Upside down

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Sasha dreamt vividly last night. When the pain in her back finally wore off, she dreamt about a boy being run over by a car and a father who blamed another boy. It was all so real, she shot awake sweating heavily.

When she turns in bed, she notices Damon’s pillow. She slides it closer and takes it into her arms, hugging it. When she pushes her nose into it and inhales, she smells Damon. His scent still lingers in it and it makes her heart heavy.

Is he still alive? Is he alright? She wonders what they’re doing to him. She wonders where he is. With every thought, her heart breaks a bit more. Will he come back to her? Will they release him, will the leaders here find him? Will they bring him back?

Does he love her? Does he think about her? Does he know that she loves him and that she worries for him? That she chose him, for him and not because Roy broke it off with her? Does he know-

Sasha turns away from the pillow. Tears streaming down her face. She has no idea where he is, she just hopes he knows how much she loves him and cares for him.

Now she’s sitting in the hall, trying to get something to eat, although her stomach churns only by thinking of food. A hand is placed on her shoulder, then someone takes a seat beside her. But she can’t look, she can’t turn and smile at the person next to her.

A cup of coffee is being poured and pushed into her hand; a little croissant placed on her plate. “I understand you don’t feel like eating right now. But you must not only think about yourself right now. You need to take care of your little one. And you need to be strong, for when Damon comes back.” Leo whispers in her ear.

Sasha nods without looking at Leo. She just can’t. He is right. It’s not just her anymore. It’s also little Damon she needs to take care of. She reaches out her hand and grabs the croissant, pulling a big chunk off it and chewing it profusely.

“Good girl,” she hears to her side.

She shifts in her seat and steals a little glance at Leo, before quickly turning to staring into her plate.

She feels an arm wrapped around her shoulders. It just lays there loosely. Leo talks with Elianne on his other side, with his dad on the head of the table and his brothers across the table. But by his gesture, he just lets her know that he thinks about her, that he is there for her and that he knows.

A lone tear falls on her plate. The arm removes itself and then a finger strokes her cheek. She turns to Leo, who winks. “I’ve got you, ’til you’ve got Damon back.”

“Is Elianne okay with this?” Sasha wonders out loud.

Leo nods, “it’s her idea. She’s too busy to be able to take you under her wings, so she ordered me to do so. She wants her cousin’s mate to be taken care of, she says you’re her family, so.” He shrugs.

“Thank you.”

Fredric clears his throat, and the table quiets down. “When we’re all done with breakfast and the table is cleared, I’d like for everyone to remain seated. You can smoke a cigarette if needed, but I expect you back within ten minutes. There’s some things I need to discuss with you all, it’s easier to do it this way while we’re all here, than to do it later when I need to gather everyone.”

Sasha looks around the table. She notices that the table is filled with high ranks. “Her father, Nicholas with Alicia, she didn’t know her sister was here too, Leo with Elianne, Alpha Deborah with her Beta whose name she doesn’t know. Then there’s Alpha Christopher and his mate Jolena. Danny with his mate, the pack’s Gamma with his mate and the Delta. Last but not least, Alpha Fredric himself. She feels a little out of place now that Damon isn’t beside her. She’s the only one without a rank or without a mate with a rank.

When all other pack members are gone, the tables are empty and clean, Fredric clears his throat again. Roy quietly moves a chair closer to the table and sets himself on it. Sasha realizes she hadn’t even seen him in the hall, did he not eat with the rest of the pack?

“Thank you all for waiting here. I’m aware that waiting is not the thing we want to do right now. I understand that you would like to take some action, I do too, but we need to be smart.

I have talked to our insider Roy here; he is Vince Jones’s eldest son. He is a rogue, I know that, but he has valuable information and needs help overtaking his father. He has told me that he wants to take his father’s place, lead a new pack, settle somewhere and live in peace. The opposite of what his father wants.

I think that at least his intentions are honourable. He has already proven himself by saving Alpha Damon’s mate from a fire.

So, I’m relying on Roy concerning information on the whereabouts of his father and the location of Damon. But also, on how many manpower we can expect and what kind of manpower. Roy, if you could take over from here.” Fredric looks at Roy.

Roy nods and gets up from his chair. Just before he starts to speak, he looks at everyone at the table. His gaze pauses at Sasha before he looks further. She sees him sniffle, rub his nose and then look around again with a frown on his face.

“What’s wrong with him?” She whispers in Leo’s ear.

“What do you mean?” Leo whispers back.

“He’s acting weird. Sniffling, rubbing his nose, looking around like he’s looking for something.”

“He’s smelling something. Maybe it’s the scent of so many Alpha’s in one room that makes him uncomfortable, or,” Leo leans in closer to Sasha, “he is smelling his mate and he’s now trying to figure out who he or she is.”

Roy starts to speak, although he seems to be distracted from time to time. He tells them what he has found out while he was staying with his father. Where the rogue pack is hiding, at which places his father could be found and where Damon might be held. It’s a lot of information as Jones seems to have been thorough and very cautious.

The rogue pack is spread over a couple of villages that were burnt down by them. Jones moves between them to not to be caught. Damon could be in one of the three warehouses Jones has in use. When the meeting is over, everyone gets up from their chairs. The three Alpha’s together with Elianne and Roy are asked in Fredric’s office for a plan of action.

When Sasha walks out of the Hall, getting ready to take the stairs back to Damon’s room, Leo stops her. “Are you going to wallow in your grief?” He asks with a worried frown on his face.

Sasha shrugs, “I don’t know what else to do. It’s not that they want me to help with the preparations.” She turns a bit to be able to look at Leo a bit better. “Why aren’t you asked in Fredric’s office by the way? You’re the head warrior, right? Not Elianne.”

“I’m better, I’ve healed, but the impact on my body is still noticeable. I’m tired very fast, and I can’t endure a lot. It’s frustrating, but I’m still in no shape to lead the warriors at the moment. Elianne is doing a great job, so I’m not worried about that.” Leo places a hand on her shoulder, “the reason that they’re keeping you out of things, is because they are worried about you. You’re expecting, and your mate is somewhere in danger. They are afraid that you might put yourself and your pup in danger.”

He let his hand slide down from her shoulder to her hand. “Let’s take a walk outside. Let’s get some fresh air.” Sasha nods and they both head out the front door.

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