Upside down

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Sasha opens her eyes and looks straight into the man’s eyes. His grey eyes are hooded, full of lust. His eyes bore into hers and she tries to look at him, but his stare gets too intense. So she averts her eyes and looks at her feet. She closes her eyes instantly as she notices that the man is not wearing any clothes. God, that she just had to see that! Her cheeks flush crimson red. When she opens her eyes again, she stares everywhere but there. When she looks at his chest, she notices that he is beyond anything she has ever seen. His chest is muscled, his abdomen chiseled and his biceps are thick. On his skin there are intricate patterns drawn, the man is a real piece of art.

When she looks up again, she sees his eyes are still on her. She takes a deep, shaky breath and opens her mouth. “Err,” she forgot how to talk.

“Yes?” His deep voice seems to wake her up out of her daze. He frowns a little, confused, wondering what she wants to say.

“Let’s get you some clothes.” She looks at him. “Your crown jewels are on full display, you know.” She raises one eyebrow.

“I don’t need clothes.” He smirks mischievously and licks his lips, “I only need you. Like right now.”

Sasha’s eyes widen. “Err, excuse me?”

The man sighs and looks away for a second, “alright, show me somewhere we can talk in private.”

Sasha nods and takes his hand, “come with me.”

She walks back to the pub, locks the door behind him and walks over to her stairs. He is right behind her, she feels the heat radiating from his body. Halfway on the stairs, he circles an arm around her waist and pulls her into his chest. He kisses her at the back of her neck and Sasha needs to hold on to the railing firmly as her knees are about to give in.

When he lets her go, she runs up the stairs and unlocks her door. “This is my place.” She says quietly and she looks back at him.

He smiles but doesn’t say anything, he still has that predatory look in his eyes. When he closes the door behind her and locks it right after, she can’t help but check out his behind. It’s looking nice and firm.

When he turns and catches her gaze, and smirks again. “You like what you see?” His voice is dark and low and he stalks her way slowly. Like a predator sneaking up on its prey.

Her cheeks turn a beautiful color red again and she tries to avert her eyes. When he is right in front of her, he wastes no time and circles an arm around her again, his other hand moves to her neck, so he can pull her against him.

He moves his head into her neck, kissing her softly on the sensitive skin. Tingles erupt again, making her body feel like it’s on fire. “Do you feel that?” He whispers seductively, “do you feel the tingles, the bond, the warm feeling of coming home?”

Sasha closes her eyes and nods. Her head tilts almost automatically to give him room.

“What's your name?” he whispers again against her throat.

Sasha moans, she’s too much in a daze to be able to think clearly.

He moves his head back a little to look her in the eye, “I asked for your name, honey. I need to know who I’m mated to.” He smiles and strokes her cheek with the back of his hand when he sees her clouded eyes.

She shakes her head to clear her thoughts, “Err, sorry, I’m Sasha.

“Damon,” he wastes no time, hoists her up and starts walking further into the apartment. “Now, Sasha,” he says her name like he is tasting it on his tongue, “where is your bedroom?”

Her legs automatically cross behind his back and she points to the door of her bedroom. While he walks, she starts kissing and biting his neck and he lets out a grunt.

“God, keep doing that,” he says, his voice starting to sound gruff. “That feels so good.”

He throws her on her bed and as soon as she lies, he crawls on top of her. Immediately he starts pulling at her top. Sasha leans a little forward and helps him to get out of her clothes. Soon all clothes are gone and he starts kissing her. He devours her lips, as if his life depends on them.

His hand glides from her neck downward, over her chest, down over her belly to her thighs. He moves his mouth to her neck and then follows his hands to her chest. Damon takes one nipple in his mouth and circles his tongue around it. Sasha’s hips buck up.

Then he moves his mouth to her other nipple and does the same. Sasha lays her hand on his head and pulls on his hair while she moans loudly. She feels her wolf pushing forward, trying to persuade her to let her take over and claim him. He is theirs, theirs alone.

Sasha growls and Damon looks up by her sound. He climbs back up and looks her in the eyes. He kisses her again. Their tongues explore each other’s mouths until Sasha can’t fight her wolf anymore and growls again.

Damon seems to understand, as he moves his lips from her mouth to her ear and then down to her neck. He kisses her sensitive spot again and grazes over it with his teeth. Sasha feels how her canines start to form and she does the same with him, letting her fangs graze his neck. Just as she feels his sink in hers, she sinks her fangs in his neck and the feeling is something else.

Never has she felt something like that before. Her heart swells with love, she feels a connection forming. Her mind and her heart open up for him. For a second she just lays there her teeth turning back to normal, but her chest is moving up and down heavily. When she looks into Damon’s eyes, she sees how he mirrors her look. She can look straight into his soul. Every doubt that she may have had before, vanishes like snow for the sun.

A while later Damon wakes up in a strange bed, fully naked, with a beautiful, no, gorgeous woman sleeping by his side. God, she is beautiful, is the first thing he can think of. He caresses her cheek and moves his hand to brush away some locks of hair. When he looks better, he sees a mark and he gasps.

Fuck! Is that his? Is that- is that his mark? What did his wolf do? The last thing he remembers was being on that square while that filthy rogue ran away and looking into this beautiful woman’s eyes. Then he knows his wolf took over, he didn’t even get the chance to fight him for dominance. And now he is here.

He caresses the mark on her neck, and he feels the tingles in his own neck. This can’t be true, this was never meant to happen! How is he going to explain to this woman that he marked her, but won’t be able to give her pups?

Damon gets up from the bed in an instant, leaving the bedroom at once. He walks out of the apartment, takes the stairs and sees a door to his right. He opens it and is met by the blinding daylight.

Damon starts running, fast. While doing so he shifts into his wolf. Running away from his love, from his mate. He shouldn’t have marked her, he shouldn’t have let his wolf do what he wanted, but he had no other choice. Now he needs to deal with his mistake, but he doesn’t know how. Damon runs through the forest, and lets his wolf’s instinct guide him home, to the packhouse of Alpha Christopher.

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