Upside down

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After they’ve entered the clinic and chequed in, Sasha is being brought into one of the examination rooms. She was placed on the examination table and Damon sits next to her on a chair, thrumming his fingers on the armrest. The silence between them is heavy and awkward, the tension is palpable. There’s a lot of unspoken feelings and unspoken words between them.

Dr. Adina opens the door and walks in. “Good evening Alpha. You’re Sasha, right?”

Sasha nods.

“I’m doctor Adina.” She reaches out her hand and shakes Sasha’s. “So why are you here? What can I do for you?”

“Didn’t they already ask that when we signed in?” Damon asks.

Adina nods, “That’s right, but by asking I can get acquainted with my patient and I can get more details so I can treat my patient better. Is that okay, Alpha?” She raises her eyebrow at him.

Damon nods and mutters something inaudible.

“Damon rescued me out of a burning building. A heavy beam landed on my foot.” Sasha sums up.

“Okay,” Adina gets Sasha a breathing mask and attaches it to something on the wall. While she is doing that, she asks, “is there anything else I should know? Something I have to take into account before I start my examination?”

“She’s pregnant,” Damon answers for Sasha. “She’s carrying an Alpha, so be careful.”

“Congratulations,” Adina smiles, unfazed by Damon’s mood. “Alpha, may I ask you to wait outside for a moment, while I examine Sasha, please?”

Damon looks at her sternly. Then he looks at Sasha. “Go, I’ll be fine. As soon as she’s done examining me, she’ll let you back in, right?” She looks questioningly to Adina, who nods.

“Alright,” Damon gets up with a sigh, “can I get you anything? Are you hungry?”

Sasha shakes her head. “No, I’m good, thank you.”

“Alright, I’ll be outside smoking, of you need me. I goddamn need it.” Damon opens the door and walks out. Sasha lets out a relieved sigh.

“That bad?” Adina asks with a knowing smile.

“Don’t start. There’s a lot we need to work out and since we’re here he’s been acting like the overprotecting, brooding Alpha. It’s making me jump the walls.”

“Well, he is an Alpha, you know.” Adina winks, “when it comes to their women, they always seem to be tense and moody when they’re here.”

“You seem unfazed by it.”

Adina smiles, “I’m used to it and I’m keeping the patient’s needs first, always. That’s why I am the only one here who’s treating the Alphas and their relatives. Now, this is an oxygen mask. I need you to breathe into it for a while, to get all the toxic residue out of your lungs. While you do so, I’ll start examining you, is that alright?”

Sasha nods and Adina places the mask over her nose and mouth.

When Damon walks outside, he runs into Fredric. “Damon, how’s your mate doing?”

“She’s being examined right now. They kicked me out.”

“Adina always kicks the Alpha’s out, especially when their mates are expecting. It’s interesting how she seems unfazed by all the intensive aura’s Alpha’s radiate.”

Damon nods.

“So, you’re not doing anything right now?”

Damon shakes his head. “I was about to smoke a cigar to calm my nerves a bit.”

Fredric nods. “Can you do something for me?”

“Sure,” Damon nods, “anything for you Alpha.”

“I need another small dose of your blood for Daniel. I know you’ve given him already a dose last Thursday and you’ve given Mike a dose too, but an extra dose will give him the ability to get stronger a bit faster. We need all the men we have right now. Elianne hasn’t returned from her adventure and we really need to catch Jones, he is a serious threat right now.”

“She hasn’t returned? What if they’ve captured her, what if they killed her? I should have come after her when she let me know what she was about to do.” Damon shakes his head.

“You know she is not your responsibility Damon. She’s a big girl, she can manage, there’s a reason why she is replacing the headwarrior, she is the best. Trust her. And if she was killed or injured, Leo wouldn’t be lying in his bed right now. Paralysed or not, when it comes to Ellianne, he’ll move heaven and earth for her. Their bond is quite strong, so he’ll feel it if something’s wrong. He’ll go and get her.”

“Alright,” Damon feels a little bit of relief. “I’ll sign in at the front desk and give him another dose of my blood. I just need to let Sasha know what I’m going to do.”

“I’ll let her know as soon as she comes out.” Fredric smiles. “Thank you for your help, I’m going to give Leo a dose of my blood tomorrow, so you just made it possible to give him an extra dose.”

“You’re welcome, anything to help, you know that. You can send her to my room is she needs a bit of rest or privacy.”

“I’ll tell her, she’ll be taken care of, don’t you worry.”

Damon nods and walks back into the clinic.

When he is done, Damon walks back over to the Packhouse. As he reaches the big clearing in front of the Packhouse, he sees some people gathered together.

“You’re back.” He hears a Christopher say to someone. “You had us worried, man. Don’t ever do that again. You’ll put yourself needlessly in danger.”

Damon moves closer, who’s he talking to? He sees Elianne standing next to a big black wolf that’s collapsed on the stairs in front of the Packhouse.

“Shift. So I can talk to you properly.” Chris turns his head and asks for pants, then Chris looks down on the wolf with a frown. “I’m waiting.” Someone pushes a pair of pants in Damon’s hand to hand forward.

Damon sees the wolf mindlink someone. But Christopher only seems to get more agitated. “Just shift already!” Chris commands with a gruff voice.

The wolf shifts suddenly, it is Leo! When he sits on the ground in his human form, Damon drops the pair of pants in front of him, but Leo doesn’t budge.

“How did you do that?” Damon asks Chris, it’s out of his mouth before he realises.

“Alpha command,” Chris shrugs. “You can do it too. Anyone will obey. Use the power of your wolf. It just goes without saying. Your dad can do it too, my dad can still do it. As long as you’ve got Alpha genes, you can do it. Even Leo has an Alpha command. Only his is not as strong.”

Chris looks down on Leo. “Why are you still sitting there? Get up, pull on your clothes!”

Leo growls. “I can’t!”

Damon frowns too, this situation is getting a little uncomfortable. What kind of game of power is being played here? Why is Christopher so harsh for Leonard?

Chris frowns again and folds his arms in front of his chest. “Why not? You left the clinic all by yourself, you went and found Elianne all by yourself, and you got here all by yourself. So don’t act like a weakling and get the fuck up on your feet!” Chris sounds like he is holding in his anger.

“I can’t!” Leo yells with a loud growl”. “I can’t stand on my feet! Only in my wolfform I can move around!”

“Its true Alpha,” Elianne interferes as she lays a hand on Chris’s bicep to calm him down. “He can’t stand.”

Chris turns and his eyes are dark. “I know he’s your mate. Don’t defend him like that. It’s pathetic.” Chris bends down and places his hands underneath Leo’s armpit. “Damon, help me out here.”

Damon frowns again and feels highly uncomfortable in this situation. He is not sure about what to do, but one look in the eyes of Christopher and he quickly takes Leo’s other side and together they pull Leo up. Christopher can use his Alpha-command without saying a word, impressive.

“Now let’s see how well you can stand.”

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