Upside down

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Sasha walks into the grand dining hall on Damon’s arm. He leads her to the table in the middle, where all the higher ranked are seated. She just saw her father being an official witness for the Alpha ceremony of Alpha Fredric. It was very special, she has never been to an Alpha ceremony before, it was a first. She sat next to Damon, who held her hand the whole time. They haven’t really spoken today, except for this morning, but he had already warned her that he was going to be busy today.

She hopes she’ll be able to talk with him some more. She needs to talk to Roy too. A lot has happened since the last time she saw him.

A tall, broad man with a beautiful younger woman on his arm, greets them. When she looks closely, she notices that he looks a lot like the former-Alpha Christopher and his father Alpha Fredric.

“Sasha,” Damon interrupts her thoughts, “I’d like you to meet Captain Leonard Anderson and his mate, my niece Lieutenant Elianne Harris. Leo and Elly, this is my mate Sasha Krane.”

Both Leonard and Elianne smirk. “Just call us Leo and Elly, all those titles aren’t necessary.” Elianne smiles. “It’s nice to meet you. Damon hasn’t told us anything about you yet.” She gives Damon a stern look. “Why didn’t you tell us, tell me?”

“I only know Sasha for a week and there’s a lot that happened in the meantime. And on top of that, you had a mate that lay in the clinic until yesterday, so yeah.” Damon smirks.

“Well,” Leo smiles, “congratulations you both. I hope you’ll be as happy as we are.” He wraps his arm around his mate and pulls her into his side.

Sasha smiles, “I am, I couldn’t be happier.” She feels the hand that Damon had rested on hers, squeezing hers a little. She looks at him for a second. “Who wouldn’t be with such a beast of a man.”

Damon’s eyebrows raise high, “what? I’m a beast?” He laughs.

“Well,” Elianne laughs too, “She’s right. You’re very muscular, you’re tall, broad, have long dark hair, a dark, trimmed beard that makes you look even tougher than you already are, and your eyes are like dark smoke. Very mysterious, it’s what all women have wobbly knees and faintness’s have for. They swoon over you.”

“You know you’re talking about your cousin, right?” Leo raises his eyebrow teasingly.

Elianne smiles, “Yeah I know. You know that no one can compare to you, don’t you? I have the bravest, strongest and strong-willed man by my side in the whole world.”

Leo smirks, “I love you too honey.”

Sasha looks from them to Damon. Will they ever be the same? Will they feel the same way one day? She wonders, how would that be? To be so infatuated with each other, to be so in love with each other without a care in the world. Nothing that will come between them. She saddens, there’s already a lot between them. Will they ever reach their point of happiness?

Damon meets her gaze, and his gaze softens when he notices her sad mood. He frowns, probably wondering why she’s sad.

“Let’s see where we’re seated,” Leo suggests. He looks with a meaningful gaze at his mate, who immediately agrees.

Damon leads them to their seats, and they sit down. When she looks around, she sees her father, Danny who she’d met briefly before who looks suspiciously a lot like Elianne. She doesn’t recognise the rest of the people gathered at the table. The place at the head at the table is still empty, just as the seat beside. Those will be the places for Alpha Fredric and Alpha Christopher.

After dinner, Sasha walks out of the room to take a breath outside. It’s been quite warm in the hall and she just needs some fresh air. The bushes to the side of the packhouse are rustling and she peaks her ears. She walks down the steps in front of the packhouse and walks to the left.

“Who’s there?” She calls out.

Nothing. Only the rustling sounds comes closer. She takes a cautious step back.

Before she can react, a dark creature swiftly moves from his hiding spot to right in front of her. It covers her mouth with his black leather glove, it feels cold against her skin. The man is clothed in black clothes, including a black baseball cap. Sasha screams against his hand, when she breathes in through her nose, she recognises the man’s scent. She looks up, straight in some familiar green eyes.

Carefully he removes his hand. “You okay?” He asks concerned. “Sorry for scaring you.”

Sasha nods, trying to calm her heart from pounding and her breathing to settle back down.

“God, you scared the hell out of me.”

Roy smirks, “sorry.”

“Why are you here? What are you doing here? You’re right in a bees nest. There’s a lot of Alpha’s together at one place, do you realize in what danger you are?”

Roy smiles, “of course I know. I know everything, right?” He looks around for a second to make sure they’re still alone. “I’m here because I needed to see if you were alright. I saw what happened to Billy’s pub and couldn’t help but think the worst.” His eyes look sad. “I’m so glad to see you’re okay.”

“Err, Roy?” Sasha looks at him nervously. “There’s something you need to know.”

He looks at her questioningly. “What is it?”

“I’m here with my mate, Damon. He saved me from my apartment and has brought me here.”

Roy places a hand on her cheek and wipes a tear away that she didn’t know escaped her eyes. “Don’t cry. I’m happy for you. You should be with him. I can’t offer you anything. My life is not a place for little pups, even if I wanted to, it’s too dangerous.”

“Don’t you want me?” Sasha can’t help but feel rejected.

“Of course, I want you! But that’s not what this is about, Sasha!” Roy looks around, he needs to stay quiet. “This is about the new life that is growing inside you and about the fact that you’re already mated to Damon! You have to think about your little pup now, not just about yourself. I can’t give you a future, I can’t give you anything, let alone a vulnerable little pup!

He smiles sadly, “as much as I loved to be with you, it cannot last. You’ve seen what happens, your house gets burned. Here you are safe, here you are protected and I’m sure your mate loves you even more than I do.”

Sasha nods, deep down she knows he is right. It just hurts to let him go. She looks up right into his eyes. “Can I get one last kiss?”

Roy leans down, pecks her lips softly and then vanishes, as if he’d never been there.

She hears footsteps on the porch. “Sasha?” She turns around to see her mate with a frown on his face, his eyes concerned. “Are you alright?”

Sasha wipes the tears from her face and walks to him. “Yeah, I am.” She says softly.

When she’s in front of him, she sees that his expression hasn’t changed. “You sure?”

“I-“ She sighs, maybe it’s better to be honest. “Roy was here just now. We said our goodbyes. We’re not getting back together.”

Damon is quiet for a while, looking like he’s deeply in thought. “Is that why there are tears in your eyes?” Damon notices everything.

Sasha nods.

Damon places his hands on her waist and pulls her closer. He engulfs her in a hug, rubbing her back with his hands, his nose in the crook of her neck. His touch is soothing, it’s comforting and it’s calming her nerves. She closes her eyes, letting the tears fall freely.

When Damon backs away again, he wipes away her tears. His eyes are soft, there’s only sympathy in his eyes. “Do you want to go to our room? It’s been a long day.”

Sasha nods again. “That would be nice, yeah. Maybe tomorrow you can tell a bit about yourself like you promised.”

Damon smiles. “We’ll see about that tomorrow.”

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