Upside down

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Damon knows he’s been moody all week. His father has looked at him with a confused glare multiple times. He knows his behaviour has been unbearable, he knows he has been snippy, kind of an ass, but he can’t help it. He doesn’t want to talk about it, he can’t. The possibility that he won’t have an heir to succeed after him, is eating at him from the inside. He doesn’t want to know, he doesn’t want to think about it, but it’s all he can do.

Today he has to be on his best behaviour, today, he has to smile and be good. Today it’s Elianne’s birthday. His father arranged for her dad and one of his brothers to visit as a surprise and he can’t ruin it. She is turning seventeen, one year and she’ll know for sure if the man that calls himself her mate is truly hers.

He is almost jealous of her. She already knows who her mate is, even before turning eighteen and she knows that her future will be one full of love, full of happiness. Where he is now twenty-five and still hasn’t found his mate and he will probably never have kids. He shakes his head.

“Hey,” Elianne sets herself on the chair next to him on the deck at the back of the house. “You’ve been moody all week, what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing.” Damon shakes his head, he tries to smile to not make her worry.

“Don’t lie to me, Damon. I may be younger, but I’m not stupid. I see you’re going through something. Tell me.”

“I can’t,” he looks at her with a frown, “I need to be at peace with it myself before I can talk to someone else about it.”

“You know that talking will help, right?”

Damon nods, “I know, it just hurts to talk about it.”

“You know I am here for you, okay? If you ever feel the need,” She looks at him with concern in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, Elly, I’ll be fine. You enjoy your birthday today.”

Today is the last day of Tony’s visit, his stay over was pushed back a weekend, due to some practical issues, but he finally arrived Friday afternoon. Sasha smiles at his sleepy head. “Goodmorning, sweetheart. Did you sleep well?” She asks as she sets herself next to him on his bed.

Tony smiles and nods. “I did Sasha and you? Did you sleep well? Today is my last day here, right?” He pouts. “I don’t want to go home. I want to stay here with you.” He wraps his arms around her waist and holds her tight. Sasha sighs, how will she ever be able to deny such a sweet and innocent young boy?

“You know what,” Sasha looks at him and points at his chest. “The moments I’m not with you, I still will be there. Maybe not in person, but I’m there, right in your heart.” She smiles at his amazed expression. “You will always carry a piece of my heart with you, right there. And whenever you miss me, think about that, it’ll make you feel better.”

“I love you, aunt Sasha.” He lays his head against her chest. Lucky for her he isn’t able to see the lone tear that escapes her eyes. “I love you too, my sweet, sweet Anthony.”

They both jerk their heads up when they hear someone knocking on her door. “Let me see who that is, you go to the kitchen, I’ll make you breakfast in a minute.” Tony nods.

When Sasha opens the door, she’s met with a pair of green eyes. “Roy,” she says surprised, but she opens the door further to let him in. “How have you been? I haven’t heard anything from you after last time, you know.” her voice dies down.

His eyes take her in, saying everything he can’t say with words.

“Aunt Sasha?” Tony’s voice calls from the end of the hallway. When she turns to him, she sees him standing there, with his stuffed bunny in one arm, and his other wiping the sleep from his eyes. “Who is there?”

Roy frowns when he hears the kid’s voice.

“Tony, come here,” Sasha opens her arms to catch him and lifts him up when he reaches her. “This,” she points at Roy, “is my friend Roy. Roy is a true hero, do you know that? You know I’ve told you about the fire in my house?” Tony nods. “Well, Roy saved me. He helped me escape from the fire.”

Tony looks at Roy with adoration in his eyes. “Wow.” Roy smiles when he notices Tony’s gaze. “You must be very, very strong!”

“Roy, this is my nephew Anthony. My late sister’s son.”

“Hey buddy, are you having a good time with Sasha?” Roy reaches out his hands to take Tony from Sasha.

Tony nods and tells him everything they had done that weekend, while Roy follows Sasha into the kitchen.

Roy takes a seat on one of the stools and places on the stool Tony next to him.

“Have you had breakfast yet?” Sasha asks Roy.

“Just my daily cup of coffee,” Roy winks.

“Let me make you some breakfast then,” Sasha smiles and starts rummaging in her cupboards.

It’s late at night, Damon sighs and closes his eyes for a second. The evening went fast, everyone was outside, the barbeque was lit and everyone had a good time. The deck was decorated with little fairy lights and music was playing from the stereo. It’s one of those moments where you just enjoy each other’s company and afterwards you think about how lucky you are to be able to enjoy that kind of moment.

Damon is the last one to go inside. After everyone cleaned up, Damon decided to just enjoy the night, the quiet, the stars and nothing else. When he walks inside, he hears a muffled mumbling. He perks his ears, he thought he was the only one awake, wasn’t he? He follows the sound, going upstairs and along the corridor. He stops at Elianne’s door, which is not fully closed. He hears her talk in her sleep, she’s having some kind of dream. He steps away from the door and walks over to his own room to go to sleep.

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