Upside down

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Sasha wobbles with her big pregnant belly through Billy’s bar. Giving orders to the workers that are helping with the finishing touches. “Sasha, seriously, you shouldn’t have come here to help now you’re almost due, we’ll be perfectly capable of finishing this ourselves,” Billy frowns at her following her through the bar. “Hell, you shouldn’t even have come here, what if your contractions start right now?”

Sasha looks at him as if he’s talking Chinese and shrugs. “I’ve still got a week left, so I’m not going to stop. I’m actually enjoying this, now let me have my fun, please.”

“Sasha!” A growl is heard from behind Billy and Sasha and Sasha turns around. “What the hell are you doing here?” Roy bellows through the bar, he comes closer and gives her a kiss on her cheek, then shakes Billy’s hand. “You should rest, put your feet up and let everyone around you run for you. What the hell, Sasha!”

Sasha smiles, “I can’t sit still, you know me. I’m still Billy’s employee, you know. I’m still paid for what I do here.”

Roy frowns. “Sasha, I’d like for you to leave now. You’ve done enough.”

Billy shakes his head, making faces to Roy for him to not proceed with what he is doing. “Don’t make this woman angry, Roy, you don’t want to make her mad right now.”

Sasha looks at both men. “Hey, I’m still here!”

Roy looks at her sternly, “where’s that mate of yours? I can’t imagine him letting you do all this. You must have sneaked out or something; Damon would never let you just walk around like this.” He starts walking back outside, “I’m going to call him.”

“No!” Sasha hurries to overtake him. “Don’t, I’ll rest, I promise.”

Roy turns to look at her and sighs. “Sasha, you can’t just go on like this, you really have to rest, you really have to, it’s not good for you, and certainly not good for the baby.”

“I know, I’ll finish off quickly and then I’ll go home, I promise.”

Roy sighs again, a concerned frown appears between his brows. “I’m keeping an eye on you, you know.”

Sasha quickly walks away, talking to the contractor and to the workmen that are helping out. Then she turns to Roy again. “I’m done here, are you happy now?”

Roy shakes his head. “I’ll only be happy when you’re safe and sound at home.” Roy holds up his hand, “give me the keys, I’m driving you.”

“I can perfectly drive my- Oh god,” Sasha instantly grasps her belly.

“What?” Roy frowns, his concern rising. “Sasha, what’s wrong?”

After a minute, Sasha relaxes again. “I think- I don’t know, that was a contraction.”

“We need to time them.” Roy takes his phone. “Since Deborah is pregnant, I’ve gone with her to some of those classes for expecting couples. But I’m taking you home first. Come on Sasha, do you think you can walk to your car?”

Sasha nods, “I’m fine now, let’s go. Before another one comes.”

Halfway on the road home, Sasha squeezes the hand Roy had lying on the armrest between the front seats, tightly, during another contraction. “Sasha,” Roy speaks through gritted teeth, “can you please let go of my hand. Sasha let go! I need to change gears!” Roy grumbles. “I should’ve brought you home the minute I saw you!’

Sasha let’s go of his hand, relaxing as the contraction subsides slowly. She breathes heavily, running a hand through her hair. “God, no one ever told me that contractions hurt this bad!” She tries to steady her heart rate and her breathing. “Have you called Damon already?”

“I did, he is on his way home. He was at the garage.”

When they arrive at the little cabin, Sasha hunches over again, another contraction stopping her from getting out. She growls, “fuck, this hurts like hell.”

Roy opens her door and kneels in front of her. “Easy, try to keep your breathing even, breathe through it.”

She looks him in the eyes and does as he says. After a minute the contraction subsides again, and she slowly gets out of the car. Damon’s truck comes in sight in high speed and stops right in front of Sasha. Damon is out in seconds.

“Honey, are you alright? Let me get you inside.” Both Roy and Damon support Sasha at her left and her right.

“Let’s get her inside before she has another contraction,” Roy suggests and Damon nods.

They both support her and slowly but surely, they help her inside.

Twelve hours later, Sasha breathes heavily, tears in her eyes, sweat drips on her forehead and holding onto Damon’s arm who sits beside her, as if her life depends on it. Little cries are heard from the arms of the nurse who is holding a teeny tiny person, wrapped in a blanket.

The nurse walks closer and carefully places the little baby in Sasha’s arms. Damon wraps his arm around Sasha, looking over her shoulder at the tiny little person in his mate’s arms. “Little Sophie, welcome in this world.” Sasha whispers and she gently strokes the dark hairs of the baby, the same hair that Damon has. The baby opens its eyes, and a pair of greys look at her.

Damon pulls Sasha closer to him, stroking the cheek of the baby with his other hand. He kisses Sasha’s mark, “I love you, sweetheart, I love you both, Sasha and Sophie Anderson.” He whispers.

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