Upside down

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When the sound of a truck nears the house, Damon looks out of the window. He doesn’t recognise the truck and keeps looking until it stops and his sister Patricia steps out. On the driver’s side, a familiar head of hair appears. His niece Elianne has become even more beautiful, she matured, she now has feminine curves. Damon shakes his head, the man that can call her his mate, is one lucky guy.

Damon stares into the distance for a second. He hopes to find his own mate one day. He wonders how it will be to have someone to share that special bond with. To have someone to love complete and who loves you back completely.

He sees how Elianne is greeted by his father, how he lifts her up and twirls her around. It gives him a bitter taste in his mouth. He has always felt like his father loves his niece and his daughter more than he actually loves his own son.

Damon snaps out of his thoughts and shakes his head, then he leaves the window and heads downstairs, to greet his niece.

“Look who we have here? I already thought I heard a familiar voice. My favourite niece is here!” Damon walks over.

“Hey, Damon.” Elianne smiles a sweet smile and hugs him tightly.

“Hey Elianne, how are you? It’s so nice to see you.” Damon can’t help but be amazed by her appearance, his always so childish niece has fully grown up to a woman. A young woman, but nevertheless a woman. He smiles when he thinks back to previous summers where she always used to prank everyone. “Do you have some things planned for us? Do we have to be wary of what we’re eating? Or are you going to be a good girl this time?”

“I’ll try to be good.” Elianne laughs and her eyes shine brightly. “I haven’t planned anything, yet. But I can’t promise you it’ll stay that way.”

Damon laughs with her. “Well, we’ll see it when it comes, then.”

Patricia comes their way. “Elianne, I’d like you to meet my mate Mike. Mike, this is my niece Elianne. I’ve told you about her.”

“Hi,” Mike reaches out his hand and smiles. “Nice to meet you.” Damon likes Mike a lot, though sometimes he feels sorry for the guy. Although it isn’t sure that they’re truly mates, he really is under petticoat government. Patricia can be super sweet, but most of the time she’s fucking annoying.

Elianne takes Mike’s hand to shake it. “Hi, it’s nice to meet you too.”

“Let’s get you settled in, Damon suggests. “I’ve personally made sure that everything is to your liking.”

“Sure,” Elianne smiles.

Later that day, Damon walks out of the doctor’s quarters in the Packhouse for his check up. Everything went okay, the tests that the doctor immediately had the results to, were all fine. The other tests will take some time to get the results of. Damon sighs, he has to wait, again.

When Sasha starts her shift that night, the pub is packed. When Billy sees her come from the stairs, he smiles relieved and throws his hands in the air. “Hallelujah, thank the Lord, the reinforcements have arrived.”

Sasha smiles. “Is something special going on today?” Billy shakes his head as he opens the tap and fills a few glasses. “It’s just a normal day. There is a group celebrating a birthday, that’s why there’s more people than normal. Billy drops the tray with beer glasses in her hands. “Can you bring these to the table at the window?”

Sasha nods, takes the tray from Billy and walks to the table. A few male wolves are chatting to each other. When the closest one notices her, he leans backwards. “Look, a new fresh face we haven’t seen before. What’s your name, sweetheart?” His hand touches her back when she places the tray on the table and starts handing out the beer glasses.

“Can you put your hands off my back, please.” Sasha asks, friendly but sternly.

“Don’t you like touch, sweetheart? It’s not that you’re mated. I don’t smell any man on you. Why can’t we have a little bit of fun?” The guy smirks, a lustful glint clearly in his eyes. He moves his hand lower and touches her butt.

“Get your hands off of me!” Sasha growls through gritted teeth.

“Is there a problem, honey?” She hears a familiar voice behind her. She swiftly turns and smiles.

“I don’t think so,” she looks at the guy that touched her and smiles as sweetly as she can, “right?”

The guy mutters something inaudible and turns back to his friends.

“Thanks,” Sasha smiles and starts following Roy back to the bar.

He looks over his shoulder and smirks widely at her, “anytime, honey.”

When they are at the bar, he turns fully to her. “Are you alright?” He looks concerned, his hand strokes her cheek lightly.

“I’m fine,” Sasha smiles and turns back to the bar.

“Here, Sasha,” Billy slides another tray her way, “this one’s for the tables next to the pooltable.”

“I hope these gentlemen are a bit more behaved,” Roy notices.

Billy frowns, “why?”

“The guys at the window were harassing her. Don’t send her there, next time ask me, alright?” Roy rolls up his sleeves. “Can I help you with anything? The pub is packed.”

Sasha takes the tray with glasses and beer bottles and brings it over to the designated table. She unloads it there, and walks back to the bar to take a new tray with drinks.

When the last customer finally leaves the pub, Roy locks the door behind him.

“Well, that was a busy night.” He smirks. “Lucky bastard, Billy could escape earlier than we could.”

“You could say that.” Sasha sighs. “He's the boss, so he decides for himself when he wants to leave.” She takes two bottles of beer out of the fridge and opens them, before handing one to Roy. “Cheers,” she smiles and takes a few gulps.

“Cheers,” Roy says as well while winking at her, he then also places the bottle at his lips and takes a few sips.

Sasha places her bottle back on the bar and starts filling the sink with hot water. “Time to wash all the glasses.” She sighs.

“I’ll place the chairs on the tables and clean the floors,” Roy suggests and she nods.

After a while Roy saunters back to the bar, just as Sasha wipes all the spilled water off of the bar. “Done?” he asks and she nods.

“Yeah, finally.” She smiles.

He nods understandingly, “so am I. Want to drink another one, before we call it a day?”

Sasha smiles, “sure.” Roy walks to the fridge while Sasha sets herself on one of the stools at the bar. Roy leans against the bar right next to her, places her bottle right in front of her and takes a sip of his own.

“Mind if I smoke?” Roy asks. He takes his pack and lighter out of the pocket of his flannel shirt. Sasha shakes her head. “How are you doing?” He asks while he lights his cigarette. “Are you getting accustomed to your new apartment?”

“Yeah, I’m kind of settled in now, the things with the bank and the insurance company are still running, but those things take a while I guess.”

“Good. If there’s anything you need, be sure to let me know, alright?” Roy stands and slides an ashtray a little closer to him. While doing so, his hand brushes Sasha’s hand. “Sorry,”

She shakes her head, lays her hand on top of his, but doesn’t say anything. When her eyes meet his, she gasps, his eyes are piercing right through her. He gazes intently in her eyes, making her cheeks burn and butterflies flutter in her stomach

Roy blinks his eyes and suddenly leans backwards again. He scratches his neck awkwardly, “sorry, we shouldn’t do this. I’m no good for you.” He looks away from her, avoiding her confused gaze.

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