Upside down

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Damon’s hands are tied in above his head. He almost hangs on the ropes around his wrists, the rope is attached to a hook on a thick steel column. His shirt has been ripped off and bound around his head so he can’t see. He hears the whistling sound of something flying through the air, then there’s a loud clap, and a burning pain surges through his back. Damon bites his teeth and lets out muffled groans. He doesn’t want to give Jones the satisfaction he wants.

The whip flies through the air again, and a second later it hits his back. Damon breathes heavily, to cope with the pain. He grumbles loudly, his wolf surfaces, but he tries to suppress him.

“Hmm,” Jones’ footsteps move closer. “I wonder how your sweet, little mate is feeling right now. Wasn’t she pregnant or something? Hasn’t my son gotten her pregnant accidentally?” Although he can’t see through his blindfold, he can almost see Jones’s smirk through it.

Another lash hits his back. Every time the whip hits him, it gets a little harder to fight against the pain, it gets harder to not show the pain it’s causing. Every time the whip hits his back, he slumps further down, until his knees buckle and give in on him and only his arms are keeping him up.

“Are you giving in yet?” The mean voice of Jones is close, right in his ear. Jones’ breath fans his neck.

“What do you want from me Jones? If you want me dead, then kill me already.” Damon grumbles through gritted teeth.

“Oh, I don’t want you dead, I just want you to suffer. You may not remember what I said before, but I’m going to turn your world upside down. I’m going to take away the ground underneath your feet and make you fall. You’re going to fall, hard.”

“I’m already at the bottom, so falling shouldn’t be hard,” Damon grunts out as another lash hits his back. “And if it’s for the title of Alpha, you can have it, I don’t want it, I never wanted it. I’m not a suitable Alpha anyway.”

“Oh, I don’t need your title, although you are right, you’re not a real Alpha. The title is not even yours to begin with.”

“Well, you can have it.” Damon grumbles. “I don’t care.”

“Have you never wondered why you’ father is so distant with you, but not with your sister? Have you never wondered, why your father is such a bitter man? Why he could be so furious with you, while you did everything you could to please him?”

“Hmmf, I never- did,” Damon groans.” Another lash hitting his back.

“Oh, Damon, I know you did, you still do. You know what? I know why. I know the reason why your father never wanted you. Why your father always preferred your younger siblings John and Patricia over you, why your younger brother John was educated to be Alpha, and not you, even though you were the older one. Do you really not want to know why?”

“Stop!” Damon breathes heavily, his voice strained. He’s having a hard time to keep his mind on the topic. He growls, his wolfs is surfacing again. “Stop talking about my brother- Stop talking about the dead!”

“You’re a weak, pathetic Alpha, Damon. You’re naïve, Damon. You’re too naïve to even question your father, to never ask your mother.” Jones is right beside Damon again. “To not even ask Fredric.”

Damon growls again, loudly this time. He fights against his restraints, his muscles tighten, ripple under his skin.

It’s quiet for a few minutes, then everything is black again.

Damon runs after his brother. “James! James, where are you? Get here, you’re going too far! We need to get home; dad will be furious!” Damon is fourteen years old, playing tag with his nine-year-old brother.

Damon starts running feeling slightly worried, where is his little brother? “James, I’m not playing any more, it’s not funny any longer! James come out!”

Damon runs even further. Just a few yards away is a busy road. Big, heavy trucks drive there. James didn’t go there, didn’t he? “James!”

He hears the heavy engines of trucks passing by. He hears the squeaking of a car hitting its breaks and then a loud thud.

“James!” Damon yells, Damon’s stomach ties itself in knots, the feeling of dread overpowers him.

When he reaches the road and leaves the line of trees, he stands frozen. His brother just lays there, lifeless on his back. Cars pass by without a care.

Finally, Damon is able to move and he kneels down the lifeless body of his brother. “James?” He shakes his shoulder. “John! Wake up!” Fear overtakes his mind. Quickly he lifts his brother up and starts running. Halfway, he almost trips over the roots of trees, he scrapes the skin of his arms and legs to bushes with sharp branches.

Damon sees his father sink to his knees, with his brother John in his arms. Tears stream down his face, and when he feels something tickle his cheeks, he notices that he is crying too. “No, this can’t be, do something! Wake up! James!” His father shakes James as to wake him up, but John doesn’t move.

“You were supposed to be my successor. You were supposed to become Alpha!” Richard lays his son on the ground and hovers over him. His tears fall on John’s face. Damon is frozen in place; he can’t believe his little brother is no more. He can’t believe what happened in front of him.

His father looks up, straight into his eyes. He looks furious. “You! You did this! I told you to watch him, not kill him!” The man gets up and moves to Damon, takes him by the throat and flings him against the nearest wall. “He was supposed to become Alpha! You’ve killed your Alpha!” His father roars. The hand of his father squeezes, until Damon is barely able to breathe.

Damon wakes up, trying to pry the hands of his father from his throat, but he doesn’t feel them anymore, they’re gone. What happened? He opens his eyes and looks straight in a pair of green ones. “Wakey, wakey, Alpha. Did you have a nice dream?” The man smirks.

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