Upside down

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When Sasha pulls away from their kiss to take a breath, she sees how Damon’s eyes lighten up. There’s something in his eyes, something she hasn’t seen before. It’s fury, it’s terrifying. “Damon? Are you al-”

The pushes her to the side gently, then gets up from his spot in the floor.

“Damon, you’re bleeding, you’re injured, I don’t think-”

He turns to her, the dark glare in his eyes immediately shutting her up. “Where’s Fredric?” He enquires, his voice low, holding something dark.

“I- I don’t-”

“Never mind,” he dismisses her with a gesture of his hand, “I’ll find him.” Just like that he walks away. As if he isn’t injured, isn’t bleeding out and as if he hasn’t had silver in his system.

Leo stops next to her. Without taking her gaze off a retreating Damon, she wonders out loud; “what the fuck just happened?”

“He has been brainwashed by Jones and is now high on adrenaline, I guess.” Leo shrugs, “don’t worry, my dad will take care of him. Once the adrenaline wears off, he’ll collapse. In the meantime,” Leo turns towards her. “Are you alright? How are you feeling?” he places his hand in her shoulder, looks at her from top to toe and back up inquisitively.

Sasha sighs relieved, “I’m fine. I shot two.” She smiles proudly.

Leo smirks, “you did.”

Damon walks out if the warehouse he was kept in. He has a strange feeling; he can’t really describe it. Like he is possessed, or like an out if body experience. He knows he is injured and bleeding out, yet here he goes straight to the person he seems to hate most right now. Wait, he doesn’t hate him, he just- Damon shakes his head confused from his own thoughts.

Once he is outside, he sees Fredric standing surrounded by warriors giving them orders. When Fredric notices him, he sends the warriors away and starts walking towards him with a huge smile. Two men follow right behind him.

“It’s good to see you son!” he smiles widely at Damon. “How are you feeling?” he spreads his arms to pull Damon into a hug, but frowns when he doesn’t get a response. “What’s wrong Damon?”

“Is it true?” Damon asks quietly.

“Is what true?” Fredric places his hands on Damon’s shoulders and looks at him with worry.

Damon shakes Fredric’s hands off and pushes him a little. His breathing quickens, his fury rising.

“Is it true?” he asks louder now, giving Fredric another push.

“Hey,” Christopher, who’s one of the men behind Fredric tries to get in between. “Calm down, Damon.”

“Don’t interfere!” Damon yells, then he turns attention back to Fredric. “Is it true that I am your son? That you fucked my mother, knocked her up and left her on her own?” Damon rages.

Christopher steps back and tries to push Damon back, the other man behind Fredric, Nicholas, now tries to push Damon back too. But he is too strong. A fury he has never felt before, a strength he never had before takes him over and he pushes them both to the side.

He gets in Fredric’s face, who looks dumbfounded. “Tell me, is it true, that I am your son?” Damon speaks a bit quieter now, but only a bit. “Are you the reason that I’ve never felt loved by my father? That I’ve always felt misplaced?”

Nick and Chris try to interfere again, but now Fredric stops them with one single glare to both. “Damon, I’m sorry that you have felt that way, but I don’t understand. I have no idea what you are talking about. You have been abused, you’ve been beaten up, you’ve been imprisoned, and you’ve been brainwashed by a vile man.” Fredric places his hands back on Damon’s shoulders, giving off a calming aura.

Damon’s shoulders sag, the tension in his shoulders and in his head lessens and his knees buckle. “Fredric, I- I-” He starts to wheeze, and tears stream down his face, his breathing gets laboured. His head starts to pound getting worse by the minute. He tries to grab Fredric by his arms, but his legs give in and he falls to the ground.

Two pairs of hands catch him when he goes down. Fredric’s voice comes from afar. “Get a stretcher over here. He needs to be treated immediately. He is succumbing to his injuries.”

Damon feels he is laid down, his eyes are closed. “Sasha,” He whispers.

“She’s fine.” Christopher holds his hand and squeezes it a little. “you need to think about yourself first. Hold on tight, you’ll be alright.”

Damon nods slightly and sighs, before he falls I to a deep slumber.

“What happened?” Sasha asks when she sees Damon laying on a stretcher. Leo joins them too.

“He passed out.” Nick shrugs. “He did say some weird things though.”

“Something about Fredric being his father?” Leo asks. The three other Andersons all nod.

“Yeah, Jones mentioned something about it before. About how he really looks like all of us.” Leo looks curious at his father, who has become slightly pale. “Does anyone know how old Damon is? And who his mother is?” Fredric asks suddenly, his voice quiet.

“We’ll have to look into it,” Christopher looks at his father. “maybe even run a DNA test to be sure. I’m positive that Damon wouldn’t mind.”

Fredric nods, “We’ll do a DNA test when we’re back home, but only with his consent. We can’t just do that without him knowing. I’ll invite Richard over as well and have a chat with him. Now,” he turns around searching for something. “Where is that doctor, what’s taking her so long?”

“I’ll go and look for her,” Leo offers and turns away.

Sasha kneels next to Damon and takes his hand, stroking it with her thumb.

Roy arrives with his arm around the green-eyed girl. “Fredric, I’d like you to meet someone,” he says with a smile. Fredric looks at the girl curiously.

Sasha pricks up her ears to be able to hear who the girl is. “This is my little sister Rae. She’s been a victim of my father as well. He has been keeping her hidden, no, keeping her captive for a long time. She doesn’t even know what being a werewolf means. She has to learn everything.”

“Nice to meet you Rae,” Fredric shakes her hand with a smile, the girl smiles back shyly.

“Nice to meet you too, Alpha Fredric.”

Sasha looks at her green eyes. This girl, she looks so innocent, so young.

“Alpha Fredric, when we get back to your packhouse, can we maybe discuss Rae’s future?” Roy asks, “I would like for Rae to learn everything she needs to know about being a werewolf. And I feel like it’s going to be the best for her to learn from you and your pack. I need to be sure that she’s well taken care of and the only one I trust is you, Alpha Fredric.”

“First, you’re going to call me Fredric, Alpha Roy, and second, can’t you take care of her yourself when you build your own pack?”

“Err,” Roy scratches the back of his neck at a loss of words. “Well, I-“ Roy sighs.

“You’re the one taking over the position of your father, right? You’ve told me yourself.” Fredric raises his brow.

Roy nods, “yes I am, I just never thought- I never realised that I was going to be an Alpha. But I want her to learn as soon as possible, it’ll take a while until I have built a school for my pack. On top of that, I’ve got a mate that lives miles away from here, I don’t know what the future holds.”

Fredric nods understandingly. “I understand. We will take Rae under our wings and teach her everything she needs to know. While you figure out what you’re going to do with your mate and your pack.”

Roy nods, “thank you Al- err, Fredric.”

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