Upside down

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Sasha walks over the open clearing in front of the packhouse. Damon had left that morning saying he had some errands to run and he would be back around dinnertime. Sasha is bored, she has no idea what to do with her time. She wishes she could work again, but as Billy’s pub is still burned down, there’s nothing really, she can do.

She smiles when she sees her father walking her way. “Sasha,” he greets her with a nod.

“Dad,” she smiles as well.

“We need to talk.”

Sasha nods. “I think we do.”

“Do you have a moment?” He asks politely.

Sasha nods again. “I do.”

Her father gets in front of her and takes her hands in his big ones. “Sasha, I’ve missed you. Why did you run away from us?” He shakes his head. “We just lost your sister, then you left, and we felt like we lost you too? Why didn’t you talk to us, you know you can tell us anything, right? Now you’re having a mate, you’re totally different than you were before, I don’t recognise my good little Sasha anymore.” Her father’s eyes are sad and hurt. He truly doesn’t understand, does he?

“Dad, that was the problem. You were suffocating me; you were almost choking me! Keeping me inside all the time, being overprotective. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. And when I tried to talk to you about it, you never really listened! I tried, I truly tried! You didn’t want to hear it! I felt like you didn’t give me another option. I had to get away, otherwise I would have been a ticking time bomb.”

“And leaving like that was a better idea?” Her father frowns. “Running away from your problems instead of talking about it? Very mature young lady!”

“At that moment I felt like I didn’t have another solution, dad. You didn’t want to listen to me!”

“You’ve put yourself in great danger by running away from the safety of your pack! Sasha, what you did was wrong!”

Sasha shakes her head. “No, I never was in any danger, dad. You’ve made sure that I could defend myself, that I could shoot and hit a target; I’ve never been in any danger. And I’ve always been on territories of other Alphas. I made sure to be safe. You’ve taught me that, you know.”

Her father takes her by her shoulder and keeps her in a firm grip, his eyes dark with anger. “Why? Why didn’t you listen to me? Why couldn’t you obey your Alpha?” He growls.

Sasha feels a different hand on her lower back. “Sasha, is everything alright?”

She turns her head and looks straight in Leo’s eyes. His eyebrows furrow together in a frown and he keeps a close eye on her father.

“Oh, Leo, yes, I am fine, thank you.” She smiles gratefully at Leo, but he keeps frowning at her father, who doesn’t let go.

“Sir, I suggest you let her go.” Leo growls.

Her father straightens himself, now taking Sasha’s wrist, holding it tightly, instead of her shoulders. His eyes darken even more, fury radiates from his body.

But Leo looks indifferent, he doesn’t back down, the big Alpha in front of him doesn’t impress him. He folds his arms in front of his chest and growls loudly. “Let her go,” he grits through his teeth.

“I don’t think you realise who you have against you. And who she is to me.” The Alpha growls.

“Oh, I understand perfectly that you have threatened your daughter, scared the shit out of her, and now you are hurting her. She may be your daughter; but she is also my brother’s mate. I promised my brother not long ago that I would take care of her. Even though he is back on pack grounds; I still intend to hold onto that promise. I’ll keep her safe at all times.” He enlarges his posture and rolls with his muscles. “You, my dear Alpha, have the head warrior of the Great Mountain’s Pack in front of you, the Captain. You really want to do this?” He raises his brow.

Her father looks at Leo confused. “Your brother?”

“You heard me.”

Her father tilts his head a little, “you’re talking about Alpha Damon Harris, right?”

“Well, he ain’t no Alpha, he’s an Alpha’s son though. But yes, I was talking about him. You’re holding his mate against her will; I can’t allow that.”

“This girl has walked away from home, without her father’s and without her Alpha’s consent. She ignored an Alphas order. She needs to be dealt with accordingly back home. I’m leaving tomorrow and I’m taking her with me!” Her father growls loudly, right in Leo’s face. He tries to walk around Leo, taking Sasha with him.

“You’re forgetting something very important here, Alpha.” Leo is fearless, he doesn’t back down. “You’re here on another Alpha’s turf. I’ve mindlinked my father, he could be here any minute, let’s see what he has to say.”

Sasha feels hands on her shoulders and tries to turn swiftly, but before she even sees the person behind her, she knows who it is. Tingles erupt on her shoulders, spreading through her whole body. His lips kiss her mark softly, and she closes her eyes for he second. Where her heart was beating out of her chest before, she now is calm. Where her breathing was ragged and out of control, she now was breathing quietly. Damon is here, Damon is here!

Damon walks into sight if Leo and Alpha Krane. He was at his cabin to get some work done together with Chris and Nick, but halfway he felt Sasha’s distress. His brothers convinced him to go back to the packhouse and find her, they would finish what they were working on.

Now he’s seeing Sasha being tightly held by her father and a evil glaring Leo. “What’s going on here?” he asks as he folds his arms in front of his chest. “Can you please let my mate go? You’re stressing her out and, in her state, she shouldn’t be stressed at all. She has been stressed for a couple of days now, I don’t want her to stress any more that she has already done.”

Alpha Krane frowns, “what do you mean? Are you ill?” He pulls Sasha a bit forward and she stumbles, if he wasn’t holding her, she would have fallen. Now she’s standing in between Damon with Leo and her Alpha Krane.

“Can you be gentle with her, please?” Damon grits through his teeth.

“What is going on?” Alpha Krane bellows.

Sasha looks at her feet and sighs, “I’m expecting, dad. The reason why Leo and Damon are so protective over me is because I am pregnant.”

“What?” Krane sees red.

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