Upside down

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When Damon wakes up again, he notices that he is sitting down, his arms bound to a chair. The cold metal cools the skin on his back. There’s a heavy fog in his brain, his head weighs heavy and it pounds hard. He groans.

He feels a soft hand on his shoulder and then a quiet voice that says soothing words in his ear. Damon groans again, trying to open his eyes.

It’s almost dark, the space he is in is dimly lit.

“Here, drink this. Drink slowly,” a soft, female voice says.

Damon looks to his side and sees a young woman holding a bottle with water. When she sees him hesitate, she smiles, “you can trust me, please, drink.”

Damon opens his mouth, and she places the bottle on his lips so he can drink. Water dribbles from his chin over his chest, but he doesn’t care. Now he realises how perched his throat was and how much he needed to drink.

After a few sips, she removes the bottle. “What is your name?” she asks.

He still doesn’t trust her. “You know who I am. You’re one of them,” he says with a hoarse voice.

She shakes her head with a sad look in her eyes. “I’m not. I wouldn’t be here if I was one of them. I wouldn’t be sharing my water with you. I’ve been captured by the same people that have captured you.”

“Who are you?”

She shakes her head, “it’s better that you don’t know.”

“Then why should I tell you who I am?” He asks her. “Maybe you shouldn’t know my name either then.”

“You’re obviously someone important, otherwise they wouldn’t torture you like this. Otherwise, they would’ve kept you with all the rest, like me. Maybe I can help you. There’s a good guy running around, his name is Roy. He promised me that he would get help, that he is working on a plan to get us out.”

Damon looks around, are there more people here? His senses don’t really work well, he is in too much pain to be able to shut it out and use his wolf. His back feels strained; it hurts like hell. When he is used to the dark, he sees he is in a warehouse, and his chair is placed somewhere in the middle. He is facing a big metal double door about the width of the warehouse.

“Where are we?” He asks.

The woman frowns a little. “I’m not sure. We’re somewhere in a warehouse east of Lingmell and north of Millers Creek, we’re in the middle of nowhere. We’re in between packs.”

“Rogue territory.”

The female nods. Her head jolts up when they hear voices coming from outside. She hurries away quietly.

Damon looks up when Jones enters the warehouse.

“So little Alpha, you’re finally awake I see.”

Damon remains silent, his glare is deadly.

“Oh, don’t look at me that way. I’m doing you a favour,” Jones kneels in front of him. “I’m telling you the truth. And people say that the truth will set you free. Well, I’m doing exactly that.” Jones smiles sweetly.

Damon grunts.

“You know, for an Alpha, you really don’t look like one. You look like more than a regular pack member, but an Alpha, no. You know what, I’ve changed my mind. I’m just going to tell you what I know about you, the big secret. So, you can mull over it until it’s time to kill you.” The man smiles, an evil glint in his eyes.

“I don’t want to hear it, I’m not listening to your crap,” Damon growls.

“Just think about it,” Jones walks away, takes a chair from somewhere to the side and places it in front of Damon. After he sets himself on it, he continues. “You don’t look like Richard, you don’t have his build, you don’t have the same hair colour, your wolves don’t have similarities, your eyes are different. Your characters are not alike, there’s nothing that really matches, right?” Jones tilts his head mockingly.

Even though Damon hates the man, he knows he is right. It makes him hate the man even more. “Your mother had an affair and you’re the result of that affair. Exactly right after she met Richard and he took her in, while he knew she was with child already.”

Damon breathes heavily, his wolf surfacing. How dare that man claim such things about his mother!

“Do you know who she had this affair with?” Jones smirks.

Damon shakes his head and looks away. He can’t bare the sight of that man anymore.

“The man who you claim is more of a father than Richard ever was.”

Although he can’t stand the sight of the man, he looks at him in surprise.

“Yes, you’re right, Fredric is your papa. Have you never noticed that you look a lot like the Anderson brothers? That you fit right in?”

Damon looks away again. Again, this man is right, he hates it so much.

“I’m sorry to break the perfect image you had of Fredric and Emilia.” Jones laughs loudly now.

“Don’t talk about my mom that way. Just, don’t.” Damon starts breathing again, he needs to keep his wolf in control. He knows that if he doesn’t, he’ll destroy everything, but he will also get killed. He needs to stay calm.

“You know, Fredric isn’t as perfect as he seems. He had an affair while is mate was already pregnant with Christopher. What do you think of that? Fredric ain’t perfect, he has fallen from grace.”

“He’ll have an explanation for it.” Damon grunts.

“You’re starting to doubt your inheritance, your father, whoever that might be, aren’t you?” Jones laughs. “You can always join my pack, I’m neutral, I’m without drama, just say so and I’ll set you free.”

“Never!” Damon growls.

“As you wish.” Jones gets off his chair, throws it to the side and walks out again. Leaving Damon alone with his thoughts.

The female immediately comes closer. “Are you alright?” She asks.

“I’d like to be left alone for a moment,” Damon says quietly, avoiding her concerned glare. He needs to stay sane; he needs to find a way to get back to Sasha.

Sasha. His safe haven, his rock, his love. He smiles. He won’t think of what Jones told him, he’ll think of her, she’ll get him through this.

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