Upside down

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Damon has mindlinked Fredric for assistance. He really needs to get Sasha to the clinic. He needs to get her foot looked after, see if her lungs are alright and if the pup is still okay. As soon as he sees Fredric he walks over to him.

“Fredric,” he greets him.

“Damon,” Fredric gives him a curt nod. “I see you’re doing pretty well, everything looks like it’s been running smoothly. What did you need me for, you’re doing great!”

Damon shakes his head. “My mate lived in the apartment above Uncle Billy’s.” He gestures in the direction of the pub. “She had a big beam coming down and it landed right on her foot. I’d like to take her to the clinic so they can check on her.”

Fredric nods, “I understand. But as an Alpha, you need to be here. Someone else can take her to the clinic. I can, for instance. You never let your pack on your own, Damon. Unless it’s a case of life and death.”

“Fredric,” Damon sighs and looks at the floor. He needs to tell him.

Fredric places a hand on his shoulder. “Damon, I understand that you want to stay with your mate, especially because you guys desperately need to talk. But right now, your place is here, with you pack.” Fredric points with his index finger to accentuate his words.

Damon shakes his head, “Fredric, you don’t understand. She’s-” Damon sighs again and runs a hand through his hair. “She’s pregnant.”

Fredric jerks his head to him in surprise. “What? I thought you said that you were-”

Damon holds up his hands to interrupt him. “We haven’t really talked about it. I just noticed it when I talked to her earlier today. I don’t know if it’s really mine, but I need to talk to her and find out what’s going on.”

Fredric places both hands on his shoulders and gives him a piercing glare, reaching down into his soul. “Normally, I wouldn’t let you go, just this once. You should stay here, but I understand that you need to go. Clear up this mess, Damon, you need to keep your head clear.”

Damon nods and walks away. “Be safe, Damon. We’ll talk when we’re done here.”

When he gets to his truck, he sees Sasha sitting in the passenger seat. When he opens the door, he asks, “hey, how’s your foot?”

She reaches his keys and he fires up the ignition. “Throbbing.” Is her curt answer.

“I’m sorry it took me so long,” Damon sighs and pulls his truck in gear. “Downside of being an Alpha. I’ll take you to the packs clinic now. When you’re done there, we need to talk.”

Sasha nods quietly. “Thank you.”

Damon glances over her and frowns, “for what?”

“For saving me, for taking care of me.”

Damon shrugs, “anyone would take care of you, no?”

“At first you ran away from me, so I don’t know.”

“Sasha,” he places his hand on hers on her knee, “I truly feel sorry for that. I don’t have an excuse, but there are reasons for my behaviour and I’ll tell you those when you’re ready. I’m not proud of what I’ve done, I should have stayed.”

Sasha nods. “You should have. I need to tell you something.”

Damon shakes his head, “not right now. Not while I’m driving. And I need to tell you my reasons first. You will understand why, when I tell you.”

“Damon, you really need to know this!”

“Sasha,” Damon stops at the side of the road. He sighs and turns the engine off. When he looks at her, he sees her internal battle, he sees how conflicted she is. He understands it, she wants to be with him because of the bond, but she doesn’t trust him and is hurt because he left her. He places a hand on her cheek and runs over it softly with his thumb. “I know. I know what you’re going to tell me. I know you’re expecting.”

Sasha raises her eyebrows. “How-”

“I can smell it.”

Sasha turns her head away and looks through the front window. “There’s more.”

Damon looks at her, he sees a tear run over her cheek.

“I’ve slept with another man, after we-” Sasha sighs.

“So I’m not the father.” Sasha jolts her head to the side and looks him in the eyes with a hint of surprise but also anger.

“Oh, but you are. Unlike you, the man I’ve slept with used protection!”

“That’s impossible.” Damon shakes his head, “something’s not right.”

“What do you mean, something isn’t right?” Now she is furious and Damon has to fight back a smile, she’s so beautiful when she’s angry. She’s so hot when she’s- no, Damon, keep your attention on the topic, she cheated on you.

But Sasha continues her outburst. “You mated me, remember! And you’re the one who didn’t use protection! You just waltzed into my house, mated me, marked me and then just left! You were there, it was you! Not someone else! I am not lying.”

She crosses her arms in front of her chest. “You can’t blame me for this. This life growing inside of me is yours and your responsibility! Don’t chicken out again.”

Damon sighs and shakes his head. “It can’t be mine, Sasha.” He says with a quiet voice. “It just can’t be. I’m infertile! The whole reason why I don’t need protection is because I can’t have children! That was the whole reason why I ran away. I never intended to mark you, but my wolf took over. If it was up to me I would have let you go. Let you find yourself another good mate and have pups with him, ’cause I can’t give you any.

Something in my hormone levels is not right, which makes it almost impossible to produce fertile seed.” Damon rubs his face and looks out the side window a tear drops down from his cheek on his leg.

“You’re not lying about this, you’re serious.” Sasha sounds baffled. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Then say nothing.” Damon turns the ignition again and starts driving. “Let’s get you checked out first, okay? See if you and the little pup are alright. Next time when I ask you to wait, please wait. I don’t like to hold conversations like this in the car. We’ll talk about this, but not like this, not right here, not while both our emotions are all over the place.”

Sasha nods quietly and slumps down in her seat.

When they arrive at the clinic and Damon has parked his truck, Sasha grips his arm. “I’m sorry I yelled at you. I’m sorry.” She starts to tear up again. “The last few weeks have been quite the rollercoaster. A lot has changed in my life the last few weeks. This was the last straw and I’m sorry.”

Damon looks into her sad, teary eyes. He places a hand at the back of her head and pulls her to him gently. He kisses her lips, gentle and soft. “So am I, sweetheart,” he sighs, his forehead against hers and he closes his eyes, “so am I.”

Okay, I truly hate to add author’s notes to my chapters, but I need help. And as I’m aware that not everyone reads the comments-section, I’m forced to put it here.

I’m going to edit my books and I need names for cities and the settlements, names for the towns that the packs are residing, etc. This so I can make things a little bit less confusing and so I don’t need terms like ‘the settlement in the north.’

As I’m very bad at making up names (That’s why there’s names like ‘the foggy forest-pack’), I am going to rely on you guys. Can you please help me? If you have any ideas or suggestions, please spam them in the comment-section. Your input will be highly appreciated.

Also, there’s a lot more of this shit-storm coming. I'm curious to see who has paid close attention and has realised who Sasha's dad is (second chapter of this book)! If you followed closely and remember the previous book, you may know who is coming to visit the the Grey Mountains-pack and what big event is going to happen? I'm curious to see if anyone sees the connection and can predict what's going to happen.. :-)

Thanks for reading guys, stay safe, stay healthy, <3 Alissa

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