Upside down

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When Sasha wakes up the next morning, she frowns, but doesn’t open her eyes. What in the- why can’t she move? Why does it feel like there’s a heavy boulder on her stomach? She reaches over, to feel the heavy boulder. The heavy boulder has hair, and it snores.

Sasha sits up in a jiffy. She looks around, then down to the weight on her lap.


They must’ve fallen asleep on the couch last night. They were mostly just talking, sometimes kissing, but nothing more. They both decided that nothing more is going to happen between them, as they both want to save themselves for their mates.

But feelings took over quickly. Kissing him was so nice. Sasha smiles when she thinks about it. She reaches for a pillow, lifts up Roy’s head while scooting away from underneath him, then she quickly places the pillow under his head and finally lowers his head on it. She settles herself on the edge of the couch, right next to him and strokes his cheek. It’s rough, his stubble makes him even more tough than he already looks. Then she carefully leans forward and kisses him softly.

As soon as her lips touch his, his hands grip her shoulders and squeeze them brutally. In an instant he is up, and she is under him, he pushes her into the couch. His weight making it impossible for her to move. One hand takes hold of her neck, his grip is firm and makes it hard for her to breathe. His eyes look wild, feral and very, very furious, he growls loudly.

“Roy! It’s me, Sasha!” She squeals.

A hint of recognition flashes his eyes before he lets go and walks away. “God, I almost killed her,” he whispers to himself, running his hands through his hair.

“Roy,” Sasha sits up on her couch and looks at him with a worried frown. “What was that?”

“Sasha, I’m still a rogue. There’s still an instinct to protect myself, to defend myself. My mind is never at ease, it’s always on the lookout, even when I’m asleep. You scared the hell out of me, don’t ever do that again.”

Roy sets himself on her armchair and sighs deeply. Then he looks her in the eyes intently with a hint of regret. “Are you alright? Did I scare you?” Now he looks concerned.

“You scared me yes, but I’m fine.”

“This is the exact reason why I should keep my distance from you, why I’m not good for you. I’m dangerous, I can’t be trusted, not as long as I’m a rogue.”

“Then join a pack!” Sasha exclaims. “The solution is so simple.”

Roy shakes his head, “it’s not.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Roy gets up from the chair and starts walking for the door.

“Wait, Roy! Where are you going?” Sasha gets up too, following him. She’s able to get to him just before he reaches the front door. She reaches for his arm and pulls him back. “Roy!”

Her unexpected pull, pulls him back and makes him stumble sideways. He stretches out his hands against the wall to break his fall. Sasha is caught in between, with her back against the wall. A feral glow washes over his eyes, before turning normal again. He leans forward and buries his nose in her neck. “Hmm, you smell so good,” his voice is low, seductive. Sasha’s hairs stand up, goosebumps are covering her arms as she feels his warm breath fanning her skin. “Your scent is almost intoxicating. I want to sink my fangs into your skin.” His teeth graze her neck and Sasha’s knees buckle under his touch.

Roy suddenly pulls away, cursing loudly. “This is exactly what I meant! The feral side of me is taking over when you’re near me!” He turns around and heads for the door again. “I need to go, I need my morning coffee.” He opens the door and leaves a flustered and confused Sasha behind.

Sasha slides down the wall to the floor, her hands shake, a shiver runs down her spine. Her feelings are all over the place, she went from feeling loved, to feeling scared to death, to feeling overwhelmingly lustful. If he did sink his fangs in her neck, would she have let him just do that? She wonders.

She would have, definitely. She wouldn’t have thought about her fated mate, she wouldn’t, not one second. Roy had her under some kind of spell. She was captivated, couldn’t move. Right at that moment, she wanted to be his, even though he was looking so wild, so feral, savage. Maybe that was just it, maybe that was the thing that captivated her the most. He was so close to his wolf, he was so close to his true nature, at that moment, he was one with his wolf.

Damon is helping a female packmember out, chopping wood for her fireplace. Just as he raises his axe to splice the last piece of wood in two, his phone rings. It’s his doctor, asking for him to stop by because the test results are in.

“Doctor,” Damon says as he walks through the open door into his doctor’s office.

His doctor looks up, “Alpha Damon, please, close the door and take a seat.”

Damon does as he has been told and sets himself on the chair in front of the doctor’s desk. “So doctor, tell me how serious is it? Am I going to die?” Damon smirks jokingly.

The doctor looks intently at Damon over the edge of his glasses. Then he takes off his glasses, places them carefully on his desk and sighs. When he looks back up, his gaze is concerned and pitiful?

Damon frowns, “what is it?”

We have noticed some strange levels in your blood. Your hormone levels are imbalanced. Your hormones are responsible for a lot of processes in your body such as; your energy level, your body temperature, your metabolism, your defence system, your emotions, but also your fertility. We have noticed that all of your hormone levels are balanced, except for the one that is responsible for your fertility. To be sure that it is truly a problem, I would like-”

Damon interrupts the man’s speech. “What are you actually trying to say? Cut the crap, just come to the point. Are you saying I’m infertile?”

The doctor starts to sweat by Damons hard glare. “Possibly, yes.” he says quietly. “But I’d like to run some more tests to be able to get more insight. There is a huge possibility that with a shot of the right hormones, your balance is restored and your infertility will be restored as well.”

Damon gets up from his chair. “No.”

The doctor looks at him perplexed, “Alpha, with all due respect, don’t you want to have more insight? Don’t you want to know if you will be able to give your future mate and Luna pups? And if you can’t, don’t you want to be able to see if there is a solution?”

Damon walks over to the door while the doctor speaks. “No! Stop talking! I refuse to be your guinea pig, choose someone else” He swings the door open and strides out.

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