A Cat Called Kat

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Nonno was dead... and Master was in a coma... And a poor little kitten was all alone in the world

Romance / Action
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Prologue - Hate

I thought I knew what hate meant - when my stepfather was doing all those horrible, disgusting things to me and my mother didn’t believe me.

It turns out I was wrong.

Nonno was dead. Dead and gone and never coming back again. Brutally betrayed and murdered and not even buried properly, just dumped in the sea.

As for Master… well… he wasn’t dead, at least. But he was in some sort of stupid coma thing after a bullet bounced off his skull. He was being looked after by Dr Nil, who had been visiting Terri when they were attacked… and by Zi’Anna, of course.

And Slimeball was lording it over La Villa Strangiato.

So now I really knew what hate meant.

Please note, This sequel is going to make much more sense if you read, ‘A Kitten Called Cat’ first.

- GN -

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