Upside down

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Sasha walks into the bar. It’s still early morning, but she decided to give the bar a proper cleaning before it opens. It was in dire need of one and she wanted to do something useful to keep her thoughts from drifting away to a certain person. She hasn’t seen Roy since the last time he was at her apartment. She knows it has something to do what happened, or what almost happened. He almost claimed her as his and now is scared to talk to her.

Things went fast from just a friendship to- Sasha shakes her head as she takes out the mop from the storage- this. She doesn’t even know what to call ‘this’.

Sasha starts mopping the floor when she hears noises from outside. When she looks through the closed curtains of the bar, she sees a crowd around two men on the town’s square. Sasha frowns, what’s happening there. There’s a large man with long hair in a tail, his dark eyes firing flames at the man in front of him. She knows he’s not Alpha Christopher, but he radiates the same aura, the man must be an Alpha. The man steps threateningly forward to the man facing him. When she takes a look at the other man in the circle she gasps. Roy.

No! The Alpha found a rogue and now wants to kill him! No, she can’t let that happen. Sasha quickly unlocks the door of the pub and starts running. That Alpha can’t kill her Roy! Not on her watch!

When she reaches the circle of people, she tries to push away the watching people. They’re not willing to move for a bit, so she uses more force. When she finally reaches the front row, she sees how the Alpha is right in front of Roy’s face.

“No!” She screams and runs to Roy’s side.

For a second Roy looks to his left and their gazes meet. He raises his left hand to stop her. “No Sasha, don’t interfere,” he says quietly.

The Alpha looks at her too and he frowns when he sees her. “You’re mated with a rogue?” He questions with a rough tone in his voice.

Sasha blushes and when she looks the giant man in his eyes, she takes a step back in fear. His eyes are smoldering, they’re almost black. The fire that radiates off of them is consuming her. “N-No, we’re not mated,” she stutters and her gaze moves to the floor, she can’t stand his piercing eyes. She reaches out her hand to touch Roy, “but I love him nonetheless.”

“Sasha don’t,” Roy frowns and shakes his head, he removes his hand from his arm. “You’re putting yourself in danger.”

The Alpha growls, loudly. His roar is heard for miles away. She notices how his hands are trembling, how his breathing gets heavier and how his shoulders hunch forward. “Roy! Watch out, he’s about to shift!” She yells, pushing Roy away.

But Roy doesn’t budge, “I’m not leaving, Sasha, I deserve this, let him come.”

“No!” She pushes Roy again, while she hears the crackling sounds of bones snapping from the place where the Alpha is standing.

Sasha looks lost, how can she save Roy, if he doesn’t want to be saved? “Roy!” A tear falls on her cheek, “please, leave! I can’t lose you! Go, now, please!” She takes hold of his arm and looks at him pleadingly.

Roy’s gaze softens for a moment and he takes a step forward. He lifts her chin, kisses her softly on her lips and then, he’s gone, just like that.

At the same time as Roy left her standing alone in the circle of people, the Alpha’s wolf leaps to where Roy was standing, only missing him by a hair. Sasha let out a scared scream. Luckily for Roy the Alpha was not fast enough, when she looks behind the wolf, she sees Roy has shifted and speeds away to safety.

When she looks at the Alpha, she sees how he is frozen in place. The black wolf with silver ends on his hair, doesn’t move, only his nose moves, sniffling the air. After a minute he turns around slowly to meet Sasha’s gaze. His grey eyes are still piercing, still furious. Sasha takes a step back, the wolf growls, but this time he doesn’t bare his teeth.

The wolf follows her, driving her backwards until she can’t go back any further. She feels a hard wall against her back. Her breathing risens, the wolf still comes closer. “Please,” Sasha breathes, “please, Alpha, don’t hurt me.” A tear stains her cheek.

The wolf growls lowly, Sasha closes her eyes. He is definitely going to punish her for being in love with a rogue. He is going to kill her. She hears the snapping of bones, but she doesn’t dare to look. She feels a gush of wind and then a body pushing against hers. She feels a butterfly starting to flutter in her stomach and tingles erupt where their bodies touch.

“Open your eyes,” she hears the Alpha’s gruff voice.

Sasha lowers her head and opens her eyes, she gasps as she notices how close the man is.

His hand strokes her cheek, tingles erupt and she gasps again. What is going on? His hand moves from her cheek to her chin and he lifts her face up to meet his gaze. His eyes bore into hers. Sasha shivers, not able to avert her eyes again.

All of a sudden he takes her face in both his hands and kisses her. His lips devour her, heat rises from within her, the tingles become fireworks erupting everywhere the man touches her. Sasha closes her eyes and wraps her arms around him. She can’t fight the urge to have him, to feel him completely, to make him hers, right then, right there.

None of Roy’s kisses can compare to this one. Sasha has never felt this way before. The Alpha backs away a little, and his chest heaves heavily.

He looks her intently in the eyes for a second, before he dives into the crook of her neck. He starts a trail of kisses, starting just below her ear, to end up at her soft spot right above her collarbone. Sasha can’t help but let out a soft moan and she tilts her head to give him more access.

The man growls lowly. “Mine,” he breathes in her ear.

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