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Sweet Addiction

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He is mean, arrogant, selfish, rude, heartless and cold. Everyone fears him. Just a mere sight of his cold face would make you want to pee in your pants and run for the hills. She is his greatest challenge, he is intrigued by how she doesnt fear him because thats what he wants her to do but he also doesnt want her to fear him. She is his sweet addiction.

Romance / Humor
Mushabe Melisa
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Chapter 1; Memphis

Sweet Addiction.

Chapter one; Memphis.

Mam and dad's bickering has me climbing out of my bedroom window yet again. Even though we have moved to a new city for a fresh new start, they decided to bring some of the bad traits with them.

Sometimes i feel like all the bad things are meant to happen to me in some oddly way. Ive always imagined a picture perfect family that i see every American kid always having. Happy, healthy with nothing to worry about. But now i've got nothing.

I wish he didnt have to leave me.

He was my rock. He was always by my side. He helped me through all the bad times and always held me in his arms reassuring me that everything was going to be fine and it always was until........he left.

I sigh shaking away those thoughts out of my head. I walk down the streets admiring the night light. The stars are shining brightly tonight, but the darkness is still around me.

I have always liked the darkness, i love the way its the only thing that encamps around me and lets me drown alone in my sadness, grief and depression.


A loud noise breaks my train of thoughts as my heart starts to pound against my chest painfully. I hold onto my heart trying to take deep breaths to calm down my breathing.

Now you see when i said i love the darkness, there's just one thing i hate about darkness.

I hate what i might find in the darkness.

I have always watched in the movies when this happens and the character follows the sound of the crash. Thats very stupid. This is real life and the wisest thing to do right now is RUN FOR MY LIFE!

I turn around quick as flash to run for the hills until i crash into a broad and hard chest and did i also mention how muscular it feels against my face.

I take a step back to rub my fore head and advise the stranger to run before he gets killed by the gang that has maybe just killed someone or destroyed something.

I look up and all the words i wanted to say fly out into the night sky and i am left searching my brain for appropriate words.


I gulp audibly as i stare at the beautiful creation in front of me. In front of me stands a gorgeous dark brown haired boy...no scratch that..man. He is tall and is wearing a leather jacket with a black shirt underneath and i can see the outline of his muscles. His hands are clenched into a tight fist. I look up to meet his adorable brown eyes with specks of grey around the brown part. They are mesmerising and i would look into them forever. He looks rugged and he has this bad boy exterior actually not even bad boy but 'dangerous very bad boy' look.

I blink twice, shaking my head to make sure i did not get transported to a Tom Cruise dreamland. I look up again and Mr. Gorgeous is still standing there with clenched fists and a deadly glare directed towards me.

Why is he glaring at me?

I recover from checking him out and put on my serious look, "Hi, Run for your life because there might be a gang of dangerous people behind us who will cut our throats slowly and painfully while laughing at us. So if i were you, i would run away and not to look back." I ramble not looking directly into his eyes because of the deathly glare he is giving me.

Did i do something wrong? I dont think so

Is it for walking into him? Maybe.

I look up to meet his beautiful eyes and apologise for bumping into him.

"I'm sorry for bumping into you. I didnt mean it honestly. I was scared after i heard a loud noi-" The same sound i heard earlier cuts me off even louder this time and closer and my heart starts to hammer against my chest. I might soon get a heart attack and faint if i hear that sound again.

I grab a hold of Mr. Gorgeous's hand and start to run but he stays rooted in his position. I turn to meet him with a "are you serious look?"

"We are going to get killed Mister and i would love to save my ass and yours so come on, you damny." I scowl at him. His glare deepens if thats even possible. My scowl also deepens and he narrows his eyes and shrugs looking at me like i lost my mind. He loosens in his position and i pull him away to my place to save both our lives.

Curse my kind heart. I have nothing against being kind but sometimes my kind heart goes beyond the kindness to even be nice to the bad guys like in this situation.

I spot my house and stop in front of it and then turn to Mr. Gorgeous who has a confused look.

"You're new in this town, right?" He asks in a deep masculine sexy voice that sends chills down my spine.

God, how can someone be this beautiful and also have a sexy voice?

"Yeah, why?" I ask with furrowed eye brows and a smile on my lips.

Something he taught me before he left. Always smile because a smile may change a kidnapper or a murderer's mind from executing their plan on you.

"You dont know who i am yet." He says in that sexy voice of his.

Is he like a tenth degree murderer or a rapist or a thief? Or what if he's a mafia guy and he wants to kidnap me and treat me as his slave?

I shake my head to rid of all those bad thoughts. It is not good to jugde people because you never know where they come from or what things they have been through. I always love to make new friends and since i am new in town, i will need one.

"Okay..... Hi, I'm Vanessa." I smile taking my hand out for a shake silently praying he doesnt leave me hanging.

He stares at my outstretched hand with narrowed eyes and looks up at me with a puzzled expression like he is trying to figure me out.

Please dont leave me hanging. Please pretty please dont leave me hanging.

He sighs and wraps his large hand around my tiny one shaking it with a tiny scowl on his face. I let out a breath i didnt know i was holding as i my smile turns into a grin.

"Kyle." He says emotionlessly.

What a sexy name, voice and beautiful face.

"Well Kyle, you and i are gonna be good friends." I smile taking my hand out of his. He stares at my hand with a deep scowl.

I think scowling and glaring are a permanent thing on his face. Guess ill have to live with that.

"So what were you doing in the middle of the night alone?" I ask. I watch as he stuffs his hands into his front jean pockets.

"I would ask the same question."

"I'm new here so i just wanted to move around." I lie casually with a shrug. There is no way I'm gonna tell him about my dysfunctional family.

What happens in the house stays in the house.

"Do you know the state you live in?" He asks me like he is talking to a baby who is learning how to talk.

"Memphis." I drawl out. What's in Memphis that i should be scared about or worried about.

For all i know, Memphis is the home of the blues and the birthplace of rock 'n' roll. Isnt that something that should excite me even more. I cant wait to go to the vinyl store and pick out my favorite jams.

He shakes his head disappointedly with the scowl still present on his face. "Be careful. Do you see anyone else walking through the streets in the middle of the night?"

"Thats sus." I say with narrowed eyes.

"Whats so dangerous in this city that i should be so scared of." I ask. Memphis is a beautiful city with clean streets and happy families with clear night skies and beautiful daylight.

"You are standing in front of him." He says and i widen my eyes.

Could he be?

I knew it!

I knew he was dangerous considering he was the only person out at night.

Who is he?

Back in L.A, people walk during the night to the park. Others drive to parties. Others are out star gazing. Now that i think about it, this state does seem sus and a bit scary and creepy. No one is out except Kyle and I. The loud crashing noises, the empty streets at seven in the evening. That is so sus.

But why aren't i feeling scared and terrified of Kyle? Maybe its because he hasnt tried to kill or kidnap or rob from me or even rape me. He seems like a nice guy. Im not one to jump into conclusions and call him the bad guy even though i have a feeling he is among them.

"That's cool. So what do ya do?" I ask trying to act cool and normal about all this.

He scoffs and rolls his beautiful eyes, "You are not gonna run away from me because i might kill you?" He asks and i narrow my eyes at him in confusion.

Thats when he removes his hands from his hands from his front jean pockets and removes a gun from the back pocket pointing it at me.

Good heavens.

If today is the last day on earth, i might as well be happy about it. This world has taken away many loved ones from my life. So if i die right now and go up to meet them. It wouldn't be that bad. I would just pray for Mr. Gorgeous to repent his sins and for God to forgive him for this horrible sin since the Bible is against it.

He points the gun at me and i stand upright looking straight into it without flinching or even shaking.

I do want my life to end. There's nothing worth living for since the world has taken away every happiness that i was left with. Life has been unfair to them so why cant i also be unfair to it.

He looks at me with a confused and puzzled expression before lowering his gun and putting it back into his pocket. I let out a breath i didnt know i was holding.

"You are something else, Nessa." He says as he takes a step closer and plants a soft lingering kiss on my cheek. My heart starts to pound against my chest as butterflies start a party in my tummy.

He pulls away and turns to walk away as im left there staring at his retreating figure.

I look down at my tummy and scowl at Terry for not inviting me to his party with butterflies. How rude of him?! He aint getting any food tonight.

My fingers go to the spot where his soft pink lips were. A small smile spreads on my lips as i turn to walk to my house.

I think i'm walking on cloud 10 right now.


Hey, thanks for reading my book. I really hope you enjoy it as we continue on this journey.

This book is a slow book so the romance in the book may start further like after 30 or more chapters. So please be patient with this book.

This book is wriiten in only one POV but of i feel like putting Kyle's, i guess i will.


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