The Jock’s Secret Crush

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Seth Monroe is the dream of every girl in his school. He is smart, he's drop-dead gorgeous, and captain of the Ice Hockey team. Every girl wants a piece of him, but he has eyes only for one girl. The girl that Seth likes is on a whole new level. she's cute, she's beautiful and every adjective in Seth's dictionary. Why the hell would she pay attention to a dumb jock? Her name is Emily-Mae. Emily Mae is oblivious to Seth's sneaky glances. After all, she thinks she's as attractive as a Cheese Burger and no matter what her friend says, she feels conscious about her weight, but secretly she's had a crush on Seth, and she knows he's way out of her league. He's a handsome, six feet four Giant of hotness. She'd be lucky if he even said hi to her. Until one day Emily gets her chance. Seth's on her doorstep as a replacement for her housekeeper. . *** © Copyright 2021 KittyKash92 All Rights Reserved

Romance / Drama
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I had already undressed for bed when I saw the light in the studio apartment switch on. I usually slept in a thin camisole mostly because I lived alone. Sometimes my brother Cale visited but he’d always let me know in advance before coming over.

But with Seth around the house, it changed a lot of things.

Maybe I should be wearing something more decent. Cale would have been displeased about my lack of clothing with another boy living in the house.

Did he even know Seth was living here?

I saw from my bedroom window when Seth took off his shirt. The room was dim, thanks to the few lava lamps lighting up the place.

I had a perfect view of his abs.

All of a sudden, he turned towards the window and I backed away in time.

Stalking is illegal, Emily! Close the damn curtains.

I listened to my head even though it was getting muddled with some unwanted dirty thoughts, and I pulled the curtains shut.

And then as if on auto-pilot, I brushed my teeth, flossed and sprayed a little bit of that perfume that Seth seemed to like. He hadn’t admitted it, but I’d just picked on things.

I pulled out a long robe from my closet and put it on.

Don’t do this, Emily!

A voice kept repeating in my head but I ignored it.

Before I had any second thoughts, I’d already slipped on my slippers and was already out of the door, briskly walking across the lawn towards the studio.

My heart was in my throat when I knocked on the door.

“Door’s open. Come inside.” I heard his voice calling from inside.

Last chance to run!

I pushed the door open and walked inside the little studio apartment.

Seth was sitting on the study table working on his homework, shirtless. His tattoos on display. He looked up when he saw me walk inside, and quickly looked away but didn’t stop writing.

“What’s wrong, Emily-Mae?” He asked me, without taking his eyes off his desk. “You come here looking for trouble?” His sultry voice dripped sarcasm.

Technically he was a replacement housekeeper.

But for me...

He was just Seth. The boy I’d fallen in love with.

I untangled the knot on the robe and let it slide. Now I stood in front of him in only my chemise.

Feeling daring, I peeled that off, too, standing in only my lacy bra and panties.

That sure had his attention.

He swirled in the chair slowly to face me. His hand shaking, and I watched him fighting for control as his eyes raked over my half-naked body.

In a soft voice he commanded, “Shut that door.”

* * *



I’ve been living a pretty fucked up life for as long as I can remember.

After mom and dad divorced, all I have done is bounce between two homes, one where I was told I wasn’t needed, and the other where I wanted to be but couldn’t because hey, the judge don’t feel the same.

And that was the start of when everything went from bad to worse.

I could write sagas about the shit I have done, but that book would be like five hundred pages long and a story so sappy, it would make the strongest person cry. And I wasn’t here to open old chapters, or rewrite them, or talk about it. I wanted to forget, I needed a clean slate and coming over to stay with my mother was the best option.

I had moved forward in my life. I’d come really close to destroying it, but the stubborn bone inside my body wouldn’t let me.

Here I was in a small town of Bountyville with no one having a clue as to what kind of a person I’d been. I planned to keep it that way.

Over here, I was the new captain of the Hockey team, a straight-A student, a guy the girls would happily get their hearts broken for, and someone who was for the lack of a better word, respected, which was a fucking ironic because respect is something that I never got where I lived before.

I was at a party that I hardly cared about, but I was here because I wanted to ‘Fit in.’

Our school had won a game, my first one since I joined two months ago, and being the power forward, I’d managed to score the most points.

This was a celebration for the win.

And celebration I mean, lots of food, and girls.

I looked around the room and every one of my teammates had a girl with them that they would be fucking tonight.

Staysha Wade was sitting in my lap, kissing a trail from my cheek to my jawline. Staysha was nice, she knew I didn’t do any type of relationship, and she was more than okay with the arrangement of us fucking each other blind and going our way. No texts, no calls, none of that complicated shit. I needed someone to blow off steam and she was more than willing.

But something that night wasn’t making me concentrate on her kisses, or turning me on.

“Let’s go find a room?” She whispered into my ear, and then her tongue licked the corner of my mouth.

Staysha was jabbering non-stop but my eyes were following one particular girl in the darkness by the pool. She was talking to one of the other girls. Her mousse brown hair were in curls, her oval face glowing beneath the moonlight. Her eyes were filled with tears, a pink hue covering her cheeks. I wondered how I hadn’t noticed this girl before.

At first, it was curiosity, and I didn’t think this girl would become my obsession and the star of my nightly fantasies in the near unforeseen future.

She was wiping her tears and then dragging a tall guy away from the party, the guy looked totally stoned by the way. She continued to point fingers and screaming at him. While this went on, my teammates were discussing girls and bets. I wish I was sober to shut them up and tell them it was wrong, but I was too drunk to focus on the seriousness of the situation.

And I also have no idea what my future awaited me.

“Man, I’d tap that. Have you seen that booty?”

“Yeah, man.” Another teammate said I think it was Shane. “She’s well endowed in those areas.” I vaguely recalled him making the boob gesture with his hands.

“Sweet-Potato Emily might be hiding a pornstar’s body.” Roland chuckled evilly.

I should be fucking ashamed of what these boys were talking about, but I sat there and listened.

“Tell you what boys," Roland said, "If any of you could fuck her by the end of this season, I'll give you mofos a thousand dollars."

"Count me out," Shane muttered, taking a swig of his fourth or fifth beer. "We all know that's not gonna happen. She's definitely not the type who would spread her legs easily."

"That's the challenge, you idiot."

I raised my hand. "Make it two thousand and I'll fuck her."

I hadn't even seen or asked which girl these bunch of idiots were talking about.

I was already sure I wouldn't recall this party, or this conversation, or this stupid bet the next day.

"My man, Monroe!" Roland cheered, slapping me on my back. "You have my word. You fuck Emily Vasquez and the money is yours.”


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