Upside down

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It is saturday afternoon, Sasha looks up when she hears her door unlock. “I’m home!” she hears Roy yell.

When he comes in, she can’t help but smile. Just looking at him makes her happy. She hasn’t been this happy in quite some time.

“Hey,” Roy smiles and pecks her lips. “I’ve got something for you.”

He drops a little plastic bag on her lap. Sasha opens the bag curiously and she smiles when she sees what’s in it. There’s a pregnancy test with a chocolate bar and some bath products.

When Roy returns from hanging his coat, she pats the couch for him to sit next to her. He drops next to her and smiles. “Just so you know,” he says, “the pup can’t be mine. You have to make up your mind and decide what you’re going to do. Whether you’re going to stay with me and raise this pup with me, or you’re going to tell your mate and raise it with him. I’ll support you, no matter what. I’ll still be your friend, whatever you may choose, okay?”

Sasha nods, a crop in her throat makes it difficult for her to speak.

“Hey,” Roy wraps his arm around her and pulls her against him. “No worries, okay? It’s going to be fine.”

Sasha nods again and lays her head on his chest. “I don’t know if I’m ready for this. My mate left me and now this?”

“Do your test first. If you’re really pregnant, you need to find him and talk to him.”

Sasha nods and Roy gets up from his couch. “Within an hour I have an appointment, your mate will be here.”

“What? Are you going to tell him?”

Roy shakes his head. “No, I wanted to talk to him about my dad. I need to find a solution and fast, the man is freaking me out. On top of that, my father has threatened you and because you’re now carrying a special package, I can’t risk anything right now. When he finds out that you’re pregnant, he’ll do anything, anything, to hurt you. You’re in great danger right now.”

Damon decides he is going on a round. He needs to talk to some residents in one of the small settlements. Uncle Billy, as he is called by everyone, had some things he wanted to discuss. When he arrives at the settlement, he realises it’s the settlement where he came across the rogue he let slip.

He parks his truck to the side of the road and crosses the settlement’s square. Just when he is halfway, he sees the rogue coming out of the little pub of Uncle Billy. He squints his eyes and freezes. When the rogue meets his gaze, the rogue freezes too, clearly doubting if he should fight or flight.

The rogue takes a step closer, but seems tense. Damon follows him with his eyes. When the rogue is only a few yards away, the rogue meets his gaze again, a very distrusting look in his eyes.

“Alpha,” the rogue looks at his feet, a sign of respect, almost submissive.

Damon keeps looking at the rogue, not moving, he wants the rogue to come to him. Apparently he wants to talk to him.

“Alpha, I know I have no right to ask, but may I have a word please. Without having to fear for my life?” The rogue still looks down at his feet.

Damon takes a step forward. “Look up,” he commands. The rogue looks up and meets his gaze again. Fear still imminent in his eyes.

“Speak.” Damon talks again. “You have five minutes.”

“Uncle Bill asked to meet you, but he did that for me.” The rogue starts. “My name is Roy Jones.”

Now Damon squints his eyes again, that name, he has heard it before. This is something suspicious.

“I am the son of your Alpha’s archenemy Vince Jones. That’s how you may know me.”

“I already thought you looked familiar, and your name is doing the rest.” Damon nods. “Tell me Roy, what do you need?”

“I need help getting rid of my father.” He has taken over my men, my position and is now threatening the people I love.” Roy sighs heavily, “I need it to stop.”

“What do you suggest?” Damon frowns. He has no idea whether or not he can trust this guy. Damon sniffles, apart from the subtle rogue-smell, he smells something else. Something familiar, something feminine. Maybe he just smells his mate, she lives here above the pub after all. Damon decides to let it go for now.

“I don’t know, I need your help, I need your advice, I can’t do this on my own.”

“Can I have your phone number? I’d like to deliberate with Alpha Chris and Alpha Fredric before I promise you anything. I see your problem, but I’m not familiar with what’s going on enough to just make a decision like this. Is that okay?”

Roy nods and Damon hands him his phone so Roy can save his number on it.

When he gives the phone back, Damon calls the number. “There, now you have mine too. If there’s anything, you can reach me on this number.”

Roy nods, “thank you, Alpha.”

Damon nods curtly and turns to leave.


He freezes. That’s Sasha’s voice.

He slowly turns back, his heart hammering in his chest. Her scent fills his nostrils and he almost feels lightheaded. It’s been too long since he has smelled her scent.

When he looks up, he sees Roy has walked back to the pub, but keeps lingering near the entrance.

Sasha is only a few feet away.

“Alpha,” she says again with a soft voice, “we need to talk.”

Damon nods. “I know, I don’t have much time right now, but I will be back.” He takes a step forward and lays his hand on her arms, his gaze crosses hers. He sees hurt, defeat and a lot of sadness. “I just want to say I’m sorry for leaving you. I’m truly sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“But you did,” Sasha says softly, a tear rolls down her cheek and Damon brushes with his thumb over her cheek to wipe it away.

“I’m truly sorry. I’ll explain what’s going on when I’m back. I now need to help your friend first, okay?”

Sasha nods and looks him in the eyes. “Come back soon.”

Damon sniffles, her scent smells so good, he wants to catch her scent in a glass jar and make perfume out of it. He sniffles again, his wolf starts to stir and Damon frowns. There’s a second scent, it’s faint, but it’s there. His eyes widen, he knows that scent.

Sasha quickly turns around and strides away. Roy opens the door to the pub for her and lets her in, then goes inside after her.

Damon is frozen in place. This is impossible.

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