Upside down

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I didn't know how to write this chapter from Sasha's point of view, so I tried a birds-eye-point of view.. I don't know how I feel about this, it's the first time I'm doing it like this. What do you guys think? Do you like it, does it fit with the rest of the book? Tell me, be honest, I really need clear and honest feedback.. Thanks <3

There’s a lot of activity going on on the Packgrounds of the Grey Mountains Pack. People looking like soldiers ready for battle, walk around and getting in position. They all have serious faces, they know what to expect, they know what is expected from them.

Warriors line up in rows, presenting their arms. The higher ranks standing in front of them, as if they were a true army. They are being recognised by their colours, a color for the Grey Mountains Pack, a color for the Foggy Forest Pack, and a color for the Riverwood Pack. There’s a little group of men to the side wearing the colors of the Northern Lakes Pack. The other pack members all are standing in a half circle around them. Women holding their children, seeing their mates standing between the warriors. Elderly people, males, females, mothers, fathers, and younger ones, they all look expectantly forward.

A tall, bulky, impressive man with grey hair takes his place in front of them. He is flanked by another bulky looking man with a long beard and a small, but fierce looking woman, all three of them Alpha’s. They ooze power, they radiate an aura of authority. Behind them, there’s a row of the highest ranked members of the pack, Beta’s, Gamma’s, Delta’s, future Alpha’s. Their feet in line with their shoulders, hands on their backs, a frown on their faces, they all have serious faces. The clearing falls silent, you can hear a pin drop. There’s something coming their way, and they know it.

The man at the front is about to speak. But a slamming door makes all heads turn. A young woman exits the large Packhouse. She has dark circles under her eyes, the white of her eyes are bloodshot and her hair is a mess. Her voice is barely a whisper when she speaks. “Help me.” When she takes a step to walk down the steps leading off the porch, her leg gives in under her weight and she falls down, toppling over down the stairs. A stain of blood showing up on her right leg.

Immediately there’s a man by her side. A worried frown showing on his face. He wipes away the hair in her face and talks to her quietly. Another man joins them and they help her up. When they want to support her to walk away, she protests and shakes her head. Her eyes shoot fire.

“No! I’m not leaving! I’m staying, I want to know! This is about my mate. My mate!” She almost collapses again., but her eyes show her fury, her strength, her willpower. Something about her whole demeanour changes. Gone is the tired, emotional woman, risen has a fury, a warrior, one not to be messed with. Never refuse a woman her mate. Never tell a woman that she can’t go to her mate. Because she will go to the ends of the earth for him, she will do everything in her power to protect him, save him and show him her love.

As sudden as her leg has started bleeding, it has stopped again. Showing nothing but a dark red stain. The woman walks over to where the leading Alpha is, and she bows her head, before looking at him pleadingly.

The man places his hands on her shoulders and shows a little smile. His eyes are kind towards her, showing a flicker of something that no one has seen before.

The man raises his head, looking over hers and addresses all pack members.

“We are gathered here, for one man, with one goal. We have one common enemy, and one person to save. Vincent Jones has burned our houses, has stolen our women’s dignities, has taken our freedom, and now has taken this woman’s mate,” he gestures to the female in front of him.

“It is time! Time to stop this man! Time to show him, that he is done playing games, that we won’t let him take anything any longer! We will not be afraid, we will not back own! And if we die, we die fighting, for we will not surrender!

We are going to show the world, that we are not to be messed with, and that if you do, you’ll pay the price! Jones will pay the price for all that he has done! I want this man’s head and I want him now!

Your head warriors know what to do, they know what is expected, within ten minutes we will be leaving, to take back what is ours! Righteousness will prevail!” The man roars. “Today!”

The warriors start to roar, throwing their fists in the air. They are ready, they couldn’t be more ready. It’s time to go.

The big heavy trucks are loaded, quick kisses are given before the warriors take their places inside the trucks. They are ready, more than ready to go.

The three Alpha’s overlook the crowd. A determined smile on their faces, their arms crossed on their chest. That man, their enemy, is going to die, there’s no doubt about it.

The woman that was in front of the leading Alpha is still there, talking to the Alpha, looking at him with pleading eyes, but he keeps shaking his head, a frown deepening between his eyes. At last, he places his hands back on her shoulders, giving her a compassionate look.

But her eyes shoot fire, she doesn’t back down, even though he is an Alpha. She addresses him with his name, not with his title, which is rare. The man lets her, which almost never happens.

“Please, Fredric, let me come. I can feel him, I can feel what’s happening, he needs me. He’ll heal faster when I am with him and right now, he is bleeding out.”

“Sasha, I can’t let you come with us. Damon will have my head when he knows you’re with us. You’re with child, you can’t put yourself and your pup in danger! I won’t let you!

I promise we’ll bring him back; I promise I will get him to safety, but he needs to be assured that you are safe, otherwise he’ll be unmanageable and won’t cooperate.”

“Fredric, you can’t talk me out of this, I’m coming with you, whether you like it or not!”

The other two Alpha’s step forward and join the conversation. “Has she always been a fierce little thing, being disrespectful and disobedient like this?” The female Alpha wonders out loud.

The Alpha with the beard smirks with a glint of humour in his eyes. “Trust me, she has always been like this.” He turns his gaze to the female. “Sasha, little one, you can’t put yourself in danger, I won’t allow it.”

“Just like you didn’t allow me to go and travel, see the world?” Now the female looks livid, she has some guts to go against not one, but two Alpha’s.

The Alpha sighs and looks at his feet for a second. When he looks up again, he looks remorseful. “Sasha, I’m sorry I was overprotective and wouldn’t let you go. I was scared that I would lose you too. This though, this is a totally different situation. I won’t allow you putting yourself in danger, period.”

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