Upside down

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When she enters her apartment, Sasha feels Roy close behind her, his chest against her back. He closes the door behind him and locks it.

Sasha turns to look at him. “That man, he was asking for you earlier. Do you know him? Who is that?”

Roy looks at his feet, as if guilty. “That was my father,” he whispers. “I wish you never met him. I wish I could keep him out of your life, but as with everything, he is too smart, too strong, he knows too many people.”

“Roy,” Sasha says softly and she moves closer, until only a few inches of air separate them. She lifts his chin so she can look into his eyes. “Roy, you are not the one to blame for his assault. Whatever he may do, he is responsible for his own actions.”

Roy shakes his head, places his hands on her shoulder and pushes her backwards until they’re in her living room. “He is dangerous, Sasha, I should’ve been more careful.”

His hands are still on her shoulders and he pushes her backwards until she feels something soft against her calves. She noticies it’s her couch and she lets herself drop backwards on it.

Roy moves away and looks outside the window, his back turned to her. “He is the one who set your house on fire. He is the one who helped his father, my grandfather, abduct Fredric Anderson, the former Alpha of this pack. He has formed an army of rogues and attacked this pack multiple times. He almost killed the Luna of this pack. And he is planning so much more. He has a deep, deep hatred against the leaders of this pack and there’s nothing I can do to stop him.” He sighs, his whole posture screams defeat.

Sasha gets up from her couch and walks over to hug him from behind. Her hands on his chest. He places his hands on top of hers, holding her in place. “Still, you’re not responsible for your father’s actions. I think that even trying to stop him is still more than doing nothing. Maybe I can help, using my mating bond and my mate. He is an Alpha.”

Roy swiftly turns around, eyes blazing from anger. “Don’t! Don’t interfere. Don’t cross my father, Sasha. You’re already in danger by just knowing me. What he just did to you is nothing. Don’t put yourself even more in danger by getting involved. I won’t forgive myself if anything ever happened to you.”

“Roy, I don’t know if you realise this, but I am already involved, whether you like it or not. He already knows me, he has already seen my face and he already knows that there’s feelings involved between us. So there’s no point in pulling back now. Let me help, let me see what I can do. Please Roy. I won’t forgive myself if anything happened to you, if I could have prevented it or if I could have helped.”

Roy gives her a piercing look. His gaze reaches to the depths of her soul and she shivers involuntarily. Suddenly his hands are on her cheeks and he kisses her with a passion that sets her core on fire. She closes her eyes and wraps her hands around his neck.

Just as suddenly as he kisses her, he pulls back. Regret is clearly on his face. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I better leave.” He turns away and heads for the door.

“Roy!” Sasha runs after him and grabs him by his shoulder, trying to turn him around. “Don’t leave. Stay!”

When he turns to look at her, her breathing hitches. His eyes are dark, storming seas of dark green. He places a hand on her back and pulls her flush against his chest. When she looks up, there’s still that dark look. He places his lips on hers gently. Then he moves his lips to her ear and whispers. “If you don’t let me leave right now, I cannot be held responsible for the consequences. I’ll claim you as mine, over and over again until you’ve forgotten your own name.”

He pulls back, gives her another piercing look and turns to the door, leaving Sasha in the middle of her hallway. The door closes shut with a bang and then it’s quiet, eerily quiet. A shiver runs down her spine and she wraps her arms around her waist, to give herself some kind of comfort. He would’ve had her. She would let him claim her, over and over again, like he said. Just thinking how he looked at her, the darkness in his eyes, so intriguing, luring her in, it makes her long for him.

There’s a loud bang on her door and Sasha shakes up from her daydreaming. Who could that be this late? Too bad Roy just left, he could have opened the door and scare the visitor away.

She opens the door just slightly and peeps through the gap. But as soon as she opens the door, it is opened by force. A big hand pushes it open, pushes her backwards and she can’t do anything about it.

Dark green storms look at her piercingly, devouring her, eating alive. The door slams shut behind her. The only sound she hears is the pounding of her heart, and it pounds wildly. She backs away, taking slow steps backwards. He walks forward, stalking her like a predator stalks its prey.

“You came back,” her voice is barely a whisper.

Her back collides with a wall behind her, forcing her to stay put, but Roy still comes closer. “I did.” His voice is low, full of danger.

“Why?” She still isn’t able to talk properly. His eyes make her quiver, make her forget about everything and wobble on her feet.

Now he is only a few inches away from her. His breath fans her face. He places a hand beside her head, he places the other one on her cheek and he strokes it with his thumb. IT makes her close her eyes and it hitches her breath. “Because of you.”

She looks at him confusedly. “What do you mean?”

“I can’t resist you, Sasha, I have to have you. I need you to be mine.” He doesn’t wait for her response, he kisses her, he devours her lips. His hand slips from the wall onto her shoulder, into her neck and then it travels slowly downwards. He backs away a little, coming up for air. “Tell me to leave, Sasha. Tell me to leave and I’ll go. But if you don’t, I’m here and I’m not leaving until I have you fully.”

Sasha only shakes her head, not able to form a word. She brings her hand up behind his neck and pulls him down, onto her lips. That’s the only answer she gives.

Damon is restless. He has been for the whole night. The feeling that something is wrong, that something is not right, just won’t go away. He paces back and forth in his room. His windows are open and the wind plays with the curtains that hang on either side. He grabs the dresser near him when he feels his heart ache. Not just a pain when you’ve sprinted for too long, but a real stinging pain. Like something is stabbing him, a knife or something. He places a hand on his chest. Having a hard time to breathe.

He sets himself on the bed. Is this heartache? Is this because he left Sasha? Is he now feeling the consequences? When his breathing settles a little, he looks up at his window. What if? What if he really jumped?

He walks over, like hypnotised and sets himself on the windowsill. He places one foot outside and lets it dangle. The wind plays with his long locks and he leans backwards against the window frame.

After a while he throws his other foot out too and looks at the moon. How would it be, to be in heaven? Or will he go to hell? Will he-

“Hey you! Do you have a deathwish? Get your ass back inside!” Someone on the ground yells at him.

When he looks, he sees it’s Fredric. He gets back inside safely, just as he shuts the window, there’s a loud bang on his door. “Damon let me in!”

He opens the door and Fredric immediately bursts through.

“What the hell are you doing?” He asks, anger radiating off of him.


“Damn it Damon! You can’t just perform stunts like that! You’re scaring the hell out of everyone. What kind of message are you spreading by hanging out of a window? You’re an Alpha, you’re supposed to act like a responsible being, not like a teenager who’s bored to death. Literally.”

“I’m sorry Fredric, it won’t happen again.” Damon keeps his head low. Ashamed of his behaviour, ashamed of letting his feelings get the best of him.

“Damn right that it won’t!” Fredric runs a hand through his hair and sighs. Then he looks at Damon and places a hand on his shoulder. “Tell me boy, please tell me, what demons are you battling?”

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