Upside down

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The following weeks Damon has kept himself busy with his tasks and trainings. He even has asked his father for more tasks. Everything to keep himself distracted. Damon dries his hair as he walks out of his bathroom. He just had a heavy training, he may have taken it a bit too far, as he still feels his muscle’s soreness. He quickly pulls on some pants, not bothering with a shirt, then drops in one of the two armchairs that are placed by a fireplace.

“Hey Damon,” his father looks around the door of his room. “Do you have a minute?”

Damon turns his head swiftly to his father. “Did the letter arrive already?”

Richard shakes his head. “No, it’s something different.”

“Come in.” Damon gestures for the other armchair. “What do you need?”

His father plops down in the chair. “I just got a phone call from Alpha Christopher, Uncle Patrick’s Alpha. Apparently they have some problem with his head warrior and Elianne. As you know Elly is still underaged and this headwarrior is claiming that she’s his mate, having a very hard time to control his wolf. They’ve asked if Elianne can stay here until she turns eighteen.”

“I hope you said yes?” Damon looks at his father.

“Of course, she’s family, I’d do anything for her.

Damon nods, “good.”

“Can you make preparations for her arrival? I want her to feel welcome.”

Damon nods again, “sure, no problem.”

When Damon walks down the stairs an hour later, done with the preps for the arrival of his niece, he sees a stack of mail laying ready on the cabinet in the hallway. He quickly goes through the stack, finding the thing he has been anxiously waiting for for quite some time now.

“Dad?” He calls out to see if his father is home.

There’s no answer so his father is not home right now. Not able to wait any longer, he rips open the envelope and folds out the letter. He walks into the kitchen while his eyes fly over the lines. While he reads, he sets himself at the kitchen table, not stopping until he has reached the end of the letter. He lets the letter fall from his hand. He drops his head in between his hands with a sigh, his elbows leaning on the table.

He closes his eyes and tries to stop the shaking of his hands. A few minutes later, he pushes his chair back and walks out the door, leaving the letter carelessly on the table. He shifts into his wolf and takes off into the tall grass that’s growing at the right side of the lake.

That evening Damon shifts back into his human form when he arrives at the deck at the back of his father’s house. He sees his father standing at the top of the steps. “Hey dad,” he greets him.

“Damon.” His father nods greeting him. “You left something on the table in the kitchen. If you don’t want anyone snooping in your private life, I suggest you take better care of your things.” His father hands him the letter. “What does it say.”

“I’m not the father. They’re sure for 99.3%. So Miranda can kiss her forced marriage to me goodbye.”

“Good, I hope you’ve learned from your actions.”

“Dad, I never drink too much, I don’t know how I got so drunk in the first place.”

“Still, you should be more careful, you’re an Alpha for God’s sake.” His father turns around and walks inside.

Damon shakes his head. He still doesn’t understand. He must have been drugged or something, but he will probably never find out.

“Dad,” His father freezes just as he opens the door.


“There’s more.”

His father turns around and walks back to where he was standing. “What?” He says bluntly.

“The letter says that I should visit a doctor and get a thorough examination. They’ve taken my DNA as well as taken a blood sample. Apparently there were values in my blood that were concerning or something.”

Richard frowns, “Hm, strange, I’ll call the doctor to do a thorough examination on you, we’ll find out soon enough.”

Damon nods. “What if it’s something bad, father?”

Richard turns to walk inside for the second time. “Let’s not walk ahead of ourselves, we’ll see it when it comes.”

Sasha wipes off all the smudged beer and spilled drinks on the dark wooden bar with her cloth. Then she turns back to the sink to rinse it. The glasses beside the sink are waiting to be washed, so she fills the sink with hot water and pulls up her sleeves to get to it.

Her boss Billy walks out of his little office and passes behind her and takes out a cigarette. When he has lit it, he looks at her. “Your nephew is going to stay over next weekend, right?” He asks after he has inhales on his cigarette.

Sasha nods and smiles. “Yes he will come and visit me here, it will be so nice to be able to see him again. It’s been too long since I’ve seen him.” Her face saddens and she sighs.

“I’m sorry. I understand if you don’t want to talk about it.” Billy looks at her with a compassionate look on his face. Billy has grown very close to her. She has told him all about her family, the car accident her sister was in and the little son she left behind.

Billy pats her shoulder and walks back into his office, “if you need me, I’m down there.” Sasha nods and resumes washing the glasses.

When her sister Sophie met her mate Brandon, they were almost inseparable from the start. Almost every single girl in their pack was envious of them, but it never lasted long. Sasha sighs and shakes her head.

A year later they had the wonderful news that they were expecting. A little baby boy joined their little family. Anthony. Sophie and her father were having a discussion about her leaving the Pack. She and Brandon wanted to start a new life somewhere new. Brandon had an uncle living in the Northern Lakes Pack and he was offered the spot of head warrior as the current head warrior was retiring, so they wanted to go there.

Eventually, their father gave in and agreed to let them go. Just before they were about to leave, Sophie got in their truck to run a last minute errand, but she never returned. It had rained heavily and the roads were muddy, wet and slippery. Sophie missed a turn, her car started to spin and drove straight into a tree. She died instantly, her body couldn’t handle the trauma.

Sasha jolts up when she feels two hands on her shoulders. She turns swiftly, ready to defend herself. Then she looks into familiar green eyes that glint mischievously. “I think Billy didn’t give you a job to just daydream and stare into oblivion the whole day.” He arches his eyebrow. He bends forward and kisses her on her cheek. “Hey, are you alright?”

“Hey, I didn’t expect to come back again.” Sasha smiles. “I’m fine, I was just deep in thought, my nephew is coming to visit next weekend.”

Roy smirks, “I couldn’t resist you, even if I tried.” He smirks the mischievous glint back in his eyes and moves to the end of the bar to create some distance. When someone asks for another round, he takes some bottles of beer from the refrigerator, opens them and places them on a tray. He brings the order to the table and when he returns, he asks, “do you have a good relationship with your nephew?”

“Well, he is a sweetheart, he looks a lot like my sister. She passed away a year ago in a car crash. He is the only one that really reminds me of her. He was her world, her everything.”

“I’m sorry for your loss.” Roy looks sorrowful. “I can’t imagine how it must feel to lose someone you love.”

Sasha nods. “I’m trying to pull myself back together. I ran away from home after her burial. My parents became too suffocating. I travelled for a while before I settled down in my now burned down house.”

“I don’t know what to say. Seems like bad luck is following you.” Roy moves closer to her, until he is right in front of her. “Would you care for a hug?”

She doesn’t answer, but closes the distance between them, wrapping her arms around his waist. When she feels his arms around her, she closes her eyes for a moment and sighs. She lays her head against his chest, then she inhales deeply. Besides the rogue-scent that clearly sticks to him, he smells earthy, he actually smells good.

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