Royal Mates

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What happen when Maddison , I very stobborn she -wolf meets here mate the Alpha King. Will she accept him or reget him

Romance / Erotica
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Important Terms

Werewolf -A human who can shapeshift into a wolf.
Pack- A bonded group of wolves living together as one .
Mates - A wolf other half , their soulmate.
Alpha King -King of all werewolves.
Luna Queen -Queen of all werewolves .
Alpha - The leader of the pack , most times it's a male but can be a female , the strongest wolf in the pack.
Luna - The Alpha's mate.
Beta -The 2nd in Command of the pack .
Beta Female -Beta's mate .
Gramma -The 3rd in command of the pack , also the Head Warrior .
Delta -The Head Tracker.
Omega - Persons who help Pack Members .
Mating -When mates have sexual intercourse
Mark - A sign to another wolf that a wolf belongs to another wolf.Marks sizes and color depend on rank.
Mindlink- Telepathic communication between pack members as well as mates.
Matebond- A feeling or sense mates feel , when the first met or when fully mated .(etc , sparks , feeling each other's emotions and hurt).
Rouge- An outcast from the pack , wolf or wolves who have been banished from their pack because of breaking a pack law.

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