Upside down

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Sasha wakes up late in the afternoon. She feels a slight sore in her neck and between her legs and frowns. She absentmindedly touches her neck and it starts to tingle. What happened? Then everything comes back all at once and it overwhelms her for a second. She saw Roy in a precarious situation, met her mate, mated him and now- She looks around, he’s gone, though his scent still lingers in the air.

Why did he leave? Doesn’t he want to be with her? What happened? She wonders why he is not there, or why. If he doesn’t come back, how much will it affect her? Will she die from a broken heart?

Sasha gets out of bed and dresses herself, still wondering what is going to happen now. She picks up her phone to dial Roy’s number. When she looks in her list of contacts, she notices there’s a new contact. Damon? Did he leave her his number without letting her know? Does this mean he has her number too?

She searches further for Roy’s number and dials it. He doesn’t pick immediately. When she calls again, he picks up after the second ring. “Hello?”

“Roy? Oh, God! Are you alright?”

“Hey Sasha,” he sounds quiet, curt, almost as if he doesn’t want to talk to her. “I’m fine, thanks.”

“Did you get to safety in time? Are you sure you are alright?” Sasha is still worried.

“Yeah, I’m safe, I got out in time.” Roy sighs, he seems to sound a little bit kinder now, “and you? Are you alright? I saw that Alpha getting all in your face.”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She laughs sarcastically, “turns out that Alpha is my mate, what do you think about that?”

“Is he? Well congratulations I suppose,” Roy could’ve sounded happier for her.

“He got me under his spell in no time. He marked me, but now he’s gone without saying a word and I don’t know anything about him.” Sasha sighs, “I’m a mess. I’m so confused. I’m sorry I’m confronting you with all this, I don’t know really what was going on between us, but I know I had feelings for you. And now the man who wanted your head, appears to be my mate.”

“No worries, Sasha, we both knew that this was bound to happen to either of us sooner or later. There’s nothing you can do against a mate bond. I am happy for you, though the man is stupid for leaving you.” Roy sounds understanding, “If you were my mate, I wouldn’t have left you like that. Especially right after our mating. I would want to get to know everything about you.”

Sasha smiles a little. “Thank you. Do you happen to know who he is? His name is Damon and he is an Alpha, but not from here. Do you know more?”

Roy sighs. “He is currently living in the Packhouse of Alpha Anderson. His name is Alpha Damon Harris. He is the son of Alpha Richard Harris of the Northern Lakes Pack. He is here to help Alpha Anderson out. Apparently both their Beta and their head warrior are very sick and out of the game.”

“Wow, you seem to know a lot.” Sasha sounds surprised.

“It’s my, err, friend. There’s nothing he doesn’t know. He has informants everywhere.”

Sasha hums. “I wish I could get in touch with him, without having to drive all the way to the Packhouse.”

“Have you tried mindlinking him? Maybe you can find out about him and his whereabouts when you do? You should be able to link him if you’ve already mated and claimed each other.”

“You’re right, I’ll try that,” Sasha smiles, suddenly a lot more hopeful than she was before. “What about you, I’m guessing you’re not going to come back anytime soon, are you?”

“No, I’m sorry but I won’t be able to visit in the near future. It’s way too dangerous. They’ll be looking for me now. But as soon as the news dies down a little, I’ll come by, I just really need to be careful now.”

“I understand,” Sasha nods. “I’ll miss you. Come by when you can, alright?”

“I will. Take care Sasha.”

They both say their goodbyes and hang up. Sasha decides to take a shower. Trying to wash the Alpha’s scent away, she feels like she’s almost drowning in it.

When Damon arrives at the Packhouse, it’s quiet. He walks to his room to get some rest and to think. In his head, it’s not so quiet, it’s pure chaos and his wolf is not helping. He doesn’t know what to think right now. He went to all the settlements here in this pack, to get to know the residents, so they would know who he is should he have to take over from Alpha Chris. He also did some work for Christopher, met with people who needed him, he did some administrative work and met with new residents. When he went to the last one of the settlements to find a girl who was new there, he smelled the scent of a rogue. He followed the rogue, who was going into town.

The rogue seemed civilized, he didn’t seem to behave like normal rogues do. But still, the rogue could be one of those rogues who were involved with that Jones-guy. He couldn’t let that happen and he halted the guy when they reached the towns square.

The rogue was shocked at first, but then he didn’t want to leave before having seen his girlfriend. Damon didn’t want to hear any of it and wanted to capture the guy. The guy resisted and people were coming over to see what was happening.

Damon demanded for the rogue to turn himself in, to kneel and to be bound, but the guy resisted. Just as Damon was about to take the man by force, a girl came in between. The girl turned out to be his mate, who knew. The rogue got away because the girl distracted his wolf, who wanted nothing more than to mate her.

Damon shakes his head. How could he let that happen? Now he is known as weak! Now they all know that an Alpha had let a rogue slip out of his hold. He feels useless, he is no Alpha-material. He can’t catch a simple, harmless rogue and he can’t control his wolf. Now he has a mate that probably will reject him when she finds out that he can’t give her pups.

Damon plops down on his bed and rubs his face with his hands. He failed, he will leave as soon as he is done here, end of story.

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