Upside down

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After he is released from the clinic, Damon heads for the Captain’s room, following the scent of his niece. He finds her there, laying on top of the poor man, how can that man even recover properly when she is lying on top of him? He shakes his head, silly Elianne. His head throbs, but he doesn’t want to go to his own room. He wants to stay here, with his niece. He feels like he owes her something. She saved him last night, afterall.

When she wakes, they chat a little, but it doesn’t take long before he decides to go to his own room after all. His head is pounding like crazy.

An hour later, after he has had a good rest and some painkillers, he feels he is ready to get up again. He sits at the side of his bed and thinks about the attack of that rogue named Jones. He had him. He attacked him. If only the rogue was seconds faster, or if he would have gotten an inch closer, he would be a goner. How was he so weak? How could he be defeated by a rogue. He, an Alpha for God’s sake!

He lowers his head, holding it between his hands. His elbows resting on his knees. He is not worth it, he can’t be an Alpha, he can’t even protect this pack properly, let alone a pack of his own!

He gets up and moves to his window, and looks at the view. Living here must be so peaceful and quiet. These woods are perfect for letting wolves roam freely without being noticed by humans. If he ever gets the chance to live here more permanently, he would immediately take that opportunity. Despite all the problems, he feels at home here. He feels like he belongs.

No, he is not going back home. He will still refuse his title as Alpha. He still doesn’t deserve it, but at least here, he’s having some peace of mind.

He sighs when he thinks about Sasha and he lowers his head. He has treated her badly. He shouldn’t have ran away like he did. He should have taken his responsibility. He should have explained to her what is going on and then officially rejected her, so she could go on with her life, find a new mate and be happy.

A tear slips away from his eye when he thinks about his future. It will be lonely. Everyone around him will find their mate eventually, they will all mate and have pups. And he? He will still be alone. And even when Sasha finds out where he is hiding, he will not be able to give her pups, give her the happiness she deserves.

He opens the window and looks down. What will happen if he jumps out? What will happen if he just leaps out and ends everything right here, right now? Sasha will be able to start anew, his father has to find another Alpha, something he has to do either way. No one will have to worry about him, no one will miss him

Sasha walks from a table with a few men back to the bar with a tray full of dirty glasses. She places the tray on the counter and places the glasses next to the sink. The bell above the door jingles and when she looks, she sees a green-eyed man coming in. He walks straight over to the bar and orders a pint from the tap. The smell that comes from him, makes her nose scrunge. She really has to take deep breaths, to not throw up the lunch she ate not too long ago. He’s a rogue.

When she brings him his pint, she is able to take a closer look. “What?” He looks at her with an annoyed gaze, almost aggressively. “What are you looking at?”

“Sorry, your eyes, they look familiar. I feel like you’re related to someone I know.”

Now he looks at her with a bit more interest, but he shrugs. “Could be my son. He always hangs out in this area. Why, I don’t know, but something must make him come back every time.” The man’s piercing glare seems to burn her skin. “Is it you that he comes back for? Are you his little mate?” The man starts to smirk viciously.

Sasha shakes his head. “I am already mated, look.” She shows him her neck.

“That doesn’t prove anything,” the man squints his eyes. “It could be his mark, after all.”

Some men at the other end of the bar ask for Sasha’s attention and she continues serving people drinks.

Later that afternoon, Sasha heads to the back of the bar to take new beer bottles and put them in the fridge. She notices that someone is following her, the penetrating scent of man and rogue invades her nose. She turns and is shocked when he is right in front of her. “Err, sir, you’re not supposed to be here.”

The man takes his steps even closer, invading her personal space. “Oh, I know.” He smirks, but his eyes do nothing but glare maliciously. She tries to back away, but the wall behind her prevents her from putting space between her and this man. He lifts his hand and strokes her cheek. “Don’t you look pretty. That boy of mine has done an excellent job, choosing a very suitable mate.

His breath fans her face and she turns his face away from him. His hand immediately grabs her chin, she has to look at him. She is forced to look him in the eye, his eyes are menacing. “Now, honey. Where do I find that sweet boy of mine?”

“I have no idea who you are talking about.”

He squeezes her chin a little harder. “You’re lying.”

“I don’t know who your son is! Now can you please let me go?” She tries to push him away to no avail.

“Oh no, it ain’t that easy, honey.” His hand moves from her chin to her neck and he squeezes, hard enough for her to feel it, but not hard enough for her to actually choke. Tears start to escape from her eyes. “Now, I’m asking you one last time. Where is my son?!”

A drop of sweat runs from her neck over her spine. “I truly have no idea where he is, please, you have to believe me!”

The man squeezes even harder, now really choking her and she squeezes her eyes shut. But all of a sudden, there’s a gash of air and the weight of the man on her is gone. There’s a loud crash, then a bang and loud yelling.

When she opens her eyes again, she grabs immediately for her throat. Coughing, trying to breathe in as much air as she can. Billy comes into her line of vision, placing a hand on her shoulder. His face lined with concern. “Hey sweetheart, are you alright?”

Sasha nods, not able to say anything. Her hands are shaking with all the pent up fear that’s now coming out. Billy looks to the side when another loud thud is heard. “Roy! Do you need help?” He yells to him somewhere outside of the backdoor. In all that was happening so fast, she had not noticed that Roy was there, fighting off the man.

“No, I’ve got it!” Roy yells back, after another crash and a yelp.

The sounds of fighting simmer down and it becomes quiet again and after a while, Roy comes back in.

He has blood on his lower lip and a bruise on his arm. Sasha jumps into his arms, relieved that he is alright.

He awkwardly hugs her back, not feeling comfortable being so close to her now that she’s mated. “I was just in time, wasn’t I?”

Sasha nods, with her ear against his chest. She doesn’t want to leave the safety of his arms. When she looks up, she sees him frown.

“What?” She asks.

“You know we’ll be in trouble if your mate finds out you’re cuddling another male. An unmated male at that.”

“I don’t care, he left me, so he has no right to complain or whatsoever! I want to feel safe, I want to feel cared after, but most of all, I want to feel loved. You have shown me more love in the short time that we know each other than he has done, so I don’t care, like at all!”

Billy moves beside her, to look at her face. “Are you alright? Do you want to go to your apartment and calm down there?”

Sasha nods. “I’d like that, you don’t mind, do you?”

Billy shakes his head, “no sweetheart, otherwise I wouldn’t have suggested it. If it gets very busy I’ll call Tessa for some assistance.”

Roy places a hand on her lower back and leads her to the stairs to her apartment. “I’ll stay with you until you’re feeling better.”

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