Upside down

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Damon walks around the hallway of the second floor and heads for Fredric’s office. He wanted to tell his father that he is leaving tomorrow morning to the Northern Lakes. He wanted it to be over with as soon as possible, and if he leaves tomorrow in the morning, he’ll be able to be back home tomorrow night.

“I am here for my son.” Damon hears a familiar voice say. He immediately presses himself with his back against the wall. “I am here to get him and take him with me back to my pack. Where he belongs. Now, Alpha Fredric, where is he? I don’t have time for chitchat.”

“I am sorry, sir.” Fredric’s heavy voice carries far into the hallway. “Please sit down.” The sound of a scraping chair is heard. “I cannot tell you where your son is, Richard.” Why is Fredric not telling where he is? Is that because he wants Damon to confront Richard on his own terms?

“And why is that?”

“Because I have promised your son not to tell anyone where he is. Including you.”

“Are you really going to interfere in a dispute between a father and his son?” His father sounds as if he’s trying to contain his anger.

“I am when I think that is necessary, Richard. With all due respect, you haven’t seen what has happened here and what your son has gone through, what he has done for us. I am highly grateful as my son owes him his life.”

A lighter flickers and he hears Fredric inhale deeply. After blowing out the inhaled air, he continues his speech.

“On top of that, I am having the opinion that he is not ready to take over as Alpha just yet. Look, I can’t tell you what to do, all I want to ask is to consider this. Give your son some time, and he will get back to you when he feels ready. I promise you, he will, no one can resist the Alpha-call.”

Blue strings of smoke float lazily through the opened door. Their scent hitting his nose, a perfect disguise for his own scent not to be noticed by his father.

“Well, then I’ve got nothing to say to you anymore,” the chair screeches again and footsteps are heard. “This trip was apparently a waste of time. And I thought you were the wise and noble Alpha, that knows where his duties lay. But I must be mistaken.”

“Richard, you know very well how dutiful I am.” Fredric sounds genuinely hurt. “I care a lot for you and our friendship. But I care for your son too. What kind of an Alpha would I be if I cannot even keep one simple promise? What kind of example will I give the members of my Pack?”

“Now you’re just hiding behind your excuses.” Richard says grimly. Damon hurries away and hides behind a corner as he hears his father’s footsteps come closer. “Tell my son that I was here. Tell him to come home and tell him we miss him.” Richard sighs, “that we,” he hesitates. “love him.”

“Do you truly love me?” Damon decides it’s time to come out of hiding and he raises an eyebrow to Richard. “Let’s go back into that office, shall we?”

“Why?” Richard folds his arm in front of his chest. “There’s nothing to talk about. You’re coming with me; we’re going to perform the Alpha ceremony and you’re going to be Alpha. There’s no walking out of it now anymore, Damon. Grow up, it’s time.”

Damon frowns, “why? You never wanted me to be Alpha, you never educated me to be Alpha. You always wanted James to be Alpha, even though I was the oldest. Now that your prized boy is gone, now I am good enough. I don’t think so, dad.” He says, his voice thick with anger.

“Do I have another option, Damon? Should I let your sister become Alpha then? That’s asking for problems, and you know it.”

Damon folds his arms in front of his chest and shakes his head. “Why don’t you tell me the truth. Why don’t you tell me why I can’t become Alpha, why I am not an Alpha in the first place?”

“Bullshit!” Richard roars, “you are an Alpha, and you’ll be one of the greatest here on planet! Why the fuck do you need to be so fucking stubborn!” He grabs Damon roughly by his upper arm and tries to drag him with him.

But Damon resists, gets out of the strong hold and a fury burns inside him. Despite everything, Richard doesn’t want to admit it, he still denies everything!

“I’m not coming with you.”

“Oh, but you are,” Richard tries to take his arm again. But Damon doesn’t give him a chance. He feels like he is burning, he feels like he is growing, his strength is increasing, he is standing in his power and he is taking full opportunity.

Damon puts his feet down, and his eyes bore into Richard. “I suggest you go into that office now. You’ll sit down and listen to me. If not, I’ll drag you there, don’t make me wait, Richard!” His voice is quiet but demanding. His voice is almost sweet, but the underlaying tone is a command, an Alpha command.

Richard’s eyes widen, surprise evident in his eyes. “Damon, I-“

“Now!” Damon roars.

Richard doesn’t know how to act, but eventually obediently enters the office again.

“Are you alright?” Fredric asks Damon with a worried frown.

Damon nods, “I’ll be fine, I need some privacy, please.”

Fredric nods understandingly and walks away.

Damon sighs and closes the door, closing his eyes for a second. “Sit,” he commands Richard and Richard does.

“What is going on, Damon?” Richard asks, when Damon walks over to Fredric’s big chair to sit in it. He sighs when he drops down.

“You really don’t know; you really can’t tell?” Damon raises his eyebrow.

Richard shakes his head. “I have no idea.”

“What if I say that I’ve figured out the reason why you always rejected me? What if I told you that I’ve figured out why you always resented me so much?”

Richard looks up into Damon’s eyes, and when their gazes meet, he gasps in surprise. “You-“

“I’ve been abducted by the son of the man that abducted Fredric. He told me some things that I didn’t believe at first, but we’ve runs some tests just to be sure and guess what?”

Richard shakes his head.

“I’m Fredric’s son, not yours.”

“Damon, I-“

“Even if I wasn’t your son, I never deserved to be treated the way you’ve treated me. And when I got older, I deserved an explanation, you know. My mate, she’s pregnant, but I’m not sure if it’s mine or not. Either way, I’ll take care of it, whether it’s mine or not I’ll love him or her, I’ll be a true father. I will never reject him or her, I’ll never treat him or her like she’s some piece of crap, I’ll never treat him or her like he or she will need to earn their place in my family, they won’t need to, because he or she already has a place in my family.” Damon’s eyes are dark, are furious and anyone who would cross him would scurry away by his glare.

“Damon, I’m no-“

“Don’t” Damon roars, “there’s no explanation, no excuse that makes up for what you’ve done to me, to me when I was a kid! A kid, Richard, I was just a fucking kid! You’ve made me feel miserable, unwanted and unloved for years! A kid should be happy, a kid should be worry-free, and a kid should feel loved! No matter if there’s a blood-bond or not!”

“Damon, let me-“

“No, you’re leaving. Now!” Damon gets up and points his finger to the door. “You can send my stuff in boxes, I’ll pay the shipping costs, I don’t want to see you anymore!”

He pushes Richard out with one hand.

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