Upside down

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Heavy loaded army green cargo trucks enter the clearing in front of the Packhouse and park there. Sasha is on the porch; her eyes widen when she sees them. “What’s going on?” She asks no one in particular.

Leo steps beside her and smiles when a small but tough, muscular looking woman with black hair jumps out of the first one. “That’s Alpha Deborah of the Riverwood Pack.

“What? She’s an Alpha?” The woman places her black hat on her head and stretches her back.

“Jep.” Leo nods with a smirk. “A true badass.”

“She definitely looks like one.”

Alpha Fredric comes out and walks straight to Alpha Deborah. “Alpha Deborah, to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?” Leo and Sasha hear Fredric say.

“Did we not expect her visit?” Sasha asks Leo quietly.

Leo shakes his head. “No, I don’t know why she’s here. She rarely leaves her Packgrounds.”

“I wonder what her mate looks like. He must feel plain standing next to her.” They keep looking at what happens right in front of them.

Leo smirks, “she doesn’t have a mate.”

Fredric gestures for Leo to come. “Well, duty calls,” Leo smiles. “See ya.”

“Wait, I’ll come with you. I’m an Alpha’s mate, I’m important too.”

Leo shakes his head smiling widely. “You’re quite something.”

“Leo,” Fredric looks at him when Leo and Sasha are close. “Meet Alpha Deborah, the Alpha of the Riverwood Pack.” He gazes at Sasha for a second. “Alpha Deborah, this is my son Leo, he is our Packs head warrior, though right now he is on sick-leave. His mate Elianne Harris has taken over temporarily.” Fredric looks around, “where is she anyway? I told everyone to gather here, didn’t I?”

“Nice to meet you,” Alpha Deborah shakes Leo’s hand. Then she reaches her hand to Sasha. “I didn’t get your name, you are?”

Sasha shakes Alpha Deborah’s hand. “I’m Sasha Krane, Damon Harris’s mate.”

“Are you related to Alpha Evan Krane by any chance?”

Sasha nods, “he’s my father, he must be around here somewhere too.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Alpha Deborah smiles. “This place is loaded with Alpha’s and other higher ranked wolves, is something going on?”

Fredric nods. “I just took over as Alpha, we’ve just celebrated our Alpha-ceremony.”

“Oh, I was confused because I was expecting your son Christopher to greet me.”

“He needs rest, time with his family, that’s why I’m here.” Fredric smiles.

“Good for him,” Deborah looks at Fredric, then she looks around. When Sasha follows her gaze, she notices that the clearing is slowly but surely getting crowded. More and more pack members enter the clearing, all waiting for further instructions.

“So, if I may ask Alpha Deborah, what brings you here?”

“I was following rogues. Rogues that are disguised as humans, they are exceptionally good at hiding their scent. They’ve attacked my pack, set fire on a couple of houses and I followed them all the way here. Their trail leads even further, but I thought that maybe you would know more about them?”

Fredric frowns. “They’re attacking your pack too?”

Deborah nods. “Yes, but I can conclude that your pack has been attacked too?”

“Not only attacked, but Alpha Damon has been taken as well only a few hours ago. It’s starting to become a serious problem. The leader of the rogues is Vince Jones. He has a long criminal record already.”

Fredric quickly explains to Alpha Deborah what they’ve been through all because of Vince Jones. Sasha looks around, everyone is there.

Christopher, Nicholas, Danny, Elianne, her father, Roy and two other guys, probably the Gamma and Delta, are forming a little group. Her father breaks away from the little group and walks over to Alpha Fredric and Alpha Deborah.

“Alpha’s,” He says while plucking his long beard, “what is happening, why are we gathered here and what are you doing here, Alpha Deborah.”

“I’m going to inform everyone in a minute.” Fredric looks serious, then he turns around and looks at Sasha with a concerned look. “Are you alright, dear?” He places his hand on her shoulder and she nods. “Damon is a tough nut to crack; they won’t get him down. He’ll do everything to get back to you, and I’m going to do everything in my power to get him back to you, okay?”

Sasha nods again, not able to say anything. She tries to swallow the big lump in her throat. Realisation of what has happened is slowly kicking in. She tries to be strong; she truly does. Quickly she wipes away the tears that had fallen.

Two hands are placed on her shoulder from behind, the warm hands of Leo are laying there. “You alright?” He whispers in her ear. Sasha nods again, but she’s not so sure. Fredric turns to face all the people that are gathered around. He explains the situation, that Alpha Damon has been abducted and that the pack is at war as of now.

Leo keeps standing behind her, having her back. “We’ll take care of you, as long as needed, okay? Don’t worry, we’ll get him back.” Leo whispers again and squeezes her shoulders softly.

Sasha doesn’t reply. She just closes her eyes for a second to get her emotions back in control.

“Have you felt anything through the mate bond?” Leo asks again.

“Our bond isn’t that strong yet,” Sasha admits with her eyes on the ground. “I can’t feel anything. It’s what worries me most.”

Suddenly Sasha flinches. She feels a sharp pain on her back, it burns heavily. Leo turns her a little to be able to look at her. “Are you okay?” He frowns and she shakes her head. “Sasha?” His worried eyes are on her. “Guys! Need help here!” He yells.

All eyes turn to Leo. Everyone who was intently listening to Fredric now looks at Leo, who catches Sasha just before she drops to the ground. Her knees buckle and give in under her weight. “Sasha, stay with me. Tell me, what is happening?” Leo softly taps her cheeks with his hands.

He lays Sasha flat on the ground, but Sasha protests and tries to sit up again. “Pain,” she breathes, “my back.” The pain in her back continues, not consistently, but in waves. Fredric crouches in front of her, “Let me see,” he then moves over to her back and pulls her shirt up.

Leo and Fredric gasp. “God, what’s happening?”

Sasha turns her head but can’t see anything. She winces when another shot of pain shoots through her back. Fredric turns back in her line of sight. “I think you feel the mate bond. I think they’re hurting Damon, and you’re feeling it.”

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