Upside down

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‘Damon!’ Damon was just preparing himself to go for a run as Elianne shouts in his head.

‘Elianne, seriously you should stop yelling when you’re mindlinking! Next time you’ll give me a heart attack! Geez.’

‘Sorry, I just found a breach in the fences on the border in the north. I’ve found tire tracks leading to one of the settlements. I smell something burning!’

‘I’ll alert the warriors and get the firefighters into action. We’ll be there asap. Let me know if you have new information.’

Damon wakes up all the warriors and firefighters. He makes sure that everything runs smoothly. About five minutes later, he gets a new report from Elianne.

Damon there’s rogues here. Two rogues, are arguing with each other, they both have green eyes. Uncle Billy’s Pub is ablaze, a few other houses are in flames too. There’s flames coming from the windows. Get here, quick.’

No! That’s where Sasha lives! He needs to get there, he needs to get her out of there, right now! Damon drops everything he is doing and gets to his truck. The other guys are well instructed anyway, so he leaves. Heading back to where he left her earlier that day.

He drops his truck somewhere in the street and goes further on foot. He sees flames coming from out of the windows, reaching for the sky that’s dark with smoke. Damon doesn’t waste a moment and runs inside. He has to focus to find his way inside, flames are lurking everywhere. He hisses when a flame burns the skin on his arm.

When he reaches the stairs to Sasha’s apartment, he hears a faint voice calling for help. He storms up the stairs, the flames have not reached the apartment just yet. At least as far as he can see. He raises his foot and kicks the door out of its hinges.

“Sasha!” He calls.


He walks further into the apartment, checking the kitchen and the bathroom.


Damon coughs, the smoke is tickling his windpipe and his lungs.

“Sasha! Where are you?!” He yells.

He hears a quiet voice call out. He perks his ears and lets his senses lead the way.

He follows his way into the bedroom and that’s where he sees her. The flames at the front of the pub, have reached the windows of Sasha’s apartment right above. The window frames, the curtains, the ceiling everything is on fire.

A big beam lies in the middle of the room and Sasha’s leg seems stuck underneath.

“Damon!” Her eyes grow wide of surprise when she sees him. “Help me!”

He crouches down and lifts up the heavy beam with a roar. “Come on Sasha,” he grunts, “Crawl away! Quick!” His muscles in his arms start to tremble from the weight, sweat forms on his forehead and he roars again. “Hurry!”

When Sasha is out of the way, he drops the beam with a heavy thud.

He looks at Sasha and sees the fear in her eyes. “Can you walk?”

Sasha shakes her head. “I can’t put weight on my foot, it hurts like hell.”

Damon wraps an arm around her and places one behind her knees. In one swift moment he lifts her up and starts walking out of the apartment, down the stairs and out via the backdoor.

His eye falls on a few gas tanks that are placed against the building.

“Get down!” He leaps and pushes Sasha to the ground, covering her with his body. Just at that moment, the first gas tank starts to explode and the others follow. He feels hot ashes fall on his back and arms.

“Are you alright?” He raises himself a little, hovering over Sasha.

Sasha nods and looks at him. “Are you?” Her gaze follows his body and she looks bewildered at his arm.

He frowns when he sees her face. “What is it?”

She points at his upper arm. “Your arm, it’s burned.”

He quickly looks at his arm and shakes his head. “I don’t feel it. I’ll see to it later.”

He gets up and reaches out his hand to help her up. She takes it and she bumps into his chest by the momentum. They’re only a few inches away from each other. If the fire wasn’t already hot enough, fire starts to burn in their eyes and in their cores. There’s no denying attraction between them.

He places the hand of his good arm behind her neck and pulls her swift even more against him, closing the gap that was still between them. Tingles erupt, a fire starts burning in the pits of his stomach and he just can’t resist. He kisses her, he devours her until he almost passes out by lack of air.

When he lets go, he takes a deep breath and looks around. He realises that Elianne is still somewhere out there.

He takes Sasha’s hand and pulls her along with him, walking around the building back to the front. “Here,” he gives her the keys of his truck. “Take these, my truck is over there,” he points in the direction of his truck. “Get inside and wait for me. I’ll send someone to come and check on you. I need to see if there’s something I can do.”

Sasha nods and takes his keys.

Damon looks around, trying to locate Elianne. He feels responsible for the girl. She has proven herself, but she’s still only seventeen. When he can’t find her anywhere, he decides to link her. ‘Elianne, where are you? I thought you’d be at the settlement?’

‘I’ve seen Jones, I’m following him and his men.’

‘Jones, again? He’s got a lot of courage to come here and show himself again in such a short period of time.’

‘Yeah, there’s something not right here. Something’s off, I’m going to investigate.’

‘Want me to come?’ Damon is still worried, Jones is a crazy son of a bitch.

’You’re not strong enough, stay there. We need you to lead the pack right now. Don’t worry, I’m only going to investigate, I’ll stay away from them and won’t do anything without backup.’

How is he not strong enough? He just rescued his mate out of a burning building. He shakes his head. Elianne’s probably already too far away to catch up to.

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