Upside down

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“Close your eyes,” Damon tells her when he has helped her into his truck. “You’re not supposed to see where we’re going, it’s a surprise.”

“Is it far?” Sasha asks when she closes her eyes.

Damon closes his door and starts the ignition. “No, no more than five minutes. It’s just a little further down the road.”

Sasha smiles. “Alright.”

When Damon stops again, he shuts down the engine and takes her hand. “Look.”

Sasha looks. She sees a cosy little cabin, hidden between the trees. It’s not big, but it looks very cosy, very homey. The lights inside are turned on. “What do you think?” Damon studies her face curiously.

“It looks cute,” Sasha smiles

“What if I told you, that this is where we will start our little family?”

“No way? Serious?” Sasha looks surprised, her mouth agape. “Really?” She looks at Damon with wide eyes.

“It’s all yours, babe.”

Damon gets out of his truck; he walks over to Sasha’s side and opens her door. “Let me lift you, the pathway isn't paved, it’s not pleasurable to walk on with heels.”

Sasha nods, “thanks.”

“Take this,” he gives her a key and then wraps an arm around her back and places one under her knees, lifts her out of his truck and closes the door with a swing of his hip.

He walks up the porch and stops at the door. “Unlock it.” He tells Sasha, and she puts the key into the lock to open it. The door opens quietly, Damon lifts Sasha over the threshold of his cabin. “Welcome home, babe,” He looks at Sasha with meaning in his eyes.

The cabin inside looks just as cosy as it looks outside, but Damon doesn’t give Sasha a chance to look around, he immediately takes her to the bedroom.

As soon as he has closed the bedroom door, he throws Sasha on the bed and crawls over her, a predatory look on his face. “Finally alone, finally mine,” he growls.

“Damon,” Sasha breathes.

As soon as his name leaves her mouth, his mouth is on hers. It’s wet, it’s hard, but its oh so hot. His tongue explores her mouth, circles hers and dominates her.

His hands travel up, from her waist, up to her breast, then to her back. He growls frustrated when he doesn’t find the zipper of her dress.

“Wait, let me,” Sasha pulls away breathing heavily. And she opens the zipper at her side. She sits up to pull the dress over her head.

“Thank god for knee length dresses,” Sasha laughs. “They’re way easier to take off.”

As soon as the dress is off, Damon is on her again. His hands are everywhere, and the tingles they give her, make Sasha even hotter than she already is. She tries to reach for the buttons of his shirt, opening one by one, slowly but surely his revealing his toned chest and abdomen. She pushes his shirt over his shoulders, and he shakes it off, throwing it in a corner. Then her hands slide over his chiselled chest, over his stomach down south to the button of his pants. She fumbles to get it open, but to no avail. Damon gets up and takes his pants off, he’s now only in his boxers.

Damon crawls back over her, hovering over her with one arm, the other exploring her back to the closure of her bra. It’s off in seconds, thrown on the pile of clothes now carelessly laying on the ground. It doesn’t take long before Sasha is fully naked. Damon kisses her neck, her mark, and goes lower and lower. He kisses the joining of her breasts and lightly swirling his tongue around her nipple, then going over the other one, making her squirm underneath him. He pulls back from worshipping her body and takes is boxers off quickly.

When he stands at the foot of the bed, he looks at Sasha, his gaze raking her body. Just his gaze alone, makes her heated, makes her heart flutter and her core squeeze in arousal. “Damon,” she reaches out to him.

Damon crawls slowly over her again teasing her with feather light kisses here and there. He kisses her lips, bites her lowerlip and then travels down again. His hands sliding down too, over her breasts, to her stomach further south until they land on her heated core. Damon growls lowly as he sniffles, smelling her arousal.

His hand slips between her legs, between her folds and his finger starts drawing circles in her most sensitive spot. Sasha moans, arching her back and rolling her eyes.

Just as she’s almost at her peak, Damon pulls his hand back, leaving Sasha highly disappointed. But only until he settles himself between her legs, his hardness pressing against her wetness. Damon kisses her mark as he enters her, making her moan instantly.

Sometime late at night, Sasha lays contentedly on Damon’s chest. Both recovering from their activities. Damon’s arm is wrapped around her back, drawing featherlight lines on her back. “Mrs. Anderson,” he whispers quietly.

Sasha turns her head to look at him and smiles. “Yes?”

“I was just trying your name,” Damon smiles, Sasha turns back to her original position.

“I know.” She whispers quietly.

Damon scrambles away from underneath her and now she lays flat on her back. He turns on his side and starts drawing lines on her stomach.

“Can you believe it? Within eight months, there’ll be not just Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, you know.” Damon smiles softly. “There’ll be a little Anderson too.”

Sasha smiles. “You don’t seem to mind that it may not be yours anymore.”

Damon looks at her and looks at her with a serious look. “The last few days have taught me, that this child will be mine, whether it’s blood-related or not. I don’t care, it’s my child, I’ll take care of him or her no matter what. I will love him or her, I’ll see no difference. I’ve learned from the situation with Richard, that I don’t want to be like him. I won’t treat this child the way he has treated me, never. You two are my family, nothing can change that, not even DNA.”

Sasha raises her head, wrapping her arms around his neck and kisses him passionately. “I love you, Damon, with all my heart.”

“I love you too, Sasha. More than anything in the world.”

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