Upside down

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Have fun reading guys, I have a feeling your wishes are being granted in this chapter.. a lot of you will respond or think: “finally!" 🤭

Sasha looks through the crack of the door and peers inside. It’s dark inside, but she can make out rogues that are trying to lift a man that’s laying on the floor. Next to them lays a chair that has fallen over in a pool of blood.

She looks back at Leo, who nods at her, they are a team. And even though they cannot mind link eachother, they work perfectly together. A small whimper from thean in the floor is the only thing they hear, it draws her attention back to him. Damon.

She quietly sneaks in, staying close to the wall, to not be noticed. He lays there, lifeless on the floor. The men around him, are gathering their belongings and prepare to leave. When she looks behind the men, she sees a girl, or a young woman, she can’t make it out in the dimly lit hall. What she can see, is the girl’s green eyes. No way?

She feels a hand on her shoulder and she swiftly turns around. She faces Leo who holds his finger to his mouth. Oh, right, she remembers. When you enter a hostile situation without knowing what to expect, the second to go in places his hand on the shoulder in front of him, to be able to stay close, but also assure the first man that he’s still there.

Leo gestures with his head for her to go further, and she does. Slowly but surely, they get to the side of the building without being noticed. Sasha stops a second to assess the situation.

There’s a tall man in the middle of the group of men. The green eyes that she has learnt to know so well, only from a different man, look straight into hers. Shit! Not good!

Sasha taps Leo’s hand on her shoulder to get his attention, and as a response, he squeezes her shoulder a little. The man’s green vicious eyes keep boring into hers. One side of his mouth rises a bit, a mean smirk appears on the man’s face.

After that, everything goes fast. The green-eyed man, presumably Jones, gets a hold of Damon’s still lifeless body and holds him up against his chest, a knife placed against Damons neck. The other rogues all sense danger and create a protective circle around him.

“Go forward,” Leo says lowly, “slowly. When we’re close enough, I’ll make a move first. Keep your gun pointed an Jones’ head.” Sasha starts moving as Leo talks to her. “Dont fight these guys yourself, they’re the best of the best, you won’t survive.”

When they get closer, the rogues in front of her step forward. Soon they’re standing face to face. Leo swiftly moves, flooring the first guy to their right. Sasha keeps her gun trained on Jones and tries to not look at Leo.

But she feels Leo is getting tired. He is not at all back into shape, he was not ready for this kind of activity. She glances at Leo and sees him fighting two rogues. They tackle him and soon he is on his back on the floor, fighting the guys off.

“Looks like your friend over there is having some trouble,” Jones scowls.

Within the timespan of a second, Sasha aims her gun to the left, pointing at one of the mean looking guys and shoots, right in his neck. She immediately points her gun at Jones again, the man sinks through his knees.

Jones smirks, “you surprise me. I didn’t think you had it in you. These Anderson guys with all their badass women.”

Sasha frowns, she knows Jones is trying to distract her, but she can’t help but correct his mistake. “Damon is not an Anderson, I’m not one if the Anderson-girls.”

Jones laughs loudly, but his eyes don’t laugh with him. “Oh, girl, so oblivious to the world, so naive. Look at the Anderson over there,” he points at Leo who’s now being held by two rogues with his hands behind his back. “And now look at your boy here in my arms. Don’t you think they’re much alike? The dark hair, their beards, the outline of their faces, the shape of their noses, their chins, don’t they resemble eachother? Add Christopher and Nicholas in the mix and although they don’t have the same long hair and they don’t have beards, you can see only one man. Freddie.”

Sasha gasps, Jones has a point. “Don’t listen to him, Sasha, he is distracting you!” Leo grumbles, he groans when one if the rogues that’s holding him kicks him in the stomach to silence him.

Sasha thinks for a second, considering if she could shoot another rogue again. She almost smirks when she sees one standing right behind Jones.

She moves her gun an inch and shoots, the bullet misses Jones by a hair and the man leaps in surprise. The rogue behind him collapses and Jones looks back at her, his eyes dark and menacingly. “Don’t do that again, if you want your boy to live,” he grits through his teeth.

“Restrain her,” he orders his men. Before Sasha knows it, the gun is knocked out of her hands and she’s held by two men. Another fetches some ropes to bind her wrists. But she won’t let that happen, she won’t go down without a fight. She takes a moment to get out of the hold on her wrists, she struggles and keeps wriggling. When she looks to the side, she sees that Leo has been able to set himself free, but not for long. The guys have him on his back again within seconds.

Just before she’s about to give up her struggle, she hears a loud growl. When she turns towards the sound, she sees a big brown wolf with green eyes leaping forward. He takes the first rogue he comes across and takes him between his jaws and bites down, killing the guy instantly. He does so with all the rogues that were not holding holding Sasha, Damon or Leo.

When he is done, he slowly creeps towards Jones. A menacing look in his eyes, his eyes trained on Jones.

“Hello son, how nice of you to come by and visit your papa today. Too bad I’m a little busy right now and don’t have time for you.” Jones smirks, pushing the knife at Damon’s throat deeper into his skin.

The wolf, she now understands is Roy, starts to circle Jones, he is taking his time. Sasha starts to wriggle out if the hold of the men again, but to no avail.

Jones catches her gaze. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I still have your boy’s life in my hands.” His evil smirk widens.

Sasha wriggles her elbow loose and pushes it backwards, between the ribs of the man holding her on her right, he doubles over.

“I warned you!” Jones yells, but right at that moment, Roy’s wolf leaps up and pushes Jones to the side. He wasred no time and bites the man’s neck, killing him on the spot. Roy roars, the rogues that were left, immediately raise their hands and drop to their knees.

The hold on her hands and shoulders leaves her and she moves towards Damon, she is at his side instantly. She sees him struggle to open his eyes. “Am I in heaven?” he asks. “Sasha, is that you?”

A tear falls from her eye on his cheek. “It’s me, Damon, I’m here.” She kisses him softly and carefully on his lips.

When she wants to pull away, Damon places his hand on the back of her neck and pulls her back to him. “Kiss me again. Tell me I’m not dreaming.”

She kisses him again, not holding back this time.

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