Upside down

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Damon wakes up on his stomach. He feels content, warm and the scent that hits his nose is so alluring, so seductive, so-


He opens his eyes slightly and looks straight at a head of dark hear. He breathes in deeply and closes his eyes relishing the moment. Her scent is so good.

He notices he lays somewhat over her. His arm lays over her waist and their legs are entwined. He sighs blissfully and tries to turn around. When he feels a sore in his back he groans and turns back on his stomach. Bad idea.

Sasha stirs and turns a little to face him. “Hey, you’re awake.” She smiles sleepily, her voice hoarse with sleep.

“How long have I been out?” he pulls Sasha a little closer and puts his nose in her hair.

Hmm, the rest of the day. Your light went out around eleven AM. It now is,” she lifts her head and peers over Damons head at the alarm on his nightstand, “six in the morning.” Sasha lays her head back down and looks at him with a slight smile. “How do you feel?”

“My back is still a bit sore,” he stretches his shoulder a bit, “but other than that I feel fine. Could be different when I get up and move, but for now I’m good.” He looks at her and frowns. “Shouldn’t I be in the clinic right now?”

Sasha smiles mischievously. “I may or may not have had something to do with that. I told all of them that you heal better and faster with your mate by your side. And this pregnant lady is not sharing a small single bed with this giant, so yeah. I err,” her smile widens even more, “may or may not have had a gun in my hands. A pregnant lady is not someone you mess with.”

Damon laughs loudly, but the movement makes him immediately cringe when he feels the skin on his back tighten. He smiles at her and shakes his head, “you’re definitely something else.”

“The doctor checked on you occasionally. It’s not like I left you without any medical care.” She smiles.

Damon kisses her lips. “It’s great to wake up next to you like this. Thank you for this, I love you.” He kisses her lips again. “Do you think I’m allowed to take a shower?”

“Let me see your back, let me see how your healing is progressing.”

Damon turns his back carefully to her. His back was not bandaged, as the doctor told Sasha to leave it open, it would heal faster with just a cream on it.

“Oh wow, your back is still red, but I think a shower won’t hurt. How’s your leg?”

Damon sits up and pushes the comforter back. His leg has a bandage on it and Sasha pulls it off.

“They stitched it up?” Damon looks surprised.

“It was really deep. It’s the only way to keep it closed so it can grow back together again.”

“Hmm,” Damon understands, a shower won’t be a problem though. “are you coming with me?” he gets up form the bed and reaches out his hand for her.

Sasha frowns, “where?”

Damon smirks mischievously, “the shower, what else?”

“No, I’m good, I’d like to get some extra sleep for an hour or so.” She says and she turns to her side.

“Oh, hell no,” Damon’s voice sounds dark, but his eyes twinkle from mischief. He quickly pulls her towards him, picks her up, supporting her knees and her back and starts walking to the bathroom.

“Damon! Put me down!” Sasha shrieks. “you can’t do this right now! Your body needs to rest, not carry pregnant women!”

In the bathroom, Damon turns on the hot water. “Oh, you like it,” he laughs, “admit it!” he starts tickling her.

“Damon! Put me down, please!” Sasha giggles. “I surrender!”

“Alright I’ll put you down.” And he does, he puts Sasha down under the warm water so they’re both soaking wet within seconds. The clothing they had on now sticking to their bodies.

Damon quickly takes off his clothes and then helps Sasha. He takes her shirt by the hem and pulls it over her head. Sasha looks down and immediately covers herself with her arms, suddenly self concious.

“Don’t,” Damon low voice stops her. He gently pulls her arms away and pulls her into his arms, holding her close. He rests his head on her hair, closing his eyes and savouring in the moment, the water cascading down his back.

When it’s time for breakfast, they both head down to the hall. They run into Fredric at the bottom of the stairs. “Damon! You’re up! How are you feeling?” Fredric smiles widely and gives him a hug.

“I’m fine, thanks,” Damon smiles awkwardly. “Are you not mad?”

Fredric frowns, shakes his head and shrugs, “About what?”

“That I raged on to you like I did yesterday,” Damon looks away embarrassed.

“Oh, that,” Fredric smiles widely again, “it’s already forgotten. Just one thing.” He gestures with his finger when he talks. “If you’d like we can do a DNA test together. So, we’re sure about things.”

“Err,” Damon scratches his head, “can I think about it?”

“Sure,” Fredric nods, “let me know what you decide, alright?” Fredric pats Damon’s shoulder while passing by.

“I will, thanks.”

Sasha slips her hand into Damon’s and pulls him to her side. “Let’s take some food and eat outside, the weather is very good today.” She whispers in his ear.

He turns his head to her and smiles seductively. “I’d rather eat in our bedroom. It seems like the square is packed with people that are cleaning up from yesterday’s events.”

“Hmm,” Sasha has a glint in her eyes. “Maybe that’s not a bad idea. We’re not needed anywhere anyway. Let’s stay there all day.”

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