Upside down

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Sasha sits in bed with her back against her headboard and her laptop on her legs. She’s desperately looking for a job. The last year she has traveled around. She needed to get away from her parents, she needed some distance. Her younger sister Sophie died in a car crash, leaving a devastated mate Brandon and a five year old son behind.

After that Sasha never felt the same anymore. Her father, Alpha Evan Krane, never let her out of his sight again, smothering her with his actions. Her older sister Alicia already lived on her own with her mate Nicholas, so Sasha was the only one of their daughters still living with their parents. She felt suffocated and she needed space. So she left.

She went traveling. She had some money saved and when she liked a place, she decided to stay a little longer and work at bars or pubs. Now she’s here on Alpha Anderson’s turf, she has settled down in a little village and is now looking for a job.

Sasha sighs. She looks at her emails and sees Alpha Anderson has replied on her mail with the request for permission to stay on his territory. With this permission she can stay on his land safely. Sasha smiles, at least that is one step forward. She places her laptop on the floor. She is feeling tired so she decides to hide underneath her blankets and try to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day to look for a job.

Sasha wakes up with a jolt. All of her senses are on high alert, telling her that something is terribly wrong. Her head is still in sleep mode thought, she has in the slightest no idea why her head is screaming bloody murder.

Then she smells something. Something burnt, something is burning. She throws away her blanket immediately and slips in her bathrobe before heading downstairs.

There right in front of her, a terrifying scene unfolds right in front of her nose. Her whole downstairs floor is on fire. The windows are broken and the fire is spread everywhere. Everywhere she looks she sees flames. She coughs, the smoke is getting thick and heavy.

She looks around to find a way out. The way to her front door is blocked by flames, but when she looks the other way, the way through the kitchen, she sees that also that route is blocked. She walks back up the stairs. She’ll have to jump through one of the windows. There’s nothing else to it.

When she opens one of the windows at the front of the house, she hears a male voice holler. “Ma’am! Are you alright?”

She looks around to see who’s calling her. Her eyes find his immediately and she immediately notices his striking eyes. “Wait there!” He hollers, “I’m coming to get you!”

The man starts running and leaps for the drainpipe next to her window. He easily climbs up and holds on to the windowframe.

“Are you alright?” He asks with a concerned face.

She nods. “Yeah, thank you. I just need to get out of my house.”

Loud crashing sounds are heard. Things are collapsing downstairs.

“You need to hurry, come, I’ll help you out.” The man shows her the best way to climb out. “Don’t look down. Just do what I do and we’ll be fine.”

After a few scary minutes, she stands with wobbly legs on the ground.

“Take cover!” The man suddenly shouts, he runs at her, leaps and throws them both on the ground, just as a loud bang is heard. The heat of the explosion overtakes her. It takes her breath away. Her ears ring, there’s nothing else she can hear.

The man who saved her, shakes her shoulder and she sees his lips move, but she can’t hear him. The ring gets louder and louder, until it overtakes her. She blinks with her eyes, trying to stay awake, but it has no use. Everything turns black, the only thing she sees are those striking green eyes.

Sasha wakes up feeling disorientated. It takes a while, her head feels foggy and heavy. It’s pounding hard. She feels a major headache coming up and she squints her eyes when she looks around.

She is in a bedroom. It’s looking outdated, but clean. The windows are opened a bit, the curtains that are blocking the light wave by the force of the wind coming in.

She hears a door open and she looks at the sound. “You’re awake.” She hears a raspy voice say.

A tall man with brown hair and striking green eyes gets into view. The same man that saved her from her burning house yesterday. “How are you feeling?” He asks as he places a cup of water and some pills on the nightstand. He crouches down next to the bed. His hand reaches and he wipes away some stray hairs.

She clears her throat to speak. “My head feels like it’s exploding and my throat feels like sandpaper, for the rest I feel fine.”

“Here,” he reaches for the glass of water. “Drink this. If the pain’s too unbearable, I’ve put some painkillers there.”

Then looks at her with pity in his eyes, maybe even sorrow, while she drinks. “I’m sorry this happened to you.” He looks down as if ashamed. “I told him not to-” He doesn’t finish his sentence.

“What is wrong?” She frowns, what is this man talking about? He seems very messed up.

He moves his head away from her and sighs again. “I told him not to start the fires, but he didn’t listen. He never listens to anything I say.” He shakes his head.


He looks at her again, but shakes his head. “I can’t tell you. I want to, but I can’t.” He looks guilty. “I’ve tried everything for him to stop, but he won’t listen to me. I-” he sighs and gets up from his crouching position and starts walking to the door. Just before he walks out he turns and glances back, as if he’s hesitating to say something. His eyes change, and his gaze turns dark and distant. “I’ve made breakfast, I assumed you’d like something to eat. The bathroom is over there.” He points to a door to her left, then he leaves her alone.

Who is this man? What is his relationship with the man who’s starting these fires? And if he is involved with the men that start these fires, why did he save her, if the full meaning was to harm the people that live in those houses?

Sasha shakes her head. Something doesn’t make sense. She gets up from the bed to go and wash her face with some cold water. Her head is still throbbing, but she doesn’t want to take any medication. She needs her head to be clear.

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