Krane?” He asks.

Alicia smiles, “yes, that’s right, Alpha Evan Krane is my father. The Foggy Forest Pack and the Grey Mountains Pack are actually very close. We’ve helped each other out on multiple occasions. The fact that I’m mated to Nicholas makes all the communication and the collaboration even better and smoother.”

Damon nods, “quite convenient. And now you’re here to support Alpha Christopher and Leonard while they’re out of business?”

They both nod.

“It’s good to see that there are still family’s that are actually close and show eachother their support and love.” Damon looks away. He never, ever felt like he belonged. The only thing he feels that he is good for, is following his father in his footsteps, love is something his father never really showed. He gets along well with his father and they work well together, but showing love and affection, no that’s not like his father.

“So,” Nicholas clears his throat, “what if Alicia finishes your room, I’ll get someone to bring your luggage to your room and in the meantime I give you a tour, what do you think?”

“Sounds fine by me,” Damon smiles and he points to two suitcases that are still lying in the trunk, “these two are Elianne’s, I dropped her off at the clinic before coming here.”

Nicholas, “It’ll all be taken care of, come on, let’s go.”

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