Upside down

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Leo shakes his head. “Don’t let go. Please, I’m not fooling you! I truly can’t stand!” Damon is still supporting Leo, who leans heavily on him. Looks like he’s not lying. Why would Chris do this to his brother? Damon doesn’t understand.

“Christopher!” The gruff voice of Fredric makes everyone freeze in place. His voice is very intimidating, many of the men around them lower their heads. “Don’t bully your brother, but put yourself in his place and think if you wouldn’t have done the same if this was about Jolena!”

The men around them, obediently scurry out of the way when Fredric comes closer. Christopher frowns thoughtfully, when he meets his father's piercing gaze, he immediately looks down to his feet.

Leo is still being held up by Damon and Chris. Fredric turns to him. “Leo, can you stand by yourself?” Leon shakes his head.

“Alright. This is what we are going to do.” Fredric points at Danny, who was standing on the sidelines the whole time, he must have come to see what was going on when he came from the clinic. “Daniel, get a wheelchair for Leo.” Danny nods and immediately disappears. Fredric’s gaze moves to Chris. “Christopher, are you healed?”

“Almost, Alpha.” Chris still won’t look Fredric in the eyes, that’s how strong Fredric’s aura is right now.

“You take over your position as Alpha for now. Make plans to catch the green-eyed enemies. We are going to have a chat about an Alpha ceremony and make preparations as soon as I am done with Leo.” The men around them gasp. Chris tries to speak, but is immediately shut down by Fredric.

His gaze turns to Elianne. “Elianne, go with your Alpha and help him with his plans. When you’re done, or take a break, I want you to come back to Leo, so he can heal faster.” Elianne nods.

“Damon, I want you to follow Christopher everywhere he goes. See what he does, how he does the things and learn from it. You’re way too inexperienced for an Alpha your age.” His gaze flickers over Christopher for a second. “Christopher will make sure to contact your father and inform him about your lengthened stay.” Damon nods, shifting under Leo’s weight.

Danny comes back with a wheelchair and Damon and Christopher help him sit down. Damon walks with Christopher and Elianne into the packhouse. He remembers the promise he made to Roy, maybe now is the right moment to talk about him with Christopher.

That night, everyone with an important rank within the pack is present into the large conference room. When Damon looks around, he sees everyone of high importance chatting with each other. There’s Christopher with Jolena, Nicholas with his mate Alicia, Leonard with Elianne, Beta Danny with Ava, Gamma Simon and his mate and Delta Jason. Then there some Elders he doesn’t really know, only his uncle Patrick. Then there is the Alpha of the Foggy Forest Pack, a neighbouring pack. The Alpha is a broad muscled man with a sleek, neatly trimmed beard with fine silver lines in it. He hasn’t met the Alpha before, but he seems familiar. He feels like he has seen those hazel eyes somewhere before. Damon himself is the last person in the room, he will represent his father’s pack.

Fredric is the last one who enters the room and everyone steps aside to give him room to walk to the end of the large table. Fredric takes his place at the end of the table and waits a second for everyone to find a place to sit. Then he takes his seat and everyone follows.

“Good evening everyone. Thank you all for coming to this meeting. There is a highly important thing I would like to discuss with you all.” Fredric looks around and looks everyone in the eyes, one by one.

The reason I have asked you to join this meeting and the reason that I am sitting on this end of the table and not my son Christopher is the following.

I am offering Alpha Christopher the chance to step down. The reason I am offering to take his place, is because he has little children, a third one on the way. With his task as Alpha, he has not enough time to spend with his family. He will not see his kids grow up. Therefore I am offering him now the chance to step down, at least until I am no longer capable to lead the pack.

Before you ask me if I am strong enough, yes I am. I am even stronger than I was before, I am ready to take on this task.

Anyone who was there this afternoon when Leonard came back from his attempted rescue of his mate, was a witness. My power is back and stronger than ever before. While there was chaos, Christopher overreacting because he is just overworked, Leonard denying his disease and the replacement Alpha was just too insecure to listen or take charge, I had them all down at my feet with one word.

On top of that, my children are all grown men who have left the nest, they don’t need me to stay at home anymore.”

“But Alpha, I never complained. I’ve never said that this is too much.” Christopher objects.

Fredric silences Chris with just one gesture of his hand. “There’s no shame in admitting that too much is too much, Christopher. Right now, your focus should be on your family. You should be with your pregnant wife. You should prepare the young Elrich for his task.”

“I think this a wise and noble gesture, Alpha Fredric.” The Alpha of the Foggy Forest Pack chimes in.

“What is going to happen with the other positions, are they going to stay the same?” Danny leans forward when he asks his question.

“They will remain the same as long as we all can work together as a team.” Fredric folds his hand in the table in front of him.

“Actually, now that we’re talking about it, I’d like to take back my Beta title and do the same. Give Daniel the opportunity to be with his family and properly heal from his illness.” Patrick says. “That is if anyone else agrees with it.” There are murmurs and people nodding approvingly.

It is quiet for a moment, but eventually Christopher nods and looks back to his father.

“Lets vote,” Frederic interrupts the murmuring. The Alpha from the Foggy Forest Pack gets up from his seat. “May I ask everyone to leave the room, except for the bearers of a title and the elders of the Grey Mountains Pack. You can come back in as soon as the voting is finished. I will be a witness as I have no ties to this Pack.”

Damon gets up from his seat and leaves the room to wait outside on the hallway.

Damon walks back into the room when they’re called back in. He walks over to Damon and shakes his hand. “Hey cousin,” he smiles, “so what’s the verdict.”

Danny spreads his arms and grins widely, “I’m a man without obligations. I just have to take care of my family, no more, no less.”

“Seriously?” Damon is happy for him. “And the Alpha?”

“Fredric will be our Alpha now.”

“I had a feeling he was up to something, he was very busy the last few days, but I had no idea that he was up to this.”

Danny shakes his head. “I don’t think anyone could have seen this coming. Not even Christopher himself.”

Damon feels a heavy hand being placed on his shoulder and he turns his head to the owner of the hand.

“I don’t think we have met before.” The Alpha with the beard reaches out his hand and shakes it. “I’m Alpha Evan Krane of the Foggy Forest Pack.”

“Damon Harris, son of Alpha Richard Harris and nephew of this man here.” He points at Danny.

“Danny,” Evan nods to his cousin in greeting. Then the man sniffles and frowns, he looks suspiciously at Damon.

“What’s wrong Alpha Krane?” Danny asks.

“Why do I smell my daughters scent on you?” Alpha Krane looks at Damon with suspicion clear in his eyes and he folds his arms in front of his chest, taking a threatening stance.

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