Upside down

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Sasha wakes up, feeling warm and cosy. It’s been a long time since she’s slept so well. Not even having Roy next to her made her sleep as good as right now, she sighs. There’s a lot of things that Damon and her need to work out. She needs to tell him about her sister, and that the bond with her father is as good as it used to be. Damon needs to tell her things too. She can feel that there’s a lot of things weighing heavy on him.

She feels his nose nuzzling right behind her ear; his beard tickles her skin. She hears him breathe in deeply, then a low, dark, possessive growl makes his chest vibrate against her chest. “Good morning,” he rasps, his voice raw and rough. She turns to her back to look at him. The arm that he had wrapped around her waist, now lays loosely on her stomach. Their legs are still intertwined.

“Good morning,” she smiles, and she gives him a peck on his lips. When she wants to back away again, he quickly lays his hand behind her head, stopping her. He leans down and kisses her with passion.

Damon sighs. “Too bad I have to get up. I have to help prepare for the Alpha ceremony today. Otherwise, I’d love to stay here for a while longer.”

Sasha smiles. “You do what you have to do. Maybe I can help? I’d love to meet the people that are important to you.”

Damon rubs her cheek with his thumb and smiles a little, though the smile doesn’t really reach his eyes. “It’s strange. This is not my pack, one day I am going to be the Alpha of my own pack, but this is where I feel home. This is the place that I feel I belong. Alpha Fredric is more like a dad to me, than my own father is.”

“We’re not that different then, you know,” Sasha now rubs his cheek too. “I don’t have a really good bond with my father either.”

“He scared the shit out of me yesterday, he is very protective over you.” Damon laughs.

“I know. It has something to do with the car crash that my sister had. She didn’t make it and passed away instantly. Ever since, he has become even more protective over me and Alicia then he already was. It suffocated me. That’s why I went travelling and left, I had to, otherwise he would have smothered me.”

“Is that how you landed here in Dalhurst, at Uncle Billy’s?”

Damon seems extremely interested in her story. “I settled in a village close by, but my house caught on fire and burned down. That’s how I met Roy, he saved me from the fire. He brought me to Uncle Billy. Uncle Billy lent me his apartment and gave me a job. I’m incredibly grateful to them both.”

“It was fate.” Damon says.

“I’d like to believe so. If I wouldn’t have settled in Dalhurst, I wouldn’t have met you.” Sasha looks at Damon and he smiles a little.

“it was meant to be.” Damon nods.

“What is going to happen with Roy? What are you going to do with him?”

“He asked me for help with his father. I promised to talk to the Alpha here about it, so that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to meet Fredric later anyway. We’ll see what he says.”

“Roy is a good man. He’s not as savage as most rogues are. He genuinely wants to stop his father. It’s the only reason why he has stayed rogue.”

“I believe you. I believe him. I just need to convince Fredric.”

“Go, you need to do this. Apparently, there’s another reason why you’re here. You’re here to help Roy.”

Damon nods and gets up, just before he gets out of bed, he leans over and kisses her lips one more time. “I can’t seem to get enough of you.” He smiles. “Next time we have time, I’ll tell you my story.”

Sasha nods with a smile.

Damon knocks on Fredric’s door. When he hears a positive response, he opens the door and gets in.

“Hey Damon,” Fredric greets him with a wide smile as he closes the door. “You’re here for our talk.”

“Hm hm,” Damon hums, “Did you get to calm Alpha Krane down last night?”

“Of course, no problem son. Sit.” Fredric gestures for the sofa and sets himself opposite of Damon. “Now tell me, what’s really going on between the three of you.”

“Sasha is my mate; you already know that. I had no idea who she really was, until Alpha Krane mentioned her name. Then all of the pieces of the puzzle fell together.”

“Hmm,” Fredric rubs his chin deep in thought. “So, Sasha is Krane’s daughter? Have you talked with her yet? Is she really pregnant?”

Damon nods and sighs. “Yes, she is. But I don’t know if it’s mine or not. She has slept with someone else, but she claims they’ve used protection. I suppose we need to run some tests to see whose child it really is. I don’t know what she will do, she hasn’t given me an answer yet. I know what I want, I just hope she wants the same.”

“Do you think she would’ve slept in your room if she didn’t want to be with you?”

“I don’t think she really knows what she wants, I think she is mostly really confused. She needs time to think.”

Fredric looks at him, with a little smile. “You know what, Damon, I’m proud of you.” Damon looks up surprised. “Yes, you heard me right.” Fredric’s smile grows a little wider. “I think you couldn’t have handled this situation any better. Therefore, I have a proposition for you. I little higher up on the mountain, is an old cottage. It’s been empty for a while now, but the outside should still be in good shape. If you’re interested, you’re free to see for yourself and renovate it. It’s yours, for you and Sasha, that is.”

Damon looks at him with wide eyes of surprise. “Are you serious?”

Fredric nods, “Do you see me goof around right now? Of course I am. There’s something I need from you in return though.”

Damon looks serious again, “And that is?”

“I want you to be my shadow. Everywhere I go, you go. You learn from everything I do. I have promised to help you, well, this way you will.”

“That’s awesome.”

Fredric holds up his hand to keep Damon quiet. “Should you decide after a maximum a year that you’re still not interested in the Alpha-position in your own pack, you tell your father yourself. For as long as you’re still following me, I’ll defend you, but after that, you’re on your own. You can stay here, but you’ll have to be a regular pack member, just like the rest, You’ll have to transfer Packs.”

Damon nods, “I think that’s fair.”

“So, you agree?”

“Yes,” Damon grins widely, “I agree.”

“Well, let’s shake hands then.”

Damon gets up and shakes Fredric’s hand. Then he grabs the man by his shoulders and gives him a hug, holding him tightly.

When they separate again, they both smile. “Welcome to my pack son. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.”

“There’s something else I need to discuss with you, Fredric. A man named Roy Jones.”

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