Upside down

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Even though her father, Alpha Deborah and Alpha Fredric were against it, Sasha kept her foot down and didn’t budge an inch. There was no way that they would leave her home while they were going to rescue Damon. She felt how his strength slowly dissipated, how he became weaker every minute. She had no idea what really happened to him, but she knew that he was severely hurt. His back should look like a ploughed field, not to mention the rest of his body. She wanted to see him, she needed to see him, just as he needed her, to be able to recover faster.

The first vehicle that starts to drive, is the Jeep Sasha is in with Alpha Fredric and Leo. All the other trucks follow their example and soon they are on the road, a train of trucks follows them when Sasha turns and watches through the back window.

Both Fredric and Leo are fully decked out, a bullet proof vest, gun and knives on their belts and on the back seat next to her lie two machine guns. Leo looks at her from the passenger seat through his sunglasses. “You alright?” He asks while turning around in his seat, the sunglasses do nothing to hide his concerned frown.

Sasha nods, she too wears a bullet proof vest. She has a handgun dangling on her belt with a silver knife, just to so she can defend herself should anything happen. She never had warrior training, but she has learned how to shoot and how to defend herself, so she should be safe. She tries to avoid the concerned glances from both Fredric and Leo. Leo isn’t back to his old self but insisted to come when he found out that Sasha was coming. Something with promising Damon to keep her safe.

“Take a nap Sasha, it’ll be a couple of hours before we get there.” Fredric smiles into the rear-view mirror. “You need to rest so you can be at your best when we get there.”

Damon’s head jolts up, his ears pick up the engines of heavy trucks. They’re far away, though, too far away to be able of any help. He tries to loosen the ropes around his wrists again, but to no avail. He groans as he feels the knife in his leg move by the movement of his arms.

Outside the warehouse, the panicked voices of men shouting orders are audible. Damon prices up his ears, but he can’t make out what they’re saying. The door suddenly opens, and Jones asks in with a grim look on his face.

“Looks like the rescue forces haven’t forgotten about you.” Jones comes closer and swings his arm, his fist collides with Damon’s temple, Damon is knocked out.

An open clearing in the middle of the forest shows up in front of the Jeep. Sasha sees three warehouses at the edge of the clearing. Fredric parks the truck at the edge and the other trucks that were behind them, do so as well. There’s no one around, the rogues seem to have disappeared. Fredric gestures with his hands and all warriors group carefully start to take over the clearing. Their eyes are everywhere, their ears trained on the smallest sound.

Sasha starts to get nervous. Why does it take them so long to go into those warehouses? Why aren’t they hurrying up? She opens her door and steps out.

“Sasha! Get back in the car! Right now!” Leo yells at her, but she shakes her head defiantly. She sniffles and pricks up her ears. The bond with Damon seems stronger, though it’s also weakening at the same time. It means that she’s close to him, that he’s here, but that he is weak, his strength is dissipating.

Leo has stepped out of the car and now takes her upper arm in a firm hold. “Get in the car, Sasha, I won’t be nice next time.” He says through gritted teeth, his eyes dark.

Sasha shakes her head again and yanks her arm out of his hold. “No! He’s around, I feel it.” She sniffles as a wave of air passes her nose. “I can smell him.”

The warriors enter the large warehouses one by one, one covering the other, their guns pointed, ready to shoot. Thought Sasha frowns. “Damon isn’t there. They’re not going to find him there.”

“What do you mean?” Leo frowns too.

“His scent comes from there,” she points at the treeline to their left. She starts walking.

“Sasha, where do you think you’re going?” Leo yanks her arm again.

She turns to face Leo; her face is filled with frustration and anger. “I’m going to find Damon, And I’m going with or without you, you can choose. You’re not going to stop me. Don’t come between Damon and me.”

Leo nods and starts walking, when he is a few steps away, he looks over his shoulder. “Are you coming?”

When they reach the treeline, Leo gestures to Sasha to duck a little lower, so they don’t stand out too much. Slowly they start walking through the forest, step for step, quietly, making as little noise as possible.

Sasha sniffles again, a wave of Damon’s scent hits her nose. “We’re getting closer,” she whispers.

Leo nods, but doesn’t answer. He slowly moves forward, until they reach another smaller warehouse. There are a lot of tyre tracks visible in front of it, it looks like people left in a hurry.

Leo turns around to face Sasha, “I’m going to call backup. We have no idea who’s inside and we need to see if we can pursuit the trucks that have left.”

Sasha looks fiercely at Leo, she can feel the bond weaken every minute, Damon needs help, he can’t wait. “I’m not going to wait; it’ll be too late. We need to get in there, now!” She strides to the door of the warehouse before Leo can respond. She hears him sigh behind her and then she hears his boots hit the ground, he follows her. When she reaches the door of the warehouse, she hesitates a minute. She looks behind her at Leo, he has taken his gun and gives her a nod when their eyes meet. Sasha does the same, she takes her gun, takes off the safety and points it forward. With her other hand she slowly opens the door.

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