Upside down

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Damon walks into Alpha Christopher’s room in the clinic to check on him as Elianne checks on her mate. Damon finds Alpha Christopher sound asleep in his room. His mate Jolena is sleeping in the chair beside him, a blanket draped over her shoulders.

Elianne had woken him a few hours earlier because of unusual activity just outside the borders. When they were there, the warriors on the other border had tracked a rogue’s scent. Jones. As the clinic was near that border. Elianne and Damon hurried there and searched the perimeter. They found nothing, so they decided to search the clinic. The last rooms were the Captain’s and the Alpha’s.

Back in the hallway he meets Elianne. “The Alpha is safe and sound, Leo?” He whispers.

“All clear.”

He nods. “Come on, let’s see if the devil has come closer while we were in here.” Elianne nods and they both start walking to the exit.

They step outside and make another round around the clinic until Damon holds still. Mike is trying to contact him. ‘Alpha Damon! Please can you hear me? I need help, I am at the border somewhere, I don’t know, but this rogue is bearing its teeth at me, threatening to kill me!’

‘I’ll alert Elianne and the warriors here, we’ll be there as soon as possible. Just hold on, Mike!’

Damon mindlinks Elianne immediately. ‘Mike is in trouble. He just linked me. Do you know where he is?’

‘He is helping the warriors,’ Elianne immediately gazes at him. Her eyes absentminded. She must be linking her warriors. ‘I guess he is on patrol. Err. He is at the eastern border. Let’s go there.’

They both shift into their wolfforms again and take off to the east.

When they arrive at the hideout, they are shocked by what they see. About all of the warriors are wounded and bleeding.

But the thing they see next shocks him even more.

They see two wolves circling each other with bare teeth. One is Mike, he can recognise him from afar. The other one is definitely the rogue, they can smell him clearly. Elianne seems to know who he is. ‘That’s Jones, Mike’s dad.’ The wolves both have green eyes. He knew Mike has green eyes, so it only makes sense that his father has green eyes too. There’s something irking him. He has seen another set of those green eyes somewhere, where? The rogue from last friday, is that friendly rogue related to this green eyed monster and to Mike?

‘So Mike is baring his teeth to his father?’ Damon sounds surprised. It won’t be easy going against your father like that. Whatever your relatives may do or how wrong they seem to be, they’ll always be your relative, they’ll always be someone you tend to forgive easier than someone else.

‘Apparently.’ Is the only response he gets from Elianne. She seems to know more.

Damon looks at the two wolves. Mike’s father has the size of an Alpha wolf, he’s twice the size of Mike’s wolf. ‘He won’t be able to handle his dad. His father is way too strong.’ he links Elianne.

She responds immediately. ‘Then I’ll distract him. Let him take me, or tackle him together.’ That woman seems to be fearless, but he won’t let that happen.

‘You can’t handle him either, Elly. He is an Alpha for god’s sake.’ If she attacks the man, he’ll kill her in an instant. Then the blood transfusion will be pointless, Leonard will die out of grief, Damon can’t let that happen.

Both Damon and Elianne start nearing the circling wolves. When Jones notices the two other wolves, he stiffens, but recovers quickly. Mike shifts into his human form and shouts at his dad. “Come on you coward! Bring it on. Let these guys know what you’re threatening me with!”

Damon mindlinks Mike. ‘Mike, get back, take cover, I’ll handle this wolf!’

‘No! This guy needs to die, right here right now. This man has already hurt so many people and put so many people in misery. This ends now!’

‘Mike! Let me do this, I’m stronger! You won’t survive this! I’ll end him!’ Damon growls. Mike is a stubborn ass, he needs to learn his place!

Damon links Elianne. ‘Elianne, stay back. Let me handle this guy. Make sure you take Mike with you, keep him safe.’

Elianne takes on the task to get Mike out of there, but all of a sudden, Mike’s dad starts his attack. He takes a leap to land with his jaws around Mike’s neck. His jaws fit fully around Mike’s neck, but he doesn’t bite down, he just holds Mike’s neck between his jaw.

Damon sees how Elianne wastes no time and comes to Mike’s aid. It doesn’t do much, as Mike’s dad even strengthens his grip some more, his teeth now starting to break through Mike’s skin, Mike winces quietly.

Damon tries to get a hold of Mike’s dad, without hurting Mike. Mike’s dad strengthens his grip even more, his teeth now fully piercing into Mike’s flesh. Mike screams in agony, but Damon can’t see what’s really going on. He jumps over Mike’s dad’s back and bites down right between his shoulder blades. Mike’s dad now fully turns to Damon and comes at him.

Damon keeps the wolf busy, tries to wear him down as much as he can, by letting him attack over and over, but jumping out of the way at the last moment.

One time he caught the tip of his tail, but that was nothing. Damon is distracted for a second when he sees Elianne next to Mike. Mike seems to lose the battle for his life. No! Just when he turns again to see where Mike’s dad is, he feels a weight on his back. Mike’s dad has jumped on his back, the sudden force makes him bend through his paws and lay flat on his stomach.

Damon throws the wolf off, but the wolf is immediately back there. The wolf jumps up and tries to aim for Damon’s neck. He sees the wolf coming, but isn’t fast enough. He can escape the wolf’s teeth, but a paw hits against his head, making him dizzy and fall to the ground. God, this wolf is strong! His wolf backs down, losing strength and it makes Damon shift into his human form.

Damon turns on his back quickly, so he can see his opponent come at him. And there he is, hovering over Damon, his teeth right in Damon’s face. Damon sees his life flash in front of his eyes. The wolf opens its mouth, ready to bite into Damon, a loud growl escapes his throat. But suddenly gets pulled backwards. The wolf lashes out with it’s paws to get a grip of something, he hits and it’s nails bore themselves deeply into the side of Damon’s face.

Damon blacks out, but not before he sees that a mighty black wolf is growling loudly to Mike’s dad. That must be Christopher! Damon can’t fight the darkness that seems to invade his mind anymore. The force of the thick paw of Mike’s dad must have been too much for Damon’s head to handle.

When Damon wakes up, the first thing he sees are the stars poking through the roof of leaves hanging over him. He blinks with his eyes, to fight the fog in his head. He feels a stinging pain at the side of his face and tries to touch it, but it hurts too much and he groans.

Then everything comes back to him in full force, he sits up immediately and roars loudly. He jolts up and roars, “where’s that fucking asshole?”

Elianne tries to keep him down, and he can’t do anything but obey, a sudden dizziness forcing him to stay down.

“You have a huge wound in your face, don’t get up.” Elianne tells him, “we’ll get you to the clinic first.”

Chris stumbles their way like a drunk. “Two Alpha’s beaten, that’s not good, right?”

No, Damon thinks by himself, it’s fucking embarrasing.

Warriors arrive at the scene and Elianne orders them immediately. “Take these two back to the clinic and make sure they’re looked after.” They are instantly at their sides and assist both Alpha Christopher and himself back to the clinic.

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